Foreign media: Apple asks suppliers to strictly abide by Chinese regulations when supplying from Taiwan to mainland China

Apple urges suppliers to take this matter seriously and avoid supply disruptions due to violations.According to reports, Apple suppliers are currently preparing components for the new iPhone and other new Apple products this fall.Sources said that if the place of production of goods is marked as "Taiwan" in import documents, forms or boxes, Chinese customs may detain the goods for inspection, and violations will be fined 4,000 yuan or refused customs clearance.

In order to avoid logistics chaos and potential supply chain disruptions, Apple is also asking suppliers to develop contingency plans, inspect current product boxes and related forms, and make necessary changes, the people added.

South Korea's "Asian Economy" reported on the 4th that China has required the labeling of imported Taiwan-made products as early as 2015, which must be labeled as "Taiwan, China" (TAIWAN PROVINCE OF CHINA or TAIWAN, CHINA or CHINESE TAIWAN),"Chinese Taipei", the words "Taiwan" or "Taipei" shall not be used alone.

Guoxiong Wu, director of the Customs Affairs Committee of Guangdong Guanghe Law Firm, told the Global Times reporter on the 5th that my country's foreign trade law clearly stipulates that imported products must not harm national security, and commodities involving violent pornography are also prohibited. Sovereign interests need to be protected even more.(Ni Hao and Zhen Xiang)

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