The average salary of 31 provinces has been released, come and see how your salary ranks?

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31Provincial Average Salary Announcement,Come and see how much your salary ranks?


What the data tell us?

根据国家统计数据,不难看出,城镇非私营单位年平均工资超过10Regions worth 10,000 yuan include,北方地区有北京,天津两个直辖市;Southern regions include,上海,江苏,浙江,广东,重庆,West includes西藏,青海,宁夏.

At the same time, the average salary of non-private units in urban areas is significantlyHigher than the average salary in the private sector.

31Provincial Average Salary Announcement,Come and see how much your salary ranks?

解读一:Why Tibet and other western regions,The average salary is among the best in the country?

Here we only take Tibet as a western region典型例子的解读,other western cities,如青海,Both Ningxia and Tibet相似之处.

西藏的工资水平高,跟其Geographical environment and industrial structure息息相关.




The economic basis compared with the eastern region of Tibet is more fragile,But it also frees up a large space for the development of the tertiary industry.

31Provincial Average Salary Announcement,Come and see how much your salary ranks?

The financial industry in Tibet is also a high-paying industry far ahead,The second place is culture, sports and entertainment,The third is the education industry,相对而言,IT行业,以及科学研究和技术服务业,Does not show much competitiveness.

It's also easier to explain,High-tech talents and advanced scientific research institutions are mostly concentrated in developed cities and provinces such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen,西藏Lack of the support of scientific and technological talents and the foundation of the scientific and technological industrial system.

The geographical environment of the Tibetan Plateau is beautiful and unique,需要Accept a large number of foreign tourists,对于Board and MealsPractitioners are also in great demand.But Tibet's total只有300多万人口,Labour supply co., LTD.,This makes the average salary of board, lodging and catering practitioners in Tibet,Well above the national average.

31Provincial Average Salary Announcement,Come and see how much your salary ranks?

Strong investment from the central government and assistance from various provinces,It has also become a booster for high wages in Tibet.

transfer payments from central,Many are directly added to the average salary,Such as general transfer payment subsidy,Transfer payment subsidies for ethnic minority areas.此外,税收减免政策,Also let Tibet local enterprises have more powerful ability of wage payment.

解读二:Why the average salary of non-private enterprises in cities and towns is generally higher than that of private enterprises?

非私营单位包括国企、外企等,大中型企业居多,效益比较好,而Private enterprises are mostly labor-intensive small and medium enterprises,劳动生产率低于非私营企业,劳动者工资正常增长机制又大都没有完全建立健全,劳动者议价能力也不强,导致工资水平明显低于前者.

The wages of non-private units are relatively fixed,There is little difference in wages between high wage earners and low wage earners;In addition to most of the private sector is labor-intensive enterprises,The difference in salary between high-wage and low-wage workers is relatively large,Also affects average wages in the private sector.

解读三:Which industry has the highest average salary,Occupy the leader?

From the highest average wage is not consistent,but mostlyThe financial industry orIT业.

解读四:Why do I always feel that my salary is lagging behind??

Average salary non-real salary

Facing Average Salary Data,Many netizens commented that “I dragged myself back again”.

The average salary includes the withholding and payment from personal salary个人所得税、Individual contributions to social insurance and housing provident funds;But for workers,The concept of wages is often after-tax wages、实发工资,Therefore, the average salary level and growth are different from personal feelings.

由于行业、隶属关系、单位性质、经济效益及个人所在的岗位不同等诸多因素,Wage levels vary objectively.

所以,Everyone feels differently about average wage levels and growth.

31Provincial Average Salary Announcement,Come and see how much your salary ranks?

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