There are a lot of pornographic apps in the Apple App Store?Customer Service: Shocked!The related APP is gone, and there is new news for the iPhone 14

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On the one hand, the mass production and release of the iPhone 14 is about to happen, and on the other hand, there are a large number of pornographic apps in the Apple App Store.On the 26th, the topic of "Apple App Store was exposed to have a large number of pornographic apps" rushed to the hot search.

On July 26, some media reported that a large number of mobile APPs with vests appeared in the Apple App Store. In response, Apple's customer service responded that they had recorded the names of the apps and would know more about the situation.As of the press release, the Apple App Store has not been able to search for pornographic APPs named and reported by the media.

At the same time, it is reported today that Apple has placed additional orders for iPhone 14/Pro parts, and some netizens said that this is a bit like a big sale before it is released.

A large number of pornographic APPs appear in the Apple App Store

Today, according to media reports, in Apple's App Store, a large number of mobile APPs with vests have appeared, which are displayed from icons and APP names.There seems to be no problem, but if users download and open these apps, they will find that they are filled with a lot of bad content.Moreover, there are far more than one APP with such a problem, and even some games have this phenomenon.

For example, in the Apple App Store, there is an app called "Small fat answer", whose name and introduction are a small game of answering questions.But after the download was opened, the name of the vest disappeared, and it was found that the app contained pornographic content.

Another example is an app called "91 Short Video". The page interaction highly imitates Douyin, but the content inside is also a video that is not suitable for children.

In response, Apple's customer service responded: I was shocked. After recording the name of the application, it said that it would learn more about the situation.

It is worth mentioning that, according to public information, this is not the first time that a pornographic app has been exposed in the Apple App Store. As early as 2013, the Office of the National “Anti-pornography and Anti-Illegal” Working Group announced that it would investigate and punish Apple apps in accordance with the law.Stores and other 198 websites that posted obscene and pornographic information.

And Apple founder Steve Jobs also said in response to consumer emails: "We think Apple has a moral responsibility to keep the iPhone away from pornography, and those who want pornography should buy Android phones."

As of the press release, the "Small fat answer", "91 Short Video" and other pornographic-related apps reported by the above-mentioned media have not been searched in the Apple App Store, and it is suspected that they have been removed from the shelves.When you search for "Small fat answer" in Uptown, the search results show "not found".

Apple's iPhone 14 has not been released yet?

On the other hand, Apple's iPhone 14 has a rhythm that has not yet been launched.

According to media reports, Apple has added iPhone 14/Pro parts orders, while Android chip supplier MediaTek has been cut by 30%.

Previously, in June this year, there was also news that the iPhone 14 might increase in price before it was released.It is reported that in order to cope with the increase in the price of raw materials and the increase in labor costs, Apple has to increase the price of the iPhone 14 series. The price of the entire iPhone 14 series may increase, and the starting price of the National Bank version will increase to 6199 yuan., the top-of-the-line 1Tb version of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is priced at more than 14,000 yuan. The whole series is expected to start mass production in August, and mass production will begin in September.

In addition, recently, Foxconn, the world's largest iPhone production base in Zhengzhou, Henan, has offered high bonuses to attract workers to the factory.According to the news released by Foxconn's official recruitment app "I Want to Hire" on July 23, the iDPBG business group (responsible for the assembly of iPhone finished products) offered general workers a "rebate" (recommendation fee) of up to 9,200 yuan.

Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo once said that the iPhone 14 series may be more popular than the iPhone 13 in the mainland market, and dealers need to make more deposits to ensure stable supply.Sources from supply chain sources also said that iPhone 14 shipments in the second half of the year may reach 90 million to 100 million units.

From the perspective of the entire mobile phone industry, according to Canalys data, under the influence of factors such as global economic turmoil and regional uncertainty, global smartphone shipments in 2022Q2 will approach 300 million units, down 9% year-on-year.Domestically, due to factors such as the epidemic, the cumulative domestic mobile phone shipments in the first half of this year were 136 million units, down 21.7% year-on-year.

In addition, according to the results of an international joint survey today, as of June 1, Apple has applied for and published 248 automotive-related patents after 2000.Apple's patent application covers self-driving and other vehicle software as well as ride comfort-related hardware (such as seats and suspension), vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology, and more.Among the patents filed, the most patents are communications and navigation, followed by unmanned driving.

There have been many rumors about Apple building a car.It is reported that in 2014, Apple launched a project code-named "Titan" to develop self-driving electric vehicles.However, at the beginning of this year, Ming-Chi Kuo said that the project team behind Apple Car has been disbanded, and that Apple Car will not be launched in 2025 without a quick reorganization.
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