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It is universally applicable ” empiricism ”


Today I want to share my experience and insight with you . This is also a blog post I read from Wang Yin , Is like . Many people confuse experience with insight after working for a long time .

For example, many people are recruiting , No matter what industry , Candidates with relevant experience are required . such as 2B The employing enterprises generally require employees to have 2B Service related experience . do 2C Kind of product , The general requirements of the company are C Experience in related aspects of products . Basically, for social recruitment , All applicants are required to have practical experience in relevant aspects .

So it seems that experience has become a kind of foundation and omnipotence . When we evaluate whether a person can successfully save and be competent for a job , We often say , Ah , So and so is a big man , He has ten years' experience in this field .

You can often see many big men on the Internet , One of their endorsements is that they have been engaged in a certain field for more than eight years , More than ten or twenty years and so on .

Is experience really a panacea ? Is experience really an endorsement that you can do this job well ?

Jump out of “ Experience ” circle

I've seen a lot of bigwigs , They have broken my habitual idea to some extent .


For example, Alibaba's "fangweng" . He started with technology P5 Birth , Later, the product is the most backward , It has been operated again , In the end, he became the person in charge of the whole business , Before leaving Ali , He is already P10 President .


So I was curious , Why can he quickly switch between different fields , We all know that there is a deep barrier gap between technology, product and operation , In fact, his original experience is not enough to support him to engage in new industries or new positions .

But as a result , He did very well in every aspect , For example, what I did at the beginning was 1688 Then came Dingding, and finally went to Leke education , Finally, we went to the vertical e-commerce pool .


It can be seen that his profession has had many jumps , But every time I did it really well .

So I thought about a problem here , Can he reuse his previous experience before each job change and the company ? Apart from experience , He doesn't have any more awesome abilities to help him switch between different classes .

The answer, I think, is insight .

Experience is only a basic entry requirement for assessing ordinary people , Only experience can show that you have done this job , Then you can do the same or similar work .

But for masters , Experience may not be that important at all , Not even important at all .

We can see that many people have worked for ten years , But his work is basically repeated every day , After ten years , No matter how stupid he is , How unwise , He can become an experienced expert .

And in this case , There may also be a certain degree of unknown or known mentality , Rely on the old and sell the old to reuse his previous work experience in all his occasions . And help him to hold the experience as the Holy Grail . It's OK in the comfort zone , Whenever you switch to a new field , The result is predictable .

I saw it with my own eyes , I also heard a lot of tasks at the president level , Switch to a new track, a new position , There is no way to fully land in the future , In addition to some interpersonal factors , It is because his original experience can not support his reuse and growth in the new space .

Like my mother , Now when it comes to prices , I'll also talk about , Prices are too expensive now , Want to 40 Years ago , Meat talent 7 A pound of gross .

So experience is a bonus to the average migrant worker , But for innovators at higher levels , It is actually a minus item . An experienced leader who has worked in traditional fields for 20 years , He may not be able to lead the Internet team to success . Also because there are tens of millions of users' experience on the Internet Leader It may not be able to take the traditional field to a new height .

More important is insight

So for managers and leadership , What is more important is insight .

This is a lot of awesome people. You find that they have no experience , But in a short time, he quickly accumulated a wealth of business experience . And it seems that he can quickly sink into different positions and fields , And be familiar with . In the end, it seems very relaxed , It quickly surpasses the colleagues who have accumulated a lot of time .

Especially I have seen many young people , Led the team and business at a young age and achieved very good business results . Although these people seem to some closed and conservative people , The mouth is hairless , You can't handle things well , It's just the light of opportunity .

In addition to the opportunity factor , This is essentially insight , Besides, seizing the opportunity itself is a kind of insight .

What is insight ? Insight into interests is actually the ability to see through the essence of things .

What is experience ? Experience is that you do one thing over and over again , You get a summary of the phenomenon .

For example, you see cocks crowing every day , The sun came out . So long ago , You will find that as soon as the attack blows , You can tell that the sun is coming out .

This is an experience , But the newborn baby doesn't understand this phenomenon .

What is insight ? Insight is actually insight into the essence .

For example, the rooster crows and the sun comes out , In fact, cock crowing is essentially the regulation of cock's internal biological clock , At the same time, it will also be affected by the external lighting environment .

So besides the rooster , Many creatures will also call by a similar physiological mechanism . The ancients who had only experience , I will not understand the essential reason .

