Multi-open brush behavior

Conquer Antarctica2022-08-06 08:53:53
< td id=article_content>< strong> (a) brush dosing quantity way is introduced.< / strong>< br>< br> brush mode refers to the amount of additional rolled through the video window way to brush.Brush dosing quantity pattern mainly has rolled browser, additional simulator in two ways.< br>< br> browser brush dosing quantity process: < br>< br> (1) open the browser, download automatically refresh the plug-in;< br>< br> (2) you need to brush amount of video link;< br>< br> (3) on the automatic refresh the plugin Settings automatically refresh time (must be greater than AD time), check the "automatically clear the cache" (to prevent cache rubbish affect computer system run speed), after starting to brush;< br>< br> (4) on the browser to open multiple Windows brush quantity at the same time, but the window must be dragged out of the window for independence, and the window can't minimize, video broadcast not mute.< br>< br> simulator is additional browser open more updated version.It is to point to by forging simulation parameters, combined with the proxy IP, implemented in multiple emulator brush brush of a quantity at the same time.Such as: black ash produced from personnel of course of study in the agent client built-in browser, so as to realize the browser open, and you can assign each browser proxy IP, to avoid single IP banned.< br>< br>< strong> (2) the advantages and disadvantages of brush dosing quantity way.< / strong>< br>< br> this brush quantity way is through the window way to brush, additional technical threshold, operating costs are lower, but the quantity of brush speed slower.< br>< / td>
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