Pool high iron box girder is in precast wong: circuit design speed of 350 km

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IT Home On November 24th, according to the release of the Yangtze River Delta Railway, with the Chihuang High-speed Railway Huangshan Beam ManufacturingThe pouring of the last box girder in the yard was successfully completed, making it the first beam yard to complete the box girder prefabrication task for the Chihuang high-speed railway, laying a solid foundation for subsequent beam erection construction.

Since the start of construction, Huangshan Beam Factory has vigorously promoted the construction of automated and intelligent beam yards in terms of new equipment and new processes, and introduced automatic steel bar shearing lines and automatic prestressed tensioning equipment, automatic spray maintenance system and fully automatic intelligent grouting equipment, which improves production efficiency.

How many beam making yards are there on the Chihuang high-speed railway?

1. Huangshan Beam Manufacturing Yard undertakes the prefabrication task of 302 box girders within the scope of the 3rd and 4th bids of the newly-built Chihuang high-speed railway. It was officially put into production on August 28, 2021, of which the span is 32278m box girders, 23m box girders with a span of 24m, and 1 box girder with a span of 28.8m.

2. Qingyang Beam Manufacturing Yard undertakes the task of prefabrication of 78 box girders within the scope of the new Chihuang high-speed railway 2 bids, and officially put into production on May 28, 2022, of which the span is 32 meters.There are 73 beams and 5 box girders with a span of 24 meters.

3. Guichi Beam Manufacturing Yard undertakes the production task of 509-hole prefabricated box girders within the scope of Chi-Huang High-speed Railway No.30 trusses for 24m double-cable box girder; 120 trusses for 32m single-cable box girder and 10 trusses for 24m single-cable box girder.

The pouring of the last box girder in the Huangshan Beam Manufacturing Yard has been completed, and the Qingyang and Guichi girder manufacturing yards are still pouring box girders in an orderly manner to provide guarantee for the subsequent girder erection construction.

IT Home learned that Chi-Huang High-speed Railway is an important part of the Wuhan-Hangzhou high-speed railway corridor, and the line runs from Chizhou Station to Huangshan North Station, the new line of the main line is about 125 kilometers long, with a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour.There are 5 stations on the whole line including Chizhou, Jiuhuashan, Huangshan West, Yixian East and Huangshan North, among which the Taiping Lake Super Bridge is the control project of the whole line.

After the Chihuang high-speed railway is completed and opened to traffic, it will become a golden tourist route connecting the core scenic spots of two mountains and one lake (Jiuhua Mountain, Huangshan, Taiping Lake) in southern Anhui.It is of great significance to build an international cultural tourism demonstration area and promote the coordinated economic and social development along the route.

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