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早茶 | 8月1These new regulations will come into effect!还有这些热点……





◆guard the frontier,保家卫国,They keep the republic safe.灾难面前,挺身而出,They are the most lovable and respectable disciples.To serve the country as the mission,fight for mission,This is their perseverance.今天,八一建军节,Let's pay tribute to the Chinese People's Liberation Army!


◆8月1日起,These new regulations come into effect!

8月起,A batch of new regulations and new policies will be officially implemented,Some new changes will also happen,Come and see what is relevant to you↓↓↓

>>Provincial-level medical insurance increases19种慢性病、4special disease

8月1日起,Provincial-level medical insurance is at the original provincial-level38on the basis of chronic diseases19种,short bowel syndrome、Psoriasis is included in the provincial outpatient special disease insurance coverage;将“Anti-rejection treatment after lung transplantation”Included in the original province-level outpatient special disease“Anti-rejection therapy after organ transplantation”范围;将原38in chronic diseases“再生障碍性贫血”Adjusted to outpatient special disease,不再保留“再生障碍性贫血”慢性病.

>>《Hebei Province Basic Medical Insurance Outpatient Chronic Disease Special Disease Recognition Criteria(2022版)》施行

8月1日起,Urban and Rural Residents of the Province、Employee basic medical insurance outpatient chronic disease special disease name and identification standard,统一按《Hebei Province Basic Medical Insurance Outpatient Chronic Disease Special Disease Recognition Criteria(2022版)》执行.

>>The province implements vascular interventional therapy pressure pumps, etc.4The results of the centralized procurement of medical consumables

此前,Our province participated in the pressure pump for vascular interventional therapy in the Shandong-Jin-Hebei-Henan Alliance、Retrievable vena cava filter for vascular interventional therapy、notch protector、Disposable non-absorbable polymer ligature clip(Vascular ligation clip)4Centralized procurement of medical consumables.8月1日起,Implemented across the province4The results of the centralized procurement of medical consumables.Each medical institution purchases through Hebei Province Medicines and Medical Consumables Recruitment and Procurement Management Subsystem.

>>Hengshui City Housing Provident Fund Loan Quota Increase

8月1日起,Hengshui City increases the maximum loan amount of housing provident fund.The maximum loan amount for one spouse to deposit housing provident fund is determined by40万元提高至50万元;The maximum loan amount for both husband and wife to deposit housing provident fund is determined by60万元提高到70万元.

>>Xingtai divorce registration and re-issue the marriage registration certificates“In-city office”

We have heard from xingtai bureau of civil affairs,自8月1日起,离婚登记、Replacement of marriage registration documents will be realized“In-city office”,One or both parties to the marriage registration are residents of the Xingtai municipal area.,You can choose to xingtai any marriage registration authority for divorce registration、Replacement of marriage registration certificate.

>>nationwide cancellation“国五”二手车迁入限制




>>Personal safety protection order judicial interpretation since8月1日起施行

最高人民法院15Provisions on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in Handling Personal Safety Protection Order Cases,Play the preventive function of personal safety protection orders,Further remove various obstacles in the procedure of such cases.This judicial interpretation has been2022年8月1日起施行.司法解释进一步明确家庭暴力的形式,明确冻饿以及经常性侮辱、诽谤、威胁、跟踪、骚扰等均属于家庭暴力.


◆在中国人民解放军建军95the eve of the anniversary,省委书记、Ni Yuefeng, First Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Military Region, visited Shijiazhuang City to condolence to retired soldiers and special care recipients,On behalf of the provincial party committee、省政府,I would like to express holiday congratulations and sincere greetings to the vast number of retired soldiers and special care recipients in the province.省委副书记、Secretary-General Lian Yimin participated in the visit and condolences.

◆在中国人民解放军建军95周年到来之际,According to the unified deployment of the provincial party committee,7月30日,Governor Wang Zhengpu visited Xingtai City to express condolences to retired soldiers and special care recipients,On behalf of the provincial party committee、The provincial government sends festive greetings and high respect to them.

◆7月30日晚,The Provincial Leading Group Meeting on Response to the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic and the Provincial Video Scheduling Meeting Held in Shijiazhuang.省委书记、Ni Yuefeng, leader of the Provincial Leading Group for Response to the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic, presided over and delivered a speech.省委副书记、省长、Wang Zhengpu, leader of the Provincial Leading Group for Response to the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic,省委副书记、Secretary-General Lian Yimin attended and delivered a speech.

【Epidemic Express】




>>从8月1日起,Launched in Handan City“Weekly alternating nucleic acid testing for men and women”normalization screening of,one week man、Women alternate for a week.Those who did not sample and test as required within this week,Supplementary inspection in the next week.


