Which is the best million-dollar medical insurance in 2020?The hottest is these six

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百万医疗险,Is the current online celebrity insurance,一年几百块钱,Serious illness can reimburse millions,价格便宜,Self-paid drugs that are not covered by social insurance can be reimbursed,With this medical insurance,At least you don't have to worry about the cost of treatment when you are sick.

There are more people buying my friends,There are more companies launching related products,Almost every company has a similar product,名称不一,product payment、Warranty terms, etc. are different,I'm also worried about my friends who buy insurance.

Which one is better for million medical insurance??This class will gather some of the hottest products at present,Either the renewal terms are particularly good,要么性价比高,or good value-added service,一起来看看吧.


2、平安、国寿、太保、泰康、人保、Fosun millions are compared

3、Analyze the characteristics and suitability of different products

2020年百万医疗险哪家好?The hottest is these six

Thousands of product reviews are available for free!公众号:梧桐保

选择百万医疗险,The key is to look at the three points!

There are many similar products in medical insurance,重点看下:

1、The renewal terms

Medical insurance is paid for one year and one year,The renewal clause determines whether the insurance can be successfully renewed in the second year,Some products a claim,Insurance companies look for in the second year of a variety of reasons not to give you agreed.Some products clearly stipulate that the warranty will be renewed for several years or promise to renew the warranty,That is, you will not be denied renewal due to claims or health changes.

2、Look at the coverage and features

That is to say, what to protect,不保什么(免责条款).Current medical insurance general hospitalization expenses in millions、and related emergency、Coverage for outpatient surgery,Is there a difference between each company in terms of exemption clauses?,In the same situation, some companies can compensate, while others clearly stipulate that they will not,notifiable diseases、腰椎间盘突出、ectopic pregnancy etc..

Some products have special guarantees,Ability to increase product differentiation.

3、The value-added services

Some companies provide advance payment for hospitalization,Green channel for medical treatment, etc.,Bring convenience to patients.

平安、国寿、太保、泰康、人保、Comparison of Fosun Medical

These products are more distinctive,And everyday consumers ask the most,From renewal、保障范围、产品特色、免责条款、Look at the payment price in many ways:

The product situation is shown in a complete table:

2020年百万医疗险哪家好?The hottest is these six

Look at the respective products:

平安:这款E生保长期医疗险,It is the first guaranteed renewal policy on the market20年医疗险,一经推出引起强烈反响,Consumers no longer have to worry about short-term renewal issues.

国寿:如E康悦,Many consumers purchase insurance together with critical illness insurance such as China Life Wealth Management or China Life Fu,First year renewal review,Commitment to renewal from the second year,No need to worry about renewal,have cancer benefits;

太平洋:Enjoy millions of medical care,保证续保15年,With hospital advance payment function.

泰康:Health and enjoymentD,Also with heavy disease risk or financial product,Social security expenses can be deductible franchise,Renewal is similar to China Life,Commitment to renewal from the third year.

人保健康:好医保长期医疗20年版,It is a new medical service launched on Alipay,Guaranteed Renewal20年,增值服务比较好,However, PICC health insurance consumer complaints have been high,Many people have disputes over health notifications.

复星:This beyond warranty,价格比较便宜,增值服务比较好,Renewal terms are also available,this online sale,Need to find a broker to understand the daily claims process.

2020年百万医疗险哪家好?The hottest is these six

Thousands of product reviews are available for free!公众号:梧桐保

三、Six product features and suitable for the crowd

平安:Suitable for those who care about renewal terms,大品牌值得信赖, Less value-added services,But there is a risk of serious illness,Whether there is an advance payment function has little effect;

国寿:Suitable for old customers of China Life,Bought China Life Critical Illness Insurance,Medical insurance is also purchased at China Life Insurance,Daily claims and services are more convenient.

太保:Comprehensive in all aspects can also,没有明显缺点.

泰康:Taikang's products pay attention to the renewal review of the first two years,In addition, the exemption clause is stricter.,The elderly pay more expensive,Taikang has a good tradition of renewal,Additional social security deductions,理赔门槛更低.

复星:Go beyond retaining intelligent underwriting function,General medical history can directly determine whether to vote,Eliminate the trouble of manual review,价格也便宜.

人保健康:Good Medical Insurance relies on Alipay for sales,follow more people,This product renewal and value-added services are also available,But this product does not have manual verification function,The whole process is operated by the user,Error prone to claims disputes.

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