[solution] what is the calculation behind the coming into force of the "evil law" in the United States?

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Local time 6 month 21 Japan , The so-called “ Uygur forced labor prevention law ” In force . Relevant laws are in the form of “ Forced labor ” citing , Implement a comprehensive ban on products from Xinjiang, China . at present , The Ministry of foreign affairs of China 、 The Ministry of Commerce strongly condemns and firmly opposes this .

Why did the United States repeatedly talk about the Xinjiang issue ? We interviewed Lu Xiang, an expert on American issues at the Chinese Academy of social sciences 、 Yang Chaochao, assistant researcher of the Chinese Academy of international studies .

Published on the website of the US State Department “ Uygur forced labor prevention law ” Implementation statement . Picture source : State Department website

1、 Paladin island :“ Uygur forced labor prevention law ” Regulations , Unless the U.S. authorities “ No forced labor certification ”, Otherwise, all products produced and manufactured in Xinjiang will be recognized as “ Use forced labour ”, Banned the import of . What do you think of the US side “ I the final say ” Laws ?

Lu Xiang : It's not just “ I have the final say ”, It is “ Anything I say counts ”. The relevant law is a complete “ Evil law ”, There are several obvious intentions behind it : First, continue to smear the image of the Chinese government politically ; Two is Deprive the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang of their right to work 、 The right to development , Cause de facto “ Forced not to work ”, As a result, the employed people in Xinjiang have lost their jobs 、 Return to poverty , And then it gave birth to social unrest in Xinjiang , And even let terrorism resurge ; The third is to crack down on China's specific products through non-tariff means , Use non-tariff barriers to restrict Xinjiang's advantageous industries , So that American enterprises do not take the initiative to import related products , So as to preserve its own industry .

2、 Paladin island : Earlier, two officials of the US Consulate General in Guangzhou said “ Xinjiang has no problem , We all know ” The big truth , US government hypes Xinjiang “ Forced labor ”“ Genocide ”, Because this is “ An effective means to get the Chinese government into a deep quagmire ”, It's a kind of “ Wrestling ”. The United States and the West are used to talking about China's borders and ethnic minorities , Recently, they often use false information to concoct Xinjiang related lies , What is the abacus behind it ?

Lu Xiang : US side from 2018 Since, he has frequently manipulated Xinjiang issues . Former US Secretary of state Pompeo announced on the last day of his term of office “ China has committed genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang ”, Later Biden signed “ Uygur forced labor prevention law ”, The sinister intentions of the two US administrations on the issue concerning Xinjiang come down in one continuous line —— Suppress China under the guise of human rights .

Starting from the issues of China's border areas and ethnic minorities , It has been a common means used by the United States and the west to control China for decades . As American officials say , The US side is deliberately sabotaging our national relations , Let the regions and ethnic groups concerned “ poverty 、 Turbulence and even secession ”. This time, we will attack Xinjiang , We want to compress the development space of local industries 、 Promoting decoupling from China in the world , And tried to “ Legal form ” Made in Xinjiang “ Forced unemployment ”、 Infringing upon the rights and interests of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang , This has fully exposed the US side's position on the issue concerning Xinjiang “ More than one arrow ” Ambition .

Mr Yang, the more : In the final analysis, the US action is to contain Chinese industries 、 Suppress China's development 、 Hinder China's peaceful rise . We must see the black hand behind the rumors , That is, American Anti China politicians and East Turkistan organizations in exile in the United States and the West 、“世界维吾尔代表大会” etc. . They maliciously spread rumors about Xinjiang , Trying to make the international community have a wrong understanding of the Xinjiang issue . While undermining China's image from the outside , One side infiltrates into China , Uphold hegemony by all means .

Staff loading and unloading Xinjiang lint . Picture source : The media

3、 Paladin island : Some netizens said , According to American logic , If rare earth 、 cotton 、 Medical devices and even all Chinese goods are labeled with Xinjiang label , Then American prices must be “ It's so high ”, American importers can't live . The American media themselves say ,“ Prevention Law ” It will not help solve the problem of domestic inflation , Instead, it will form a global industrial chain “ De Americanization ” trend . In this context , The implementation effect of this law is really “ Up to standard ” Do you ?

Lu Xiang : From the content of this Law , US government key monitoring cotton 、 tomatoes 、 polysilicon ( Key raw materials for solar panels , Xinjiang provides about 45% Polycrystalline silicon ) And other Xinjiang products , It can only be implemented at the expense of others but not to benefit oneself . Take solar energy industry as an example , The United States is trying to develop its own industry by restricting polysilicon imports , However, it is difficult for the United States to match China's industrial advantages in the short term , And even if the production capacity is increased , Prices will also be very high , Not affordable in the US market .

At the critical moment of global joint response to climate change , The relevant actions of the United States are a blow to the process of green energy , It is also a blow to climate change cooperation among countries . In terms of solar energy industry chain , Xinjiang has great advantages , If the United States fully implements relevant laws , It may have a reverse impact on American industry , Damage the stability of the international industrial chain supply chain . The law enforcement process will also “ Cost of compliance ” Rise sharply , Overwhelmed .

Mr Yang, the more : The long term ,“ Prevention Law ” Against the laws of the economy , Moving against globalization , It is doomed to be ineffective ; In the medium term , Once the law comes into force , Businesses in the United States that have contacts with Xinjiang are bound to suffer , Enterprises may lobby the authorities , Hedging the effect of law enforcement ; American business 、 Political circles 、 The legal guild has different attitudes towards sanctions against China , It will also affect the implementation of relevant laws .

In the near future , The White House has signed an emergency declaration on solar energy , For two consecutive years, the four Southeast Asian countries that have economic and trade exchanges with the United States in the field of solar energy have been exempted from tariffs on related products . These countries also have close cooperation with China in the field of solar energy , This is considered a violation “ Prevention Law ” The original intention of the sanctions , Will delay “ U.S. efforts to weaken China's position in relevant supply chains ”. U.S. solar energy enterprises obtain polysilicon from Xinjiang related industrial chain directly or by turning to a third country , The two sides have a large number of exchanges in technology research and development and raw material trade in the field of solar energy , At this time, this move , This shows that the United States wants to avoid “ Prevention Law ” The negative impact of the implementation on the domestic industry .

We want to suppress China , And I don't want to hurt my own interests . The U.S. policy of curbing China has two sides or even multiple sides , It fully shows that its strategic circles lack a systematic and complete understanding of the overall development of China US relations , Thinking logic contradicts itself , Inconsistent policy implementation , It reflects the strategic anxiety of the United States in the face of China's development momentum .

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