My comments section in trill each big handsome boy thinks a comment, has harvested a large number of fans

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The final exam week end,I'm having fun with bare feet on Douyin.Under the major hot handsome videos,there must be a place for me.

咱就是说,Top can,Chinese brake line also.

都是成年人了,What else do choice?I direct Baidu love story,复制粘贴.

人手一句,very 公平.



Because in the comments section of the handsome guys, there is no one in the realm,我火了,Harvest a wave even fans.

「The teacher left the literary world back then,我是第一个不答应的[email protected]离离原上谱」

「Sit and wait for the teacher to comment today.」

「Why didn't the teacher come today??Am I not on fire?失去魅力了!@离离原上谱」

「哈哈哈哈,Shou brother today's video is not good,The teacher does not come to comment!」

「I just came from brother Shui Shui,Li teacher is killing crazy in it.」


嗐呀,It's all so embarrassing for me.

I began to enjoy it“蜜汁自信”,直到今天,The handsome guy who has been harassing me like crazy suddenly made a videocue我.

「Have to scrape now,Still not willing to give a name??」

「Not to say that I am a palace?」


咱就是说 ,Is there a possible you drunk?

或者,I'm crazy also.


This video a,Directly on the trill hot list,My private message was also hacked99+轰炸.

The person with obsessive-compulsive disorder browses one by one,These private messages are then roughly divided into the following three categories::

第一类,Congratulations on my success in chasing my wife,Want to be happy.

第二类,Said I was good,路转cp粉,Even a few wave absorption“事业粉”.

第三类,咳,Handsome guy's girlfriend fan team fights against me,Big doesn't mention.

Looking at the love story I just collected today,For the first time, I feel like I can't start.

与此同时,Dude sent me a private message.



加就加,Anyway, it's not me who suffers.

WeChat add soon,Male head of god is a paragraph with conan with bow tie cole duck.


Didn't give me too much response time,Throw a word directly on the opposite side:

「Do you want to setcp?」


纳尼?Not to fall in love?

转念一想,I have some understand:



聊天结束,没有一句多余的废话.I'm rolling around in bed,Finally ordered the spicy tang.


吃过午饭后,Open the trill as usual,Dumbfounded again.

「From the teacher,You see, brother Shui Shui has returned to you too.!呜呜呜,我磕的cpWant to become?」

「不是吧不是吧,我错过了什么!After Tao Oolong posted a video,Yunyun also commented!」

「啊啊啊啊!Flash side to I,This time, I stand for brother and teacher Li!」

不得不说,I believe in a word right now:

Human nature is to knockcp.

我的“多角恋”Abruptly was put on the hot list again,Those who know and don't know all come to watch,Some people even smashed the comment area one by one to eat melons.


谢谢,Super happy from the teacher himself,哈哈哈!

But it would be better if they really came to me for a relationship,呜呜呜.

Now my private letter is a job offer from Qing Yishui'er:

「Little sister groupcp吗?Have a salary of that kind of.」

「Little sister want to come to our company signed?Can you make videos of couples?!」


与此同时,I received the WeChat of Tao Oolong male god again:

「考虑好了吗?Do you want to and Icp?」


「I don't need you to show up too much,Is it OK to show up for 5,000 at a time??」

If you don't get a man, you have to get his money,Fish and bear's paw must be equal.



坐在咖啡厅,I just can't describe how I feel at the moment.

一句话,Come a girl.

Look at her standard smile with eight teeth,I asked weakly with shaking hands:


「你好,I'm Tao Oolong's assistant.He himself is not very convenient,So I to come by.」

I was instantly relieved,瘫在椅子上.


Miss Assistant, there's not much nonsense,直接拿出合同,I glanced warily:

「I see he said it only takes a few appearances,You don't have to sign the company yourself.?」



「劳务合同,The boss said that you can set your own compensation for each appearance.」


I looked at her suspiciously,Sent the contract to my cousin at the law firm,Received an affirmative reply in ten minutes:




After Tao Wulong received the message from the assistant,Sent me the address of a hot pot restaurant using WeChat.

