Xubaoyi, former member of the Party group and deputy general manager of China Grain Reserve Management Group Co., Ltd., was expelled from the party and public office for serious violation of discipline and law

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recently , With the approval of the CPC Central Committee , The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the state supervision commission are responsible for the investigation of the former Party group members of China Grain Reserve Management Group Co., Ltd 、 Xubaoyi, deputy general manager, filed a case for review and investigation on serious violations of discipline and law .

After the check , Xubaoyi has no ideals and beliefs , No loyalty to the organization , Political conduct is despicable , Engage in Political Speculation for a long time , Make up your resume , Make every effort to run for office , And try to test the organizational attitude , Against organizational review ; Ignoring the spirit of the eight point central regulations , Illegal acceptance of gift money , Illegal access to private clubs , Accept many banquets that may affect the fair performance of official duties ; Violation of organizational principles , Arrange transfer for more than one person , Undermining the system of selecting and employing personnel of the units in which they hold posts ; moral decay , Wantonly exercise power and lust 、 Money and sex ; Illegal intervention and interference in market economic activities ; Make money by gambling , Live on food , Engage in power and money trading , Take advantage of his position to undertake works for others 、 Business operation, etc , And illegally accept huge amounts of property ; Serious irresponsibility at work , Cause great losses to national interests .

Xubaoyi seriously violated the party's political discipline 、 Organizational discipline 、 Integrity and discipline 、 Work discipline and life discipline , Constitute serious duty violations and suspected of bribery 、 State owned company personnel dereliction of duty and other crimes , And it will not converge after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China 、 Don 't stop , Of a serious nature , Bad impact , Should be dealt with seriously . basis 《 Regulations of the Communist Party of China on disciplinary measures 》《 Supervision law of the people's Republic of China 》《 Law of the people's Republic of China on administrative sanctions against public officials 》 And so on , It has been studied by the Standing Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and reported to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China for approval , Decided to expel xubaoyi from the party ; The state regulatory commission shall give him the sanction of dismissal from public office ; Confiscate his illegal gains ; Transfer the suspected crime to the procuratorial organ for examination and prosecution according to law , The property involved shall be transferred together .


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