[Video] Can the "free" drinks delivered by takeaways be safe to drink?

Collect with them,Finally, we collected9款饮料,涉及7个品牌:hehe little fresh squeeze、新鲜事、悦动力、hi small drink……It's basically a brand I've never heard of.,除了这个“汇源”,But we can't be sure if it's the real one“汇源”.

出于对卫生和安全的担心,Colleagues get this“free drink”,Basically do not want to drink,But just throw it away and feel like a waste,Opposite late classmates,The drawer is almost full.

you received takeout“免费”Do you bring a drink??what would you do with it?This issue of Huangjia Laboratory,we're going to review this9款“free drink”,Look at the delivery,品质究竟如何.

“Take-out complimentary”能喝吗

首先要说的是,These drinks are really low-end products,Not only the brand no one has heard of,packaging cottage,They perform the production standard is also varied.就比如这个“war burns”,执行标准是Q/PTFY0001S ,属于can't find“企业标准”,There are three models in our selection that are performing similar“标准”.

But ask them if they can drink,That's still simpler,Drinks are mandatory食品安全国家标准(GB7101-2015),对微生物指标做出了明确要求.Whether or not the manufacturer has this standard printed on the packaging,It must meet the standard requirements to be considered a safe drink..

So it's still the same,Block these drinks from branding,sent to the laboratory together,Testing according to national standard requirements.because of the collected“free drink”多为果汁类,So I gave them an extra test.展青霉素,这是一种Harmful substances usually produced by the deterioration of fruits and their products,尤其是苹果、Hawthorn and other fruits.

After two weeks of waiting,The test results are in hand,Four microbial indicators and added measure of patulin,9款饮料all pass了.也就是说,these takeaways“free drink”At least you can drink.

Outside the security index,We also checked their heat levels,因为这9Don't money complimentary,居然也有6Money itself“0能量”.

Are sugar-free drinks so popular??So please take a guess,这些“Take-out complimentary”会不会--


The result was quite unexpected,6Nominal“0能量”的饮料,有3The actual test is also0能量,three remaining,分别为19、24、19kj,It can be far from.

Combining what we've done before《Sugar Free Beverage Reviews》,这些“Free of charge”,It can hardly is a honest man in the industry.


tasting session

Last as usual,It should be a blind tasting session,But the drinks purely from the collection,may not be available online,There's not much left after testing..Let's try it ourselves……

说实话,Finish these free drinks,We still think water is better:They don't taste good,Except for the two flavors barely achieved“Paid drinks”outside the standard,其他都Fragrance is slightly heavy,Most are also sweeter.But taste this matter vary from person to person,We have colleagues around us who like this taste drink,用他的话来说,This fragrance is him“童年的味道”.

In fact, let us make up our minds to do this topic selection.,It's an article I saw when I first collected data called“To takeaway,Stop sending me cheap drinks!”的文章,The apparent shows foreign sell free complimentary heart of disgust,Also got a lot of likes.

But there are a lot of net friend said in the comments,This author is standard“何不食肉糜”,In order to save money, they will take the initiative to choose takeaways with free drinks.

it's the sounds,Made me realize the value of these free drinks.And our test results,Also can let a person feel at ease,At least the basic qualities of these free drinks are合格的.

好了,That's all for this video,If you have a deeper understanding of this kind of drink,Also welcome to leave your opinion in the comments section,I hope you will forward it to your family who need it、朋友.

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