「To meet.」

North,Are you just doing?Must let assistant.

哦,It turned out that the assistant was here to send me,不好意思不好意思,I just spoke a little louder.


When I really saw Tao Oolong,I am really no.

Because the first thing he said to me was:「好久不见,小核桃.」

My eyebrows are beating wildly,pointing at him blushing,Can't hold a fart for a long time.

问:By my childhood had been afraid of brother next door suddenly become frequent harassment of trill handsome boy do?

At the moment my toes grip、Eyes erratically huddled in the corner of the dining table,The opposite is dribbling、Hands clasped Lu Zhi on the table.

几年没见,He is more handsome,And more oppressive feeling.

「那什么,I don't know is you.」

under his real eyes,I quibble like a sieve,他点点头,一言不发.

Just when my heart is crying,The person on the other side opens the golden mouth again:

「I called my brother for so many days,How to don't call now?」

Lu Zhi tapped lightly on the table.,Tone is intriguing.

I laughed so hard at him,To shrink the shrink again,Hands rub my knees,Ha ha dry.


He deftly pulls up his sleeves,Under the hot dish of meat.I'm biting my chopsticks,无从下手.

Help,Look I spare,Don't help,Also appear my extra.

I'm so superfluous!

Yuanyang pot,Beef rolls float up and down in a spicy pot,Shrimp slips are dyed with red light,Mushrooms in clear soup pot send out aroma invitation,The hungry He Tao just sorrow at the moment.

「Or eat spicy?」

「Eat spicy hot.」

我秒回,Respectful attitude is very similar to elementary school students and teachers.

他点点头,Filled me with beef rolls and shrimp slips,Pour another plate of meatballs into the spicy pot,Then I put a bowl of clear soup and pushed it in front of me.


我拼命点头,Nervous to meet.

As long as I stuff enough、Eat so fast,Lu Zhi couldn't ask me to study!

When their heads to eat,Mom's call came in,我灵机一动,立马接通.

「Why haven't you at home?」

「Brother Lu Zhi and I are eating hot pot outside.」

「Little holding back?」

「对,Just meet today,你要来吗?」

「不了,Having to work in the afternoon,你们吃吧.」

Hang a very neat,Just like how hard she chops ribs,I listened to the doodle busy tone from the mouth Angle stiffly:


Don't you know how scared I am of him?!


犹豫了好久,I finally picked up my phone and moved to Lu Zhi's side..


The contract is signed for one month,后悔都晚了.

Lu Zhi lowered his eyes and flipped through his private messages a few times.,With a light before,Posted a video on my phone.

There is a red dot in the follow column,Then the video of Lu Zhi and I eating hot pot was popped up.

「Finally won the seat of Teacher Li's main palace.」

「Take her to eat hot pot.」

The number of likes and comments skyrocketed instantly,I'm looking at the data that is going up like crazy,心脏砰砰直跳.

Of see me lu leng,笑出了声:

「Why are you still stupid?」


I silently retreat back to my place,hold your cell phone.

Direct messages are still full,I will also send a symbolic video according to the template given by the landing license.

一条……Gathered I all to himBTComment on the video,And also to type on the text:

「Finally catch up!」

呜呜呜,If you know that Tao Oolong is Lu Zhi,I will never be so arrogant on Douyin in my life!

The wailing stopped immediately after seeing the transfer of 8,000 yuan,I'm holding my phone hey hey counting zero.

「Video posted?」

「Hair the hair!」

I immediately nodded my head,Smile very sincere.

震惊,Procrastinator sufferers change their minds in one day,究竟是人性的泯灭还是道德的沦丧?

What made her make such an earth-shattering change?

当事人:没什么,It's a sudden increase of 8,000 yuan,哈哈哈.


视频发出后,Lu Zhi stopped his chopsticks and started to serve me with all his heart..

