Demystifying online scams in Southeast Asia: Victims say they "like this job"?



One ​​of the victims of human trafficking who went by the pseudonym "Sky" told the media that she entered the scam den through the introduction of her former boss, and used photos of young Asian women to create fakeFacebook profile, she was forced to chat with male netizens to get them interested in investing in a fake cryptocurrency.If you don't hit your "client" quota, do 50 extra push-ups for every less client.

"I'm so stupid to believe him, but I don't have a choice. If I stay in (the dorm) and do nothing, it's not just push-ups waiting for me."

The scam company is located in a building called Sun Residences in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and another victim named Asen entered the den with Sky.In addition to push-ups, he said, he may have been subjected to electric shocks and beatings.

Like Sky, he had to convince netizens to invest in the fake cryptocurrency, where unwitting parties linked their personal wallets to the parent company's.During a scam, he sent the wrong link, the scam was almost exposed, and he himself was severely beaten.

Assen shows the scar on his arm from punishment, but says, "I love the job, it's just this company hits us." Assen added,If it wasn't for the boss hitting him, he would stay in the company.

Cryptocurrency scams on Facebook are on the rise, with scammers often telling buyers that digital payment apps like Zelle and CashApp need to be updated to accept payments.

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