The price is enough to buy a Huawei Mate50 Pro Apple Watch Ultra debut today

The high price is mainly because the Apple Watch Ultra has an all-round upgrade compared to ordinary watches. It is an extremely enhanced version for extreme outdoor scenes, which is why it is named Ultra.

The Apple Watch Ultra is already ahead of all previous versions in size. It has a 49mm sapphire glass mirror dial and a peak screen brightness of 2000 nits, making it the largest and brightest Apple Watch ever.

The main material of the body is aviation-grade titanium, which is called the strongest Apple Watch in history.

Apple Watch Ultra has also added new operation buttons on the left side, and the crown groove is more prominent. It is mainly aimed at users such as outdoor and extreme sports. You can customize the open functions for faster and more convenient use.

As the longest-lasting Apple Watch,it can last up to 36 hours on a single charge and up to 60 hours on low power mode.

It is worth mentioning that Apple Watch Ultra supports L1+L5 dual-frequency GPS positioning, the speaker can play 86dB sound, and can transmit up to 600 meters when transmitting a help signal, and has a WR100 waterproof level.

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