I'm afraid he will ask again,Had to keep eating .

Support dead also want to eat.

Just took a bite of beef balls,Unexpectedly, I started the second extreme social death in my life.

「哥哥,how do i get you?Sack or sweet talk?」

「17次《清心经》,23次《道德经》,29次《金刚经》See brother update I completely forget.」

「I can't think of a copy of the comment today,But have you.」

「谈恋爱吗?I don't care if others green you.」

「到家了吗?没有,No place is home without you.」

Throwing his chopsticks,My face in his hands,Warble for mercy:「哥,求你,Don't read it.」

Lu Zhi's voice is very clear,Unique juvenile voice mixed with a little adult steadiness.

当然,If these words weren't from me,I might still be in the mood to listen.

But every time he finished,Just looked up at me,Try to critique these earthy love stories with a smile.


我两眼一黑,Very anxious to retain part of face in drilling holes on the spot.

终于,Lu Zhi retracted his phone under my pleading gaze.,He cocked his legs and leaned against the back of the chair,Squinting at me,Then his thin light qi:

「Uncle and aunt know?」

First Blood!

「I think it's good to know,毕竟——」,Land of tone paused,sloppy smile:「The literary world can't be separated from the teacher.~」

Double kill!

I kept rubbing the pants at my knees with both hands,笑得比哭还难看.

「I heard you went crazy under someone else's video today?」

Triple kill!

救命!I open the vibrato with trembling hands,Sad to delete all the bullshit I sent to others today,and show him.

Lu Zhi nodded in satisfaction,And give me a zhu needle mushroom.

「From the teacher eat more,This is more inspiration.」

Quadra kill!

It's not going to go away, is it??

「其、其实,I'm just hilarious……」

Of lu yao said anything,Just a sneer to end the topic.


Two lines of clear tears can't hold back,Once club died in the world.

亲爱的网友们,开车需谨慎,Club to death two lines of tears.


Because Lu Mou coercion,在当天晚上,I was forced to follow him to his house,即,Opposite my house.

「Does it have to be live tonight??」

I was put on the sofa by the assistant to put on makeup,满脸“情愿”.Land of board stood just dig in the broadcast equipment,just whispered back「嗯」.

I really don't know what to say,I sat cautiously beside him,手心全是汗.Lu Zhi sorted out his home clothes,Satisfied glance at the couples with the same style on me.

Waving at me:

「Come over some.」

I Dally a little near,As a result, he was directly pulled into his arms.The scent of lavender made me know its brand at once,A moon.

「You: is that a couple?There's a galaxy in between.」

I bite a tooth hard smile,比哭还难看.


他有些惊讶,Then he thought of something and laughed again.

「Since junior high school make up a missed lesson?」

我闭上眼,Desperate nodded.

Several waves of people poured into the live room soon,Everyone is curious about what happened between us,A few people are still wondering why I chose Tao Oolong.


这个事,It's just fancy!

Lu Zhi has already taken off his indifference coat.,Skilled in answering questions from netizens,Even a lot of things happened to us,This wave of secret love goes both ways, I almost believed it myself.

I didn't expect him to remember so clearly..

我坐在旁边,Followed the thinking,Want to have to ecstasy,I didn't even hear what Lu Zhi asked me to say..

People are laughing at the bottom:Tao Oolong and his dumb bride.

Looking back at the palms of our hands,我:……

下播后,Lu Zhi took me to the door,Just about to turn around and come back and rub my head.

「早点睡,To buy you breakfast tomorrow.」

I nodded dazedly,Squinting and entering the house.


Lu Zhi lives with his grandmother,Live right across from my house.

When I was a child, I only knew that there was a talented little brother on the opposite side.,喜欢笑,学习好,Often give me candy.

I was the first,Granny go,His parents are only willing to give money,Who also don't want him to.

Lu of board like a different person.


My mom couldn't see it,I often cook an extra meal for him,And let me help Lu Zhi get the medicine.

