Zhongke Cloud Network: Signed a cooperation agreement with Tongling New Energy

TechWeb2022-11-24 22:38:58

November 24th, Zhongke Cloud announced that it signed a "Cooperation Agreement" with Tongling New Energy (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. The two parties plan to cooperate in the field of research and development and manufacturing of ultra-efficient N-type crystalline silicon cells.It is now planned to reduce the registered capital of Tongling New Energy (Gaoyou) Co., Ltd. (the target company) to 120 million yuan and transfer part of the equity of the unpaid capital contribution to make the company the controlling shareholder of the target company.The company plans to invest 42 million yuan. After the equity transfer, it plans to occupy 35% of the equity of Tongling New Energy (Gaoyou) Co., Ltd. The company is building a TOPCon battery production base with an annual output of 6GW in Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province. All products are 182*182mm cells.Crystalline N-type TOPCon high-efficiency battery.