The magical chain of contempt between programmers, which layer are you in?

Magic between programmers despise chain,which floor are you on?

There is an intricate chain of contempt in every field,这一点在IT areas are more prominent.从编程语言、工具,再到浏览器、硬件、服务系统,甚至 { 是写在 if 的同一行还是下一行,will lead to tit-for-tat from different camps.So what are the contempt chains in the programmer circle??


I believe everyone who eats melons knows,Programming languages ​​are the lifeblood of programmers,但却很少有人知道,Different programming languages ​​come from different factions、功能不一,It also represents the status of programmers in the arena.

There is such a chain of contempt in the programmer circle,Low-level languages ​​despise high-level languages,Such as the contempt of people who write assembly language to write C 语言的人,They think that what can be done in assembly language is not what ordinary high-level languages ​​can do,Moreover, the executable file generated by the assembly of the source program is not only small,而且执行速度很快.

写 C language people despise writing C++ 的人,他们觉得C语言灵活性好,效率高可以接触到软件开发比较底层的东西,C++Launch time is too short,资料也不多,Isn't the visualization better?!

写 C++ People disdain to write Java 和 C# 的人,搞 Java 和 C# people despise each other,and look down on writing Python 的人,Java提供了一个功能强大语言的所有功能,但几乎没有一点含混特征.C++安全性不好,but more accepted,所以Java设计成C++形式,Make it easier for everyone to learn.Java去掉了C++语言的许多功能,让JavaLanguage is very refined,and added some useful features,实现了C++enhancements to basic object-oriented techniques.C++Engineers are not happy,Why we cut our features?

写 Python People disdain to write PHP 的人,写 PHP of people despise writing front-end JS 的;Front-end programmers look down on artists.


married programmer,Programmers despise not married;有女朋友的程序员,鄙视单身程序狗.在单身狗之间,才有语言、编辑器和操作系统的互相鄙视.

玩笑归玩笑,For a really good programmer,用什么样的编程语言可能决定了技术的学习方向,但是最终,任何语言都仅仅是表达思想的载体.独孤求败的最终境界,摘叶飞花皆可为剑.


More than just a programming language,Even the tools used by programmers,也存在着鄙视链.

用 text editor 的人鄙视用 IDE 的人.

用 Vim 的人鄙视用 Emacs 的人,用 Emacs 的人鄙视用 Vim 的人,无论是用 Vim 或 Emacs of people despise everyone who uses other editors.总的来说,vim是一个优秀的工具,Helping you to complete daily tasks quickly;Emacs 是一扇门,Behind it is another world,Once you go through this door,into the world behind it,I shouldn't have bothered to followvima fight.

用 Atom、Notepad、Sublime Text 的人鄙视用 Windows person with notepad.能替代NotepadThere are many such software,But everyone's expectations for Notepad are different.

用 Android Studio 或 IntelliJ IDEA 的人鄙视用 Eclipse 的人,用 Eclipse 的人鄙视用 NetBeans 的人.

用 Git 或 Mercurial 的人鄙视用 Subversion 的人,用 Subversion 的人鄙视用 Dropbox 来做版本控制的人,用 Dropbox People who come to version control despise people who don't know what version control is..

用 Zsh 的人鄙视用 Bash 的人,用 Bash 的人鄙视用 Cygwin 的人,用 Cygwin 的人鄙视用命令提示字元的人,用命令提示字元的人鄙视用 GUI 界面的人.


用 Mac OS X 的人鄙视用 Linux 的人,用 Linux 的人鄙视用 Windows 的人.

用 Debian 的人鄙视用 Ubuntu 的人,用 Ubuntu 的人鄙视用非 LTS 版本的 Ubuntu 的人.


用 MacBook Pro Retina 的人鄙视用 MacBook Air 的人,用 MacBook Air 的人鄙视用 ThinkPad 的人,然后用 Raspberry Pi 的人鄙视用 MacBook Pro Retina 的人.

用 Dvorak People despise the use of the keyboard Mac man with keyboard,用 Mac People despise the use of the keyboard QWERTY man with keyboard,用 QWERTY People with keyboards despise people with tablets.

坐 Aeron Chair people despise people who sit in ordinary office chairs,People who sit in ordinary office chairs despise those who sit in ordinary office chairs like him PM,Then people who write programs while standing despise sitting Aeron man in chair.


写 OS People disdain to write Web 的人,写 Web People disdain to write desktop application 的人.

信奉 Test-Driven Development people despise writing first code 再补 tests 的人,先写 code 再补 tests people despise not writing tests 的人,不写 tests of people despise and change their needs PM.

Hardware engineers despise software engineers.

后端工程师鄙视前端工程师,Engineers and designers despise each other.

No certification engineer to disdain to take an examination of a pile of certification of the engineer;Engineers in casual clothes to work despise engineers in suits to work.


“鄙视”like a weird food chain,It is a topic that cannot be avoided by human beings.Cao Pi was in《典论·论文》中写道“文人相轻,自古而然”.More than just a civilian,There is also a complex chain of contempt in the circle of programmers.But don't think that contempt can reflect your personality、Looking for a sense of belonging or eliminate nervous,It's just a way for passersby to vent their lust.

编程语言众多,Editing tools are even more numerous.Many people rudely despise their unknown territory,Take it for granted,like many people despise PHP 工程师,one-sided view PHP 入门简单,不够规范,Often leads to a lot of garbage code,Little imagine every programming language has its advantages and disadvantages,It takes a lot of time and effort to become proficient.

事实上,Programming languages ​​are designed to solve corresponding problems,Each has its own characteristics and advantages,Only solving real problems is the key.比如 C++Do more desktop software,而Java、Objective做手机App,PHP适合做Web开发,快速高效,Java也适合做Web开发,It is more inclined to do large-scale enterprise-level applications and websites with higher security requirements.

A large company's products can not use a single language to achieve,They choose which language to use based on its strengths and areas of expertise.So you'll find that every big company must have a variety of programmers.

Don't easily despise any programming language or tool,A lot of times when you despise engineers who use other programming languages,They are busy improving themselves,他们的薪资、Technical and personal realms far beyond you,And you are still foolishly immersed in the pleasure of despising others.

说句实在的,Programmers are all bricks,Why are they despising each other??Should unite,Get the job done,Wages are high.到了社会,Programmers are brothers!



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