In the first year of junior high school, I have become a qualified dog,Every time the medicine is used, the dog's legs are exaggerated..

毫不夸张的说,Can be distressed to tears.

Lu Zhi resisted us at first,Then I slowly accepted it.

Start learning how to cook with my mother,Even let me come home for dinner with my parents when both of my parents are away on business.

I thought our relationship would go on like this,The results became especially tragic in the third year of junior high school.

The reason is that I'm addicted to romance novels,成绩一落千丈.

My mother handed me over to Lu Zhi, who was just a freshman at the time,Paid by the hour,Lu Zhi added a condition:

一个寒假,He Tao heart all to his pipe,Can't ask.

Of course my mom agreed,So I be packaged to the opposite,Started daily life in dire straits.

If a began to lu I still have a little bit of the fantasy,Then it's total rebellion and hatred.

First he locked all my novels into the bookcase,Then took out the bookstore to buy complete sets of the examination paper and I,The most exaggerated thing is that even scratch paper and exercise books are wholesale.

除夕那天,合家欢乐,I was imprisoned by Lu Zhi to make one set of math papers after another.

「He Tao,你怎么这么笨?」

「I've told you this question four times,How do wrong!」

「你怎么搞的,Decimal point!吃了?」


Tears of grievance welled up,I clenched the pen in my hand and stared at the boy in front of me..

「Land of board!」I shake the ring opening,Desperately trying to say something more hurtful.


There was confusion in his eyes,Drew a paper towel and gave it to me,I took a hand out.



拜托,Who doesn't want to be in front of the people they likeA+?

Lu Zhi just shattered all my fantasies about him,This for I was immersed in the campus love is!

Say that finish that sentence I just ran out,Sitting on the seesaw in the community and wiping tears.

半个小时过去,哭累了,Lu Zhi also came over from behind..


He is standing in front of me,For the first time didn't angry,Looking against the light, only a vague outline can be seen.


I sniffed and hummed.

「My legs are numb, I can't walk.」

In the end, he was carried upstairs on his back..

眼睛哭得红肿,I closed my eyes and Lu Zhi asked me softly,Can not angry.

I was very illusive,Hem scoffed:「你做梦!」.

Then sleep in the past,我发誓,This is the last New Year's Eve I want to remember,没有之一.

第二天早晨起来,Found that land of holding the centerpiece of a Po to sleep on the sofa.

I can't describe how I felt at that time,Only the feeling is very complicated,It's like being filled with chili oil,My throat is sore.

我突然想到,Grandma just go,I'm behind his ass with him every day,什么也不说,I have to wait for him to come home after school..

Lu Zhi was very decadent at that time,One day he suddenly got mad at me,Let my mind your own business.

我当时很害怕,But still smiling at him with tears,说什么「我要你,We also have to you,don't give up on yourself, okay??」

He was sipping his mouth didn't say anything,I just rushed home suddenly and buried myself in the quilt crying loudly.

I've never cooked,I fry two eggs with an electric pan that day for the first time.,Very awkward wake up Lu Zhi:

「我饿了,I won't soup.」

So good.

But I'm still afraid of Lu Zhi,With just one look from him, I immediately became honest and scared..

Later, I was successfully admitted to a key high school,And he never came back,choose to develop at the university.

许多年过去,I have already went to college,But when he thinks of it, he still shudders inexplicably..


Land of board is very clever,My mom your front foot just walk,He's knocking on the door.

So I just had breakfast,forced to eat.

Land of sitting on the sofa,A little smile on the corner of the mouth.

「Want to shoot video today.」

I glanced at him and nodded:His false,It's like selling your body to Zhou Papi.

Where is there a few more times?No wonder the assistant came to sign the contract with me.

The script brought by the assistant sister is very old-fashioned,Lovers everyday,Let Lu Zhi take me to the amusement park.

Lu Zhi held up his phone and took pictures of me the whole time,Smile like a big fool.

