[Pictured] Ukrainian police destroy a machine farm used to spread fake news

SSU writes that the farm's goal is to discredit Ukraine's leadership and disrupt the country's social and political situation.The farm's organizers have been disbanded by the SSU for spreading disinformation on the internet, some of it linked to the activities of Russia's top military and political leaders.

The farm operates clandestinely in the capitals of Kyiv, Kharkov and Vinnitsa, with more than 1 million bot accounts and multiple groups on social media networks, with close to 1 million followers 400,000 people.SSU also found at least 5,000 SIM cards used to create and maintain fake social media accounts, as well as 200 proxy servers to spoof IP addresses and avoid being blocked by websites.Special custom software has been developed so that farm operators can automatically manage accounts on the most popular social networks.

The agency said Russian special forces also used the farm to spread misinformation about what was happening on the front lines and conduct "information subversion operations," including claims that President Zelensky andThere are conflicts among his top generals and a campaign to discredit the first lady.The leader of the group behind the farm is a Russian citizen living in Kyiv who has positioned himself as a "political expert," SSU wrote.

SSU Acting Head Vasyl Malyuk said: "The adversary tries to use any opportunity to foment civil unrest or manipulate public opinion. Unfortunately, some Ukrainian political forces, knowingly or not, cooperate with the enemy to put themselvesput their ambitions above the national interest."

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