◆8月底前,Develop and go live“Wisdom Hebei Plus Deduction”Platform service system

日前,The Provincial Science and Technology Department and the Provincial Taxation Bureau studied and formulated the《Several measures on the additional deduction of R&D expenses of scientific and technological support enterprises》,强化科技服务,Promote the implementation of the super deduction policy for corporate R&D expenses.《措施》提出,建设“Wisdom Hebei Plus Deduction”平台.8月底前,Develop and launch a trial operation service system,Include a list of policies、专家讲座、Enterprise message、project identification and“One-click collection”5section function.其中,“One-click collection”Functions are difficult to collect for R&D expenses、费时间、Manpower Pain Points,Auxiliary accounts and declaration forms can be automatically generated,One-click completion of online collection for enterprises.

◆河北:力争到“十四五”末,Provincial demonstrative social and demonstration farm family are achieved2000家以上

日前,Issued by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hebei Province《Implementation plan for the promotion of new agricultural management entities in Hebei Province》,力争到“十四五”末,The demonstration cooperatives and demonstration family farms of farmers' cooperatives above the county level have reached the12000家以上,Among them, provincial demonstration cooperatives and demonstration family farms have reached2000家以上.

◆Beijing-Hebei pilot runs commuter customized express bus

为深入推进京津冀交通一体化,解决环京地区通勤人员进出京交通不便、出行时间长等问题,Beijing and Hebei decided,于7月25From the beginning of the day, the pilot program of the commuter customized express bus from the three northern counties of Langfang to the central urban area of ​​Beijing has been launched..乘客可通过“京津冀定制快巴”微信公众号和“北京定制公交升级版”Mini Program for real-name registration,Enter personally identifiable information、Mobile number and pick-up and drop-off location,And select the pick-up and drop-off location according to the platform prompts to make an appointment.


近日,河北省“最美医护”Announcement of the results of typical tree selection activities,Jia Jinhui、Ling Kun、Li xh etc.12name was rated2022年河北省“最美医护”.For the specific list, see:

◆“weekend to Hebei”小程序提供10All tickets for electronic invites visitors to Beijing

7月20日,“这么近 那么美 weekend to Hebei——Beijing tourist market research”The event was officially launched in Beijing,“weekend to Hebei”Wechat applet goes online synchronously,The enclosed questionnaire,Invite Beijing tourists to vote online“Beijing's favorite tourist destination in Hebei”.同时提供1010,000 free e-tickets,Sincerely Invite Beijing Tourists“weekend to Hebei”.


>>2022The admission results of the college entrance examination for ordinary colleges and universities in Hebei Province can be checked from now on.Please log in to the Hebei Provincial College Entrance Examination Management System(,点击“录取结果查询”链接,You can check your admission result.

>>7月31日,Shijiazhuang City South Second Ring East Extension Line and Fuxing Street Interchange Ramp and Auxiliary Projects passed the acceptance check,Officially open to traffic,It marks the completion of the pilot project of the municipal transformation of Fuxing Street.

>>7月30日,Shijiazhuang xinhua district first submerged city nostalgia theme blocks——Travel leisure blocks officially opened in the fall.该街区以“Reunited with Shimen1987”为主题,再现20世纪80—90Shijiazhuang city image、市井百态.The project is located on the east side of the water park in Xinhua District, Shishi City,地铁3Line at the south side the tall secretory station.

>>7月31日,Zhang Shang(Zhangbei County to Shangyi County, Zhangjiakou City)The opening ceremony of the expressway was held in Shangyi East Interchange,Shangyi County ends the history of no expressway.

>>日前,“Netmail Zhang Bei”WeChat public account releases the latest rumor information,Recently forwarded by the circle of friends“Receive notification from county party committee and county government,Organized by Zhangbei County Rural Development Bureau‘2022年张北草原音乐节’将于8月13日正式启动”for false news,特此声明.

>>Yonghui Supermarket White Store, located at Huaian Road, Yucai Street, Shijiazhuang City, will open2022年8月8日起停止营业.


◆“2022Social Satisfaction Survey of Urban Physical Examination in Hebei Province”活动

Is your city easy to travel in??下雨天,Are the streets flooded??Is the surrounding environment green??for better discovery“城市病”,日前,Hebei Province started“2022Social Satisfaction Survey of Urban Physical Examination in Hebei Province”活动,Invites the residents of the city“把把脉”,Suggestions and suggestions for urban construction.Each of your suggestions is an important reference for the future construction of the city.Residents can search“河北新闻网”微信公众号,点击下方菜单“问卷调查”进入问卷.快来参与吧~

早茶 | 8月1These new regulations will come into effect!还有这些热点……


◆近日,Zhejiang Shaoxing police Wang Lingze seized a gambling case,One of the female suspects said she was pregnant,According to the case process,Wang Lingze and an auxiliary police with the criminal suspect to hospital for check,Unexpectedly, Wang met pregnancy at the door of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital.8wife doing maternity check alone.When Wang Lingze was about to explain,Wife at a glance“秒懂”,The couple left in good agreement.对此,The wife understands:“这是他的工作,He's not mine alone.”