Ride the roller coaster with him、After the big golden wheel, my legs were limp and I fell to the ground,Lu Zhi laughed heartlessly,Finally found a bench up me down.

「you look like a fool today.」

Following my gaze, he touched his face,Then he sighed in relief「你不懂」 He ran to buy milk tea.

Just as he walked away,For three or four girls surrounded me.

「You are away from the teacher!It was Tao Oolong just now,Are you two going on a date today??」

「I just saw him hug you,Hello sweet!」


救命,I really don't have the energy!

Can Lu Zhi do this kind of work that needs to restore his image??

Maybe you heard the call of my heart,He came back soon,In a few words, I sent the melon-eating crowd around.

「怎么?On the network reaches out,现实中唯唯诺诺?」

I took a milk tea,没吱声.he sits beside him smiling,hand me another box of french fries.


We got home at five o'clock in the afternoon,Lu Zhi took a shower and started cutting the video.

I wrapped a blanket on the sofa and pupa,Since tied upcp,You can't comment on the handsome guy..

手痒,What should I do with my talent that has nowhere to go??

「The worm,Can not mantis pupa?」


行吧行吧,I twist a head blunt he speak:

「I'm going to help my cousin tomorrow,Be a ghost in her escape room.」

「行啊,I pick you up tomorrow.」

With him until eight o 'clock,I'm home on time for dinner,After asking a few questions, my mother asked me to go to the opposite side with the meal..

「Give your dinner.」

打开门,Lu Zhi's eyes lit up for a moment.,Then turned and walked into the living room is very impolite to eat.

I flip phone,Talk with him,After he eats and washes the bowl,just went home with a plate.

Lying in bed in the middle of the night,Air conditioning machine humming,让人心烦意乱:

When I walked away, I didn't say a word,What are you doing with me now that you come back suddenly?“Video lovers”.

这么多年过去了,I'm already a mature adult,I can still be held back by your little trick.?

一想到这儿,My eyes are sharp,I can't wait to get up and write a copy immediately:《Against the land enforcement action plan》.


行吧,I am bad,I'm just a slap in the face, what's wrong?!

This is the young boy I fell in love with!Who can control have to live!


I didn't expect to die the next day,As a zhen son, I,Not only did it not scare tourists,Also his forehead against a big bag.Standing in the doorway of the player is not,退也不是,He was so anxious that his phone rang suddenly.:


「噗!」I turn sorrow to joy,With tears in her eyes, she laughed out loud.

See my smile,He sighed and hung up the phone,Come over and pick me up from the ground,Also whisper grunted a:

「It's not good to be a ghost?」




「He Tao ah!Didn't I tell you that I came here to work?!」

他喜出望外,Pull out the wig that blocks the face,You see the music.

Thinking of his complaint just now,I jumped up immediately:

「What happened to me as a ghost?」

He nodded and bowed in acknowledgment,随后,We sat on the ground one by one, chatting and knocking.Yang Li suddenly a clap hands,说:

「I saw your couple video,Why are you thinking of doing that??」

I rolled his forehead lop off the black long straight,眨眨眼,Unnatural answered:

「害,It's just fun,And the salary is quite high.」

他点点头,笑了:「First, don't go after work,我请你吃饭.自从上大学,We haven't seen each other for a long time.」


I'm happy to take him to the next level,Also on clues.The cousin in the headset was speechless by my behavior,I had to hey hey say with smile:

「Wages in,Wages in.」

「You'd better go get some medicine first.!I'm afraid my aunt will scold me!」

这怎么能行?I resisted a work injury all morning.

Discharge makeup from work、换衣服,Lu Zhi's message just came.


我回了个「好.」Then go out the front door.

Just waved hello to Lu Zhi,On the other side, Yang Li rushed out..

「I bought you safflower oil,First you wipe!」

Seeing this scene, Lu Zhi raised his brows slightly.,I stepped forward and patted Yang Li on the shoulder..


