"High-quality domestic products" from the Consumer Expo to the world to see the new business opportunities of "going overseas" for domestic consumer brands

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International Online Report (Reporters Jasman, Zhu Wanling, Hainan Station Zhang Wenfeng) China International Consumer Goods Fair is my country's first national-level exhibition with the theme of consumer products, and it is also the largest consumer goods exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. Boutique Exhibition.The good effect of the first consumer expo led to the re-exhibition of "old friends" and the debut of "new friends".This year's Consumer Expo has specially set up a "Boutique Domestic Products Exhibition Area". Many domestic companies participating in the Expo also took the express train of the Consumer Expo to get to know more international companies. How did they gain from this year's Consumer Expo?

The 2nd Consumer Expo specially added 5,000 square meters of "Domestic Products Pavilion" to further give full play to the role of "bridge" and "window".Expanding the popularity of Chinese products and entering the international market provides more opportunities.

Taishan Sports Industry Group is an "old friend" of the 2nd Consumer Expo.Last year, the company used the platform of the Consumer Expo to win many businessmen to negotiate and visit the exhibition, and achieved good exhibition results.Gong Ziming, deputy general manager of Taishan Ruibao Composite Materials Co., Ltd., said: "Through last year's exhibition, we attracted the attention of many prospective customers at home and abroad, and some of them became our distributors. Judging from our company's sales data, which has doubled compared to last year, and Consumer Expo will provide us with a good opportunity and platform.”

Visitors experience the bicycle interactive project at the booth of Taishan Sports Group at the 2nd Consumer Expo (Photo by Zhang Wenfeng)

This year, the group once again participated in the Consumer Expo with "Sports +" consumer products, bringing more new exhibits.The carbon fiber bicycle, which can be lifted as light as a finger, attracted the audience to experience it once it was unveiled, and it also attracted the attention of many professional cycling enthusiasts.Gong Ziming said: "Under the epidemic, our entire consumption habits have changed. People pay more attention to general health or related leisure and entertainment products, and bicycles have gradually entered people's attention. We hope that through the promotion of products, let theEveryone knows more about the relevant cycling culture and let more people participate in this sport.”

On July 29, consumers learned about its products at the iFLYTEK booth (photo by Zhang Wenfeng)

HKUST NewsThis year is also the second time for Feifei to participate in the Consumer Expo. Zhu Liwen, the brand director of Xunfei Translation Machine, said that after participating in the first Consumer Expo last year, its brand's international popularity and user recognition have been greatly improved."Through last year's Consumer Expo, there were more professional foreign trade practitioners who learned about our products and brands. The exhibitors and buyers of the Consumer Expo are relatively professional foreign trade practitioners, and they have an actual reputation for our products.Influence also has a certain driving effect. I hope that through this year's consumer expo, iFLYTEK's innovation in the field of intelligent translation, innovation of experience, etc. will be displayed."

July 28th, Sinopharm Great Health Industry Co., Ltd.Deputy General Manager Xu Yang was interviewed by reporters

As a "new friend" of the 2nd Consumer Expo, Sinopharm Group brought a series of new products to the exhibition hall of the Consumer Expo.Xu Yang, deputy general manager of Sinopharm Great Health Industry Co., Ltd., said that he hoped to get to know more international brands and strengthen international cooperation through the platform of the Consumer Expo."We hope to get to know more international brands through the Consumer Expo. Give full play to the advantages of Sinopharm's entire industry chain and international operation, strengthen international trade cooperation, brand cooperation and industrial cooperation. Introduce more excellent brands to China to help healthThe implementation of China's strategy. During this consumer expo, we have signed cooperation agreements with four well-known enterprises to establish joint venture factories, joint R&D laboratories, and jointly establish R&D laboratories in Yangpu, Hainan, to help the health industry.Help me."

In Xu Yang's view, Hainan's construction of a free trade port and an international tourism consumption center, including key layouts in the fields of medical care, health care, and medical tourism, make life and health the main businessof businesses feel a significant opportunity."Our Sinopharm Great Health and Sinopharm China Service Duty Free have become the first enterprises to open in Hainan Yangpu Bonded Port Area, which also shows our determination to invest and develop in Hainan. We will build a Sinopharm production base in Hainan Yangpu Bonded Port Area..Attract international advanced medical equipment, medicines, special medical food, health food, etc. to the Chinese medicine production base for processing and production. Let the Chinese people enjoy some of the international advanced medical and health products more easily. At the same time, we will also help excellent medical products in the production base.Most of the domestic enterprises go to the world through Hainan Yangpu.”

The domestic exhibition area of ​​this Consumer Expo covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters. More than 1,200 brands from 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and the Xinjiang Construction Corps participated in the exhibition.The 5,000-square-meter pavilion showcases Chinese technology products, green home appliances, cultural and creative products, biomedicine and other consumer products. Some time-honored Chinese brands also appeared in this Consumer Expo.As Wang Shouwen, Vice Minister of Commerce, pointed out in his speech at the opening ceremony of this Consumer Expo, "a successful Consumer Expo will provide an important channel for Chinese products to expand into the international market."

Source: CCTV International Online
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