Apple interested in buying Manchester United for £5.8bn, sources say

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IT House On November 24th, Apple intends to pay 5.8 billion British pounds (about 7 billion U.S. dollars)) to acquire the British football team "Manchester United Football Club", namely Manchester United.

Apple's Tim Cook has expressed interest in discussing a potential deal with the current Glazer family to buy Manchester United, The Daily Star reports.The asking price was initially set at 8.25 billion pounds (about 10 billion U.S. dollars, about 70.867 billion yuan), but it is understood that Apple plans to spend close to 5.8 billion pounds (about 49.822 billion yuan).

This is a huge number in the sports world and will break the price record of 4.25 billion pounds (about 36.507 billion yuan) created by Chelsea Club in May.It would also represent a healthy profit for the Glazer family, who bought United for just under £800m in 2005.But for Apple, which is as rich as a country, the cost is relatively small.Apple is currently the world's largest tech company, with annual revenue of around £326bn and a market capitalization of around £2trn.

The California-based tech company has never owned a major sports team before, but the business opportunity Manchester United is said to offer is Apple Tim CookPrimary Factors of Interest.

Whoever buys United, the main problem facing them is Old Trafford, the club's iconic stadium.The stadium has long been in need of renovation to compete with other clubs around the world.

IT Home has learned that rebuilding the stadium will cost around 1.5 billion pounds (approximately 12.885 billion yuan), making it the most expensive football stadium in the world - surpassing TottenhamThe 1 billion pounds (about 8.59 billion yuan) new stadium.

United moved into the ground, nicknamed the Theater of Dreams, in 1910 and have called it their home ever since.The stadium was last renovated between 2005 and 2006, adding 8,000 seats.

Apple TV+ comedy Ted Lasso is in the works and recently used the character to promote the World Cup.Apple's Apple TV+ has also recently significantly expanded its football coverage, albeit through a deal with Major League Soccer rather than the UK's Premier League.

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