When Yang Li saw him, he was so excited that he was speechless.,Zi swelled her face for a long time,Only excited shout loudly:

「Oolong peach!我知道你!He Tao girlfriend!」

「……」女朋友?I really thank you!

Eventually the meal turned into a threesome,Yang Li has been with Lu Zhibala all the time,最主要的内容是:

「How much do you make a month in this business??」

Lu Zhi took two steps and inserted himself between us.,The smiling answered all his questions,Even when I was eating, they answered and served me dishes.

「Are you a real couple??」

Yang Li looking at star eyes,I just wanted to deny it is land of pull the wrist.

「当然.」He nodded with a smile,And rubbed the top of my hair sideways.



一顿饭下来,Yang Li has completely become a fan of Lu Zhi,Even brazenly let me treat him well, Brother Lu,Don't forget to send him an invitation when you get married.

After Lu Zhi and I got into the car, we suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.,A look of relief,Turned to ask me:



他摇摇头,Since the saying of laughing.

嘿?What a strange person that.


Another live night,Lu Zhi and I chose two sets from the many couples clothes he bought..

直播途中,I tied the horsetail hair rope suddenly broke,While talking, Lu Zhi took the hair tie handed by his assistant sister.,Skillfully put a ball on my head.

It looks better than my own.

笑死,I'm not as good as a man!

The barrage is allcpPowder to marmot scream,Some irrational people even brushed a few rockets.

I already have a hunch that this video will be popular again tomorrow,It might even start with:


哈哈哈,please call me a prophet.

万万没想到,We connected the wheat to the water,With the toes on the ground,He smiled and greeted me:

「Nearest the teacher had a quite good ah.」

是啊是啊,It's a battle to become famous after all..

After saying this, we both fell into embarrassment again.,Tao Oolong himself is the old god, leaning on the sofa.

Barrage full screen「哈哈哈」,还有什么「LiLi brave fly,有事自己背!」、「待从头、收拾旧山河,朝天阙!」、「There's no man who can't be touched,Only those who don't work hard leave the teacher!」.


More unexpected things,Shui Shui's little face flushed red and said respectfully to the camera.:



I am stiff Lu Mou people turned to look at the sofa,He waved his hand casually,算是打了招呼.

「救命!This is what Mary Sue shines into reality?又土又上头!」

「妈妈啊!I was at the scene!」

「他,is the boss of a company.她,He is a famous flirting expert on a certain sound.What kind of coincidence,Let him fall in love with her?」


「Taowulong TV every night at 8:00,Play on time《Bully total runaway sweetheart》!」

「Did no one find that Teacher Li was as shocked as we are??笑死了!哈哈哈哈」

「Rebirth of idiot was myself?」

「I'm honored to know Tao Oolong's second identity at the same time as Teacher Li.,哈哈哈哈」


It's a lot of fun to catch the stalks and throw the stalks in the barrage,I sat cross-legged on the carpet and looked up at Lu Zhi silently..

不知道为什么,I always think he's going to smirk in the next second,Leaning down and raising my chin with those slender fingers,Then ourtenant way:


救命!I good earth!It must be that the barrage tea is too poisonous!


One month old video,Lu Zhi's number of fans has skyrocketed,人气也越来越高.

I'm getting along with him gradually,I slowly got rid of my fear of him,even arrogant.



Sitting on the couch I take video or not,You can brush the video without fear and kick Lu Zhi with your feet..

And he could only nod his head helplessly,Put the computer skilled take out a cellular phone.


「Taro round frozen grapes frozen.正常冰,五分糖,谢谢~~」


Today he had a whim,Don't want to take me to the studio.

Look at those familiar handsome guys,I can't wait to plunge into the ground,To cast an ostrich invisibility.

手哥:「From the teacher hand,The little ones have lost their way!」

云云:「Welcome from the teacher,欢迎欢迎!」

「……」好家伙,Is all very neat on!

该怎么去形容“The room full of handsome guys are looking at you”This kind of feeling?

