Hundreds of iPhones seized in Brazil after Apple delays delivery of chargers

IT News-IT Home2022-11-24 22:00:48

IT House On November 24, the Brazilian Ministry of Justice concluded that Apple did not provide the device with damage to the charger.In September, the company ordered a suspension of iPhone sales in the country and imposed a multimillion-dollar fine after citing consumer interests.

However, Apple still failed to comply with this request, and according to the latest reports, Brazil's latest measures have also impounded iPhones in Apple retail stores.

On November 11, Brazilian regulators seized "hundreds of iPhones".Three days after the seizure, Apple filed an enforcement order hoping to continue selling the iPhones until the dispute is finally adjudicated.

IT Home learned that on Tuesday (22nd), Apple responded to Tecnoblog saying that all iPhone sales in Brazil have returned to normal.

MacMagazine also reported that Judge Diego Câmara Alves allowed Apple to continue selling iPhones in Brazil pending a final ruling, arguing that the company did not violate any consumer rights.The judge also claimed that the Brazilian regulator was an "abuse of power" in making such a decision.Apple said it was confident it would win the legal battle and that customers "knew the options" for charging and connecting their devices.

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