This university was attacked by overseas network! Police report!

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Previously reported : Northwestern Polytechnic University public statement

In the near future , The e-mail system of our school was attacked by the Internet , Have a negative impact on the normal teaching life of the school . Our school called the police at the first time , According to the preliminary judgment of the public security organ , It is a network attack launched by overseas hacker organizations and criminals . It is hereby publicly announced as follows : 

In this network attack , Hackers and outlaws from abroad sent phishing emails containing Trojan horse programs to our teachers and students , Attempt to steal relevant teacher-student email data and personal information of citizens , Cause major risks and hidden dangers to the normal work and life order of the school .

For a long time , Our school attaches great importance to network security , Regularly carry out network security publicity and education , Regularly carry out network security inspection and technical monitoring , Define active defense strategies , Take comprehensive technical protection measures . The network security awareness and sensitivity of all teachers and students in the school have been improved year by year , Phishing emails from overseas have not caused important data leakage yet , No major network security incidents have been triggered yet , Campus network security and the personal information security of teachers and students have been effectively maintained . 

To further ascertain the facts , Deal with the cyber attacks of relevant hacker organizations and criminals according to law , Take effective measures to build a strong campus network security barrier , Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of teachers and students , Our school has reported to the public security organ about the overseas network attack , And reserves the right of further prosecution . 

Here it is , Our school reminds Internet users : Cyberspace is not an extrajudicial place , Send phishing emails 、 Infringing upon citizens' personal information is a criminal act . Please use the Internet in a civilized way 、 Standard net , Strictly observe 《 Network security law of the people's Republic of China 》, Jointly create a clear cyberspace . 
                                        Northwest Polytechnic University  
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source : Shaanxi Province Official Weibo of Beilin Branch of Xi'an Public Security Bureau 、 Northwestern Polytechnic University Weibo

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