虽然很丢人,But it's really cool!My eyes can't take it anymore!There are still people who ran out just after taking a picture of the abdominal muscles.!

Lu Zhi was stunned when he saw my flushed face and the corners of my mouth twitching wildly.,Then he was very violent and kicked everyone out..

「He Tao,I let you come to visit,not for you to green me.」

Land of the people,Tone more insipid,Anger is value, the higher the.

我摆摆手,Shan shan back eyes.

「那什么,Is the sway eye,Hang the eye.」

I rubbed my nose guiltily,Eyes to the floor a little.

Follow him all the way into the office,Lu Zhi's office is very big,He brought two glasses of water and motioned me to sit down.

「How are you feeling about me this month??」


「那……Can it be fake??」

我沉默了,After a while, he raised his head and looked at him:

「Land of board,Are you making a confession??」

他有些尴尬,Dry cough two sound said:「I know that is not very formal,Just wanted to ask how you feel about me,if not so good,I still want to keep chasing you.」

Looking at Lu Zhi who lacked confidence,I laughed suddenly and pretended to be exaggerating.:

「完了完了,I really can't lose you now.」

Land holding hands do after listening to punch in the mouth,Smile and look at me,Suddenly there was a commotion at the door,Several yawning voices sounded at the same time:


「就是啊!The boss on the!Hold her!Come to a vigorous French romantic kiss!」

The pink bubbles that filled the space between us all burst,Lu Zhiqiang suppressed his anger and shouted at the door.:

「滚,Bonus all buckle.」

Everyone disperses like birds and beasts,I waved to him:

「还有一个问题,how did you know it was mine?」

「乖,Give me a kiss and I'll tell you.」

「Of lu you are a dog?Say good a!唔……」

番:Land of board

Oolong peach,Oolong peach,He Tao and I missed four years because of a big oolong.


「Little Walnut is here to play with Xiao Zhi again!?」

soft sound,Reply as always:

「Yes a Po,Where is little brother??」

「In his room,快去吧.」

He Tao has beautiful eyes,Inside filled with cult.

When I don't understand,I only know that this little girl can't leave me,I can't shake it like a jerk.I thought that was my capital,I realized after many years,This is what He Tao gave me.

她不给,I'm not even a fart.


My grandmother passed away that year,I used to feel like I was crazy,I just want to do a lot of exciting and rebellious things every day,Seems like this is the only way to make my numb heart beat again.

He Tao that year the first,Or a little,Every day you are still watching me.

I know she's worried,As soon as school is over, I will run to the high school to wait for me,While doing his homework,While watching the door.For fear that I will run and fight with others again.

Others not others,It's a child born after my parents started a new family..

最可笑的是,都是儿子,All are two years apart with me.

I had nowhere to vent my anger,Thinking that all of my suffering is caused by these people,I never knew what would happen to the injury.

Mother He Tao took me back from the police station without saying a word,In the dark alley, I was slapped twice by her,Make a sputtering.

对面,Their parents get in the car,一街之隔,两个世界.

Suddenly it doesn't matter.

The applause was too loud for He Tao, who was guarding the alley, to hear.,She ran over and hugged my waist tightly,Warm tears soon soaked the school uniform around the waist.

Was very afraid of,And begging for me with a trembling voice.I subconsciously hug her back,Trying to make her mind.

「小执,你记着,These slaps are for your grandmother!look what you are now!We are so disappointed!People live for those who care about themselves,Not to rip with those people like a mad dog!」

I settled down completely after that day,I have some things figured it out,也就无所谓了.


When giving He Tao make up a missed lesson,I truly realized that her mother see my mood——


The little girl's starry eyes are under my strict requirements,Inch black out,The most vicious words I can think of are just one sentence


不得不说,still deadly.I was really panicked,Standing behind her too late to come forward.I'm afraid she's telling the truth,I'm afraid she won't smile at me in the future,but like those two,Eyeful rejected.

