Hollywood will make a sci-fi version of Wu Zetian's movie: driving mecha against aliens

People pilot "Chrysalis" to fight aliens outside the Great Wall, a stern, taciturn female combatant gradually establishes her prestige, known as the "Iron Widow".

In the setting, each robot requires a boy and a girl to drive in a team, and the two roles are not equal. In the battlefield, the mortality rate of female drivers is much higher, and it is necessary to take their ownLife force is supplied to the male driver.

18-year-old Zetian volunteered to be one such driver.

The original novel "Iron Widow" shows the tenacity of independent women and the mystery and fantasy of oriental culture.Author Zhao Xiran was also named the best-selling author of fantasy science fiction by The New York Times for this book.

It is worth mentioning that she is also a video blogger with nearly 400,000 followers. She often wears Hanfu and introduces Chinese history and culture to overseas audiences in English.

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