Men "powerless" don't blame electric cars

Although experts in the field of related and all kinds of media to the persistent rumours that,But about the legend of electric cars not only this day,Instead on flowering,愈演愈烈.

在百度上搜索“电动汽车”和“生育”When two words,Search engine will give you present more than83.3万个结果,Among them can be traced back to the earliest2014年.直到上周,And friends in the group asked the author,To buy an electric car instead of walking,Will affect his family planning?

《孟子·离娄上》有云:不孝有三,无后为大.In the global new energy vehicles and pregnant women radiation protection clothing production and sales for the first big country,We feel it is necessary for everyone under analysis:The electric car will affect the level of reproductive health of the Chinese people?

以及,Except for the battery fire explosion,Electric cars, the electromagnetic radiation can let a person direct death?

电动车的焦虑,Never stop mileage

如今,Electric car owners range anxiety has become well known problems.But about electromagnetic radiation electric car,Influences the health of urban legend,Also with the development of the smart car for the last iteration.From the beginning of a bald head、掉腿毛,To impotence and even sudden death,Like chernobyl nuclear power plant is not in the Ukraine,But in each of the electric car driver's here.

显然,Radiation filed two words,Everyone is head of the chernobyl grow2A head of cow,And the plant waste water.But the cause of the tragedy,All are radioactive pollution as a result of the nuclear power plant leakage and explosion,The culprit is ionizing radiation.Yet despite the and electromagnetic radiation difference of only one word,But the effects on people is enormous.

According to the ecological environment in the northwest of nuclear and radiation safety surveillance official website of the popular science articles show,Ionizing radiation refers to the short wavelength、频率高、High energy ray(Particles or waves form both).所谓“电离”Refers to let live material in the process of rays become charged material under the action of.Ionizing radiation can from atomic、Molecules or other bound state sent out one or several electronic.If exposure to the human body,Will lead to lose electron atoms inside our cells,Causing these atoms molecular、Organizational structure does not work.

比如DNA结构被破坏,Normal cells divide multiplication is blocked,Lead to abnormal proliferation of tumor formation,Causing cancer.The types of ionizing radiation mainα射线、β射线、X射线、γ射线(Dr Banner is the rays excess exposure to become the hulk)And neutron radiation, etc.其中X射线和γRay is electromagnetic wave,But due to a higher energy,They have entered the category of ionizing radiation.

但显然,In our daily life and work hard to come into contact with the plant、原子弹、Spent nuclear fuel and other radioactive substances.Most people rarely go to a hospital making frequentX光、核磁、CTSuch as medical apparatus and instruments detection.相比较之下,Electromagnetic radiation in our life are more.

Look from the physics definition,Current flow in the electromagnetic field,Will produce electromagnetic radiation.也就是说,Whether it be a light bulb、微波炉还是手机And communication base station,As long as a electric power or running,Will emit radiation.These electromagnetic radiation will be close to,In the human body to produce induced current,And under the current strength reaches a certain degree caused by heating and electric shock effect.And if too close to the environment of the electromagnetic field intensity is too high,Is bound to be dangerous for people,Including but not limited to the potatoes in the microwave,Little long time near the sun,And touch the high tension line.

那么问题就来了,Sit in the ev,Can because electromagnetic radiation affect the body health?


According to the world health organization (who) reference standard,Strength is lower than100μTThe electromagnetic field intensity will not cause harm to people.而在这方面,Our country introduced the relevant national standards,根据《电磁辐射防护规定》(GB8702-88),The electromagnetic radiation exposure to the public security threshold for0.4W/m².

So in the electric car,You how big is the actual exposure to electromagnetic radiation?有媒体报道,Have enthusiastic owners for theirModel S P85D做过测试,The result is the main drive for0.87μW/cm²(Standard is not more than40μW/cm²,BMW 535Li为00.1μW/cm²),副驾为0.47μW/cm²(BMW 535Li为00.4μW/cm²),中控区为19.5μW/cm²,以60-80km/hWhen driving for16.1μW/cm²,Hundred kilometers accelerated as23.9μW/cm².Can be seen from the results of this test,Although electric vehicles is higher than traditional fuel vehicle radiation,But far not reached the critical value of national standard.μW 和 W Also sent more than one order of magnitude.

事实上,Auto industry has always placed great emphasis on the electromagnetic radiation related issues.不过,Everyone's research from the Angle of the vehicle electromagnetic compatibility to consider more.毕竟,Now the smart car sensors on the、The controller involves many related electronic control components such as,If excessive electromagnetic radiation,Would interfere with the normal operation of the above parts.

A telecommunication engineering research,And with the car、Defence companies have joint research university researchers said the tiger sniff,In her daily work is generally around the national standard34660《Road vehicle electromagnetic compatibility requirements and test methods》、国标18387《电动车辆的电磁场发射强度的限值和测量方法》、国标14023《车辆、船和内燃机无线电骚扰特性,用于保护车外接收机的限值和测量方法》展开,And according to the requirements in in a test.“But our priority is anti-interference problem.The thugs captain brain tumor,Pregnancy can't openWiFiThis kind of urban legend,We all when joke to see.”

