It is rumored that AMD will only push high-end RX 7000 graphics cards this year, and the price is easily over 10,000

The performance and price of NVIDIA's new generation of graphics cards have risen sharply, so everyone put their hopes on AMD, after all, A-cards have always been cost-effectiveWell-known, but this year may be disappointing, AMD is actually in the same situation as NVIDIA, facing the same pressure on pricing.

Netizen Wild_C broke the news that AMD will only release high-end graphics cards this year, and the price is not less than $1,000. The navi31 core for flagship cards may have two product prices, the RX 7900 20GB is priced at $1,299,The RX 7900 XT 24GB is $1599.

This price is even worse than NVIDIA. The RTX 4080 16GB is only $1199. AMD's RX 7900 has 4GB more memory, and the price may be $100 more.

If the domestic situation is considered, the price of these two graphics cards is even more terrifying. The exchange rate is about 9200 or 11000, and the price including tax easily exceeds 10,000 yuan.

According to AMD's news, they will hold a press conference on November 3 to officially launch the RX 7000 series graphics cards. The real price will be announced at that time, but this year's trend is set, and AMD and NVIDIA's new cards are onlyThe price will be greatly increased, and the gap with the existing graphics card will be widened.

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