So we understand that without any experience , In fact, you have accumulated for a long time , A fixed conclusion or pattern you're bound to get . But the applicable scenario of experience will be obvious , Only when all environment variables are the same , You can draw a conclusion , But on the contrary, this experience may no longer be applicable after environmental changes .

And insight is the essence of things , So whatever the occasion , You can quickly speculate and know the phenomenon of things .

I remember working in Taobao service market for three years , I learned a lot about trading and some architecture of trading system .

Although the time is not short , But I take these experiences as endorsements , Want to reuse this business knowledge and architecture into new areas .

A simple example , For example, when I was in the Taobao service market , Learned a knowledge called the gold standard , The phenomenon is that users cannot simply recharge , If users recharge their cash into the account book , It will become a risk of illegal fund-raising .

This is just a phenomenon I learned , I take this as my own experience and reuse it everywhere .

Then I went to the nail trading platform , I found that although the phenomenon seems the same , But I don't know the root cause . I don't know how to define whether the deposit standard is compliant , How to avoid the pit of the gold standard .

From the technical framework , The Taobao service market will generally associate the extension parameters with another table to the main table . So I had this idea when I first came to nail , That is, a set of optimal design theories should be completely reused . But I found that when I got to the nail , Extended parameters can be stored in various ways , For example, write directly to the extended fields of the main table , And no one will use an extended parameter table to support business .

At first I felt confused , Why is it so common in a department , In another department, it is not adopted at all ?

puzzled .

I can't understand it and suddenly realize it

I will understand later , Experience can be reused in certain occasions , But experience often has certain limitations . The fundamental problem is that Taobao's business is relatively stable , Therefore, more platformization will be considered in the structural design , Generalization , Even to a certain extent, there is no need to consider the cost of a few person days .

But for emerging businesses , The business changes quickly , Efficiency is the first criterion . So when the business is developing rapidly , Some extra fields that can't be expected can be solved directly with extended fields . Maybe from the original need 4~5 Personal day , Now just 0.5 It will be supported in days .

So this impressed me deeply , I believe too much in empiricism .

In fact, with classicism, you will trample on holes everywhere when you accept changes , Even most of the time, it will limit your innovation and creativity . So empiricism looks good , But it really can't be an innovator's Dilemma and cage .

Compared with experience , Insight is ten times more important than experience , Twenty times , Even hundreds of times .

Like musk said , He said that everything should follow the first principle , It's the same thing . At that time, batteries were very expensive , Musk went to consult relevant experts , Can you reduce costs . Some experts who have been engaged in battery manufacturing for several years or even decades swear to tell him , Tell them through their field experience , The cost of batteries can no longer be reduced , Now is the best cost .

This means that I have had 20 years of work experience , I want to tell you this layman , What I am talking about is the truth , You must listen to me , The cost of batteries can't be reduced by a penny .

Musk doesn't believe in empiricism , He also knows that the basic elements of batteries are chemical materials , If I make chemical materials by myself , I'll make my own battery , Can the cost be further reduced ?

So Tesla's giga factory. The battery is also reduced 30%, And the output can supply 50 Ten thousand Tesla use .

The same is true of Alibaba's case of releasing its owner , He has a deep insight into things and human nature , So it can quickly start from 1688 Of B2B The industry switched to 2C The sports industry , And then immediately 2C The industry has switched to a vertical like jushuitan SaaS field .

So many people actually want to seek stability , Because in a stable environment , Experience can shine . You can always enjoy the bonus of experience . You can even do it without thinking , You can do it with ease by experience , Exclude competitors , Form an absolute barrier .

After all , Only experience , No personal competitiveness , It's easy to show up ” Take out the disciple and starve to death ” The phenomenon of .

So many people of the previous generation can not escape the shackles of the times . The development of the Internet can make many people of the previous generation tongue tied . Because the Internet is characterized by rapid change , You have no insight into the nature of things , You simply can not clearly capture the development direction of the Internet . Up to now, many of the older generation have not been able to adapt to the Internet .

So truly creative people are not afraid of change , Even embrace change . Because of deep insight , We can find new opportunities in the changes . In change , Insight is far more valuable than empiricism .


So creative people , He won't tell others that I have many years' experience in any field , It would say that I have a deep insight in many aspects .

The speed of environmental change , It is not advisable to be conservative , The creator , Constantly polish and upgrade your insight .

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