Musk relationship is complex, and the father admitted as a child at home

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Beijing time on September 23, Musk said in response to a tweet that he is from a family that owns an emerald mine in South Africa, He owns half, saw a small box of low-quality jadeite jewelry at home when he was young.

Teenage Musk used to walk the streets of New York with emeralds in his pockets.According to his father's recollection, while his father was sleeping, Musk, then 16, decided to sell the emeralds to Tiffany, one of the world's most famous jewelers, on Fifth Avenue in New York.Musk and his brother walked into Tiffany and said, "Would you like to buy some emeralds?".Errol recalled in an interview.They sold two jadeites, one for $800 and the other for $1,200.

A few days later, his family came to the store to find that Tiffany was selling the $800 emerald now set in the ring for $24,000—a markup that Musk received30 times the price of gems.Errol has since used the story as an object lesson in how retail works.Errol said he was surprised but not worried.

The world's richest man says he and his brother have funded their father, Errol Musk, since his father "had no money in the '90s."In a tweet on Wednesday (September 21), Musk said: "Since then, my brother and I have supported him and his extended family in South Africa financially on the condition that he notBad things. But unfortunately, he did."

While it's unclear what Musk meant by "bad things" his father did, he called his father a "bad guy" in a 2017 interview.He said in the interview that every evil thing you can think of, he (referring to his father) did.

The relationship between Musk and his father seems to be complicated.Musk's official biography, published in 2017, stated that Musk and his ex-wife "didn't allow their children to meet Errol."

However, in an interview on Wednesday (September 21), his father Errol said he had seen his grandson play the piano and recently saw him in Texas's son.

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