@Not jing cloud:You protect social stability,I am responsible for all the things behind you!Salute to all police officers and families.

@hello kitty walking:懂你,只需要一个眼神.

@Hope the dream time:相互理解,is the greatest warmth.

@一路向上:This daughter-in-law is worth it!为小家,more for everyone!


>>在中国人民解放军建军95周年之际,中央宣传部、Jointly released by the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission12位“The most beautiful revolutionary soldier of the new era”.

>>中央气象台发布高温黄色预警:今天,新疆、湖南、江西、浙江、福建、广西、The highest temperature in Guangdong and other places37~39℃,四川、Places such as chongqing local can reach40℃以上.

>>农业农村部最新农情调度显示,At present, the early rice harvest in the country has basically ended.,Nearly 80% of double-cropping late rice is planted.

>>State Cyberspace Administration of China,今年上半年,3491Home website platform was interviewed.

>>State Administration for Market Regulation,8月15日起,粽子、The number of packaging layers of mooncakes cannot exceed three layers at most.

早茶 | 8月1These new regulations will come into effect!还有这些热点……


◆E-commerce platforms become pirated books“隐秘角落”、补一补“independent living class”、“硕士”村支书,这些热点你了解吗?

>>E-commerce platforms should not become pirated books“隐秘角落”

近日,有媒体调查发现,Different e-commerce platforms are selling suspected pirated books.The printing cost of these pirated books is often as low as a few dollars a copy,There is also a gray industry chain for the qualifications of online stores that sell books.The problem of selling pirated books on e-commerce platforms,引发广泛关注.

protect book copyright、curb piracy,Regardless of online and offline、Regardless of store platform,E-commerce platforms are not pirated books“法外之地”.Crack down on pirated books on e-commerce platforms in accordance with the law,It is necessary to further strictly regulate the business behavior of third-party partners of the platform,Contain risks as early as possible.Whether it is regulatory authorities or e-commerce platforms,It is also necessary to continuously improve the governance mechanism for protecting book copyrights and intellectual property rights,加大治理力度,提升治理效能,Provide consumers with real credible、Safe consumption environment,Create a healthy and orderly copyright ecology for readers and practitioners.

>>准大学生们,Don't forget to make up“independent living class”

For prospective college students,The summer vacation after the college entrance examination is a golden vacation.Many prospective college students have been sleeping since the end of the college entrance examination、上网、聚会,“睡到中午起床,Brush the phone in the afternoon,dinner party,Brush your phone at night”Has become one of many prospective college students“life portrait”.探访发现,Many prospective college students and their parents are worried about their future college life,I don't know if I can adapt to the new learning and living environment.

“放松”不等于“放纵”,一旦养成了“Retaliatory relax”,easy to indulge oneself,养成一些不良习惯,even in a bad state,This is undoubtedly not conducive to future university study and life.Prospective college students may wish to take advantage of this summer without study pressure,好好补一补“independent living class”,Make up first“life skills class”,Second, make up“interpersonal social class”,three supplements and one supplement“Setbacks life lesson”,学会自理,学会自立,Meet the new university life with a new look.

>>“硕士”村支书,It is better to use it in

In order to comprehensively promote rural revitalization and grass-roots governance,Guide outstanding young talents to flow to the grassroots,Continue to strengthen the construction of grass-roots cadres,近日,Wuxiang County, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province issued an announcement,Introduced to the public151Talents with master's degree or above come to the village(社区)工作.

人才引进,决不能“one-shot”.“硕士”The village party secretary wants to use it well,Follow-up training is the key.要积极开展“老带新”“传帮带”活动,实行“一对一”Fixed point help belt,Guide the experienced old secretary to give full play“Bring the old to the new”作用.同时,To conduct performance appraisal of the introduced talents,Ensure that the responsibility for introducing talents is shouldered、Show your talents.


石家庄:晴 25℃~34℃

张家口:晴 19℃~35℃

承德:晴 21℃~36℃

唐山:晴 24℃~34℃

秦皇岛:晴 24℃~32℃

保定:晴 23℃~34℃

廊坊:晴 26℃~34℃

沧州:晴 25℃~35℃

衡水:晴 25℃~34℃

邢台:晴 24℃~33℃

邯郸:晴 23℃~33℃

北京:多云 25℃~34℃

天津:晴 22℃~35℃

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