事实上,早在2017Years have industry research and consulting institution conducted research on the safety of electric vehicle electromagnetic.在当年年底,China automotive technology research center has released《2017EV-TESTThe first measure》的结果.The evaluation system of the test vehicle are“中国汽车技术研究中心EV-TESTManagement center on the basis of independent choice、The principle of random sampling,Under the condition of not inform production enterprise in advance,At his own expense to buy from a distributor”.目前,The assessment system after years of perfect,Contains the following test item:

The red circle part,Is electromagnetic radiation protection relevant content

不过,The primary concern of the system or the in-use vehicle field,Electromagnetic radiation related content more in anti-interference ways.About the tested vehicle the existence of electromagnetic radiation leakage affect human body health,Have just on the penalty term.

然而,在发布了5After years of testing results,《EV-TESTChina electric car evaluation system》从2021Years later it no longer,连其 “” Can't open the website.可见,Even the independent objective third-party RGL r,Don't feel the energy spent on“Mining the electric car safety issues”How much value.

According to the current scientific research found,金属、Reinforced concrete wall and other objects can effectively shield the electromagnetic radiation.And on the specific to electric vehicles,动力电池、Water seal of the motor problem has always been the focus of various auto enterprises.These in operation will produce a lot of(相对较大)Electromagnetic radiation components tend to be body、Protective plate seal.因此,These measures will further reduce the risk of leakage of electromagnetic radiation.

Perhaps someone will ask:Smart cars on high performance computer、Sensor and control of large screen,Whether also can emit electromagnetic radiation,Let the car guys“心有余而力不足?”

Electromagnetic radiation in life,Against the undead

When you are on the baidu to“电磁辐射”和“健康”为关键词进行搜索时,All kinds of medical treatment platform has many identities doctor vowed“Electromagnetic radiation is bad for your health,Can cause leukemia、淋巴癌、脑肿瘤、孕妇流产、胎儿畸形”A series of diseases such as.But if out of the shackles of Jane in the Internet to overseas you will find,Things are not like these doctors rendered so scary.

After a engaged in cardiovascular research, m.d., Ph.D., a guide,I came to the United States national institutes of health(National Health Institute)Literature retrieval periodicals library of the club's official website.The database is the world-renowned medical academic papers and reports retrieval platform,The content of the related topics abundance,Reflect the attention of the global medical elite direction.

换言之,If an urban legend in the database no results,For global health researchers didn't think of it as a problem.

When I enter“erectile dysfunction(勃起障碍,Also is not for)”和“electromagnetic radiation(电磁辐射)”后,System of34No one is in the result of it with“男性性功能障碍”沾边的.事实上,If you choose to remove“radiation”即“辐射”After the keyword,System shows that there are several articles on“Low intensity electromagnetic pulse in vitro after curative resection of the prostate erectile dysfunction caused by”的测试.

事实上,About electromagnetic radiation lead to sudden death(心梗)The rumors,In the medical literature level also lack facts support.The author in themyocardial infarction(心肌梗塞)加electromagnetic 输入后,Results of more than,都是“Cannot prove that the two are linked”.One of the paper the author pointed out that even,A pregnant woman in electronic equipment factory fetal malformation and abortion,Is likely to be produced by the process of organic chemical solvent pollution caused by,Rather than the electromagnetic radiation.

For electromagnetic radiation influence physical health problems,At present basically with the conclusion of the world health organization for consensus:The evidence is insufficient to confirm exposed under the low intensity of the electromagnetic field can cause any health consequences,但是,On the knowledge of the biological effect still exists some differences,需要进一步的研究.

But in the social operation level,Government and corporate priorities or efficiency.Mentioned above that engaged in the study of communication engineering for many years scholars tell tiger sniff,在30年前,She also received the unit“Microwave subsidies”,To compensate for the researchers in the experimental process of electromagnetic radiation,“Each year a few dollars,I received several years”.


“进入90年代,Mobile phone base station popularization later they don't have a.”The researchers said with tone of regret,“Because the mobile phone base stations of the electromagnetic spectrum,The scope of basic microwave subsidies covered with us,基本是一样的.”


Although there is no electromagnetic radiation, affect human body health the results,But that doesn't mean anyone can securely on the electric car.在特斯拉Model S的产品手册上,One page indicating the vehicle electronic system specifically for the interference of implantable cardiac pacemakers.

另外,As the electric car charging,这样更新的技术,Will because greater impact of electromagnetic radiation to human body health,It remains to be time to prove.

But if you look at this article,We have male users worry about electromagnetic radiation can let yourself“心有余而力不足”,The author suggest or relaxed state of mind,加强锻炼.After all read the popular science articles compatriots should understand:

The disease most of the time,Is actually the heart.

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