MRO team shares new images: Weird Martian craters look like ears


HiRise camera team points to the phenomenon of Pareidolia, which is the reason why humans imaginatively see things like "faces" in Martian rock formations.This is what helps us see the "sheep" and "dragon" in the clouds on Earth.

"If the shape really resembles something, we see features like faces and patterns that don't really exist, which is utopian illusionIn this case, we're looking at an oddly shaped impact crater that looks very much like an ear," the team wrote in Friday's Image of the Day feature."Once you find it, it's almost impossible not to see it." MRO captured this image in late 2020.

The crater is about 5,900 feet (1,800 meters) in diameter and is located in an area called Chryse Planitia, a plain area in Mars' northern hemisphere.As this crater shows, not all Martian craters are perfectly round.In recent years, we've seen this one-sided crater, possibly formed by collapsing material, and a wild-looking trio of overlapping craters that may have been formed by an impacting object breaking apart during its fall.

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