所幸,The biggest advantage of a little girl is that she is soft-hearted.

we're still reconciled.


「Land of board,You don't think you're talking a little too much……Do you mean?」

进入大学后,I get these reviews often,At the same time, he also offended many people because of his strong self-esteem..

I had a lot of things going on at school,Framed by the same team of students,Suspected by highly respected teachers,in a whisper,I suddenly remembered myself being kicked around like a ball by my parents.

Suddenly eager to see He Tao.

She will feel sorry for me,Maybe I will wipe my tears like I did when I was a child.


Because it is on a whim,It was already dark when I got home downstairs that day,Thinking about the high school schedule,I put the suitcase at the door and got up to pick up He Tao.

The bell for evening self-study rang,The quiet campus suddenly became noisy,I look for her figure in the crowd.

然后,I saw her walking out with a boy talking and laughing,The intimacy looks very much like us in the past.

突然间觉得,Real life is also full of dog blood and irony.

I really didn't have the courage to step up and pull them away,I didn't have the courage to ask He Tao.:Previously said doesn't count.

At this moment I really realized,He Tao with me,It all depends on her,she never belonged to me,Is I too take it for granted.

no one will wait for me,No one will walk with me.

When I was young, those promises were like untouchable soap bubbles,Beautiful but vulnerable.

In the end I silently followed behind them,He Tao's cheerful laughter kept coming,Like tiny silver needles, as densely packed into my heart.

I'm breathing heavily,Sit on the green belt steps for an hour,Then I bought a ticket and went back to school.

If you can't let go,That I choose to escape.

like escaping from grandma's death、Parents abandoned、Distantness from classmates,I choose to escape from my love for He Tao.

I thought I wouldn't want to see it,See can not read.

And then four years,我才逐渐明白.

Not seeing is just torturing myself.


Scientific research comes to an end,我开始尝试改变自己.

Fortunately, the mentors I changed later were very good.,The brothers and sisters I have come into contact with are also very enthusiastic people..

在他们的帮助下,I don't like clinging to use stung hedgehog,To shed a spike,I started to be approachable and have a little affinity.

they took me for a video,After understanding some operating agencies,我们开始创业.

And the richest I became the largest shareholder of the studio ,Watch out certificates,My bitter smile.

The child support they paid to get rid of me,It came in handy here.

In a place He Tao doesn't know,I'm still quietly watching her life.

High school life is busy,He Tao rarely posts a circle of friends,By chance I saw the video she shared on Douyin,Ultimately ran to search.

In fact, there are very few things on her vibrato.,But it gave me some solace.


再次见面,I didn't expect it to be the capture scene.

Comments I thought I was the only one,Results all have.

When li came to find me,I'm tooth creaking.

Re-add her on WeChat with the work number,Let the assistant to talk to her.

见面时,I saw the surprise and fear in her eyes,一如以往,It's just that my purpose is different this time,Not like it used to be.

It's a good idea to shoot a couple video,He Tao slowly put it down in front of me,You can watch variety shows at home without any image and laugh,You can also confidently instruct me to go to the kitchen and wash the dishes.

I often stare at her in a daze when I'm on business,Always feel that still can't catch her,hurry up, hurry up.


When I saw Yang Li running up to her to chat,I just feel the blood all over my body freezing.This familiar perspective pulls me back to that night,I'm still a powerless bystander,Watching He Tao and him go farther and farther.

双手微微发抖,I'm even a little out of control.

After taking a deep breath, I choose to face it,不管是什么,I can't escape.

After a few words with Yang Li,I completely realized how ridiculous I was.

Two people are just a front and back table relationship,Street light repairs during that time,Yang Li, who was on the way, took on the responsibility of escorting He Tao..

Whenever I go up and ask,I won't hide in the city for a few years,But one person secretly pays attention.

幸好,一切都不晚,All had time to recover.

幸好,He Tao is still that clingy little crying bag,And I'm no longer the boy with thorns.Only the best I,Deserve to go up to her.


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