In the era of electrification, the king Audi is "falling behind"?

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Audi sued Weilai , It has become a hot topic in the automotive industry recently .

The reason why Audi, once the big brother of the world's luxury cars, sued Weilai, a new force in Chinese car making, is “ Own S6 and S8 trademark , Weilai ES6 and ES8 tort ”.

Audi launched its first snipe at Wei Lai , With a seemingly far fetched motive , somewhat “ Don't talk about military morality ”. The sales market is limited to Weilai in Norway and China , Audi, which covers the global market, has smelled the crisis .2022 First quarter , Wei Lai realizes 25768 Vehicle delivery , Audi's global sales of pure electric vehicles in the transition period are only 24236 car . Luxury car market has been a brand moat for many years , In the era of electric vehicles , It's hard to sit still .

This article will answer :

1、 Facing the era of electric vehicles , How Audi's transformation is going ?

2、 How does Audi compete with its rivals ?

3、 The future of Audi electrification ?

01 The era of electric vehicles ,“ Stragglers ” Audi three-stage rocket acceleration

1988 year , Audi officially entered China . As the earliest luxury car brand in China , The official car is well known to Chinese people . at that time “BBA” The other two Mercedes Benz and BMW of German luxury cars do not pay attention to Audi . The early bird catches the worm . Mercedes 、 BMW entered the Chinese market after China joined the WTO , And entering China has been 34 In the audi , Maintain the top selling position of high-end cars in China for a long time .

Audi slows down

The situation has changed in recent years : Audi is going downhill . In the domestic market ,2017 year , Audi was overtaken by Mercedes Benz ;2019 year , BMW surpasses Mercedes Benz 、 audi . at present , Audi is at the bottom of the big three .

Audi shows signs of falling behind , Except BMW 、 Mercedes Benz is outside the competition of the same track , It is closely related to the impact of electric vehicle rookies . In the face of Tesla's electric car war , The market concentration of Audi and other traditional luxury cars began to decline , Is falling into an unprecedented dilemma .

2021 year , In the domestic luxury car market , Sales of traditional luxury brand cars fell year-on-year 9.08%, The first camp ( BMW 、 Mercedes 、 audi ) Only BMW has achieved positive growth .2021 year , Audi delivers... In the Chinese market 701289 car , fell 4.5%. Look at new energy models , Audi is at the bottom of the first camp .

The wholesale sales data of the passenger union show ,2021 In, the total sales volume of three new energy models of Audi brand was 9713 car ; The sales volume of Benz new energy is 14483 car ; BMW ( contain MINI) The sales volume of new energy vehicles in China has exceeded 4.8 Thousands of cars , Far better than Mercedes Benz and Audi . besides ,“ Electric vehicle Corps ” Tesla in , And Xiaopeng in China 、 Wei to 、 Ideal and other new forces began to make efforts to encircle and suppress “BBA”.

Graph : Tesla is at the forefront of electrification , expect 2023 In mass production Cybertruck Model source :@ tesla Official micro-blog

Audi and other traditional luxury car brands in the era of electric vehicles , Perhaps it can be compared to Nokia, a smart phone . Nokia is bound to lose to apple , that , Is Audi bound to lose to Tesla ? actually , Audi is not too late , But slowly , Has been left behind in the queue .

Audi is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group , In traditional car companies , The electrification transformation of Volkswagen group belongs to the first mover .2015 year , Volkswagen announced that it began to develop a pure electric product platform MEB, at present , Three have been planned and built in China MEB Exclusive factory .

audi “ Three-stage rocket ” Point to electrification

Audi has set up three joint ventures in China , Just like the process of three-stage rocket's continuous separation and propulsion , And the electric car is just the last level .

1995 end of the year , Audi officially entered China as a subsidiary of Volkswagen , faw - Volkswagen Audi was born , This is Audi's first joint venture in China . faw 、 German Volkswagen 、 The three parties of Audi have reached cooperation , FAW shares 60%、 VW has a stake in 30%( at present , VW has a stake in 20%, VW China shares 10%)、 Audi owns 10%.

The first stage rocket runs 25 Years later, , The two-stage rocket came out .

2020 end of the year , SAIC Audi ( A joint venture between Audi and SAIC ) Be born . After FAW , Cooperate with SAIC , It means that Audi has become the first high-end automobile brand to join hands with two local partners . After that , Audi has made a breakthrough in overall sales in China 100 Ten thousand flag( SAIC Audi sales 30 Thousands of cars , Plus FAW - Volkswagen Audi 70 Ten thousand sales ). In strategy , saic 、 The two joint venture partners of FAW north and South will not compete directly .

In the first and second stage rockets “ Quantity guarantee ” outside , Audi is in 2020 year 10 The third transformation card is offered by the moon :“ Audi FAW ”. It is Audi's third joint venture in China , It is also the only company controlled by Audi ( Audi owns 55%, FAW shares 40%, VW China shares 5%). Audi China transformed into a high-end electric vehicle , Audi FAW will play a major role .

On the whole , The acceleration of the Audi three-stage rocket is still not fast enough . such as , Cooperation between Audi and SAIC 、 The launch of Audi FAW was completed in just a few years , It is just a move to adjust the pace after the sales crisis . But fortunately, , Audi seems to have switched steps , The general direction of electrification strategy has been clear .

02 The war of electrification in China , audi “ Forced to ” Meet head-on

The war of electrification , The main battlefield is in the Chinese market .

2021 year , The Chinese mainland has sold more than 320 Ten thousand electric cars , Accounting for half of global electric vehicle sales . therefore , The competition of electric vehicles in Chinese Mainland is particularly fierce .

Gong min, head of China Automotive Industry Research at UBS, summarized , The U.S. electric vehicle market is dominated by Tesla ; The European market is mainly Volkswagen 、 Renault and other local car companies ; The Chinese market has Tesla , And the public , There are also new forces in car making and traditional Chinese car enterprises .2021 year , Tesla's production and sales in China exceed those in the United States .

The importance of the Chinese market to Audi is reflected in two sets of data :2021 year , Audi achieved a breakthrough in cumulative sales in China 700 The milestone of 10000 vehicles , It has become the first luxury automobile brand in China to achieve this achievement . meanwhile , China is becoming the largest single market of Audi in the world with nearly half of its share .

It's huge , It is difficult to turn around . When the era of automobile electrification comes , Audi and other traditional luxury cars have not taken advantage in the Chinese market . Behind this , There are all the disadvantages of the mature product market , The so-called ship is hard to turn around .

in the past , Luxury car brands have unparalleled market appeal , Similar luxury goods are symbols of social identity and status . The fuel vehicle technology has entered a mature and stable period , Audi shares a product platform with several brands of Volkswagen Group , But Audi can occupy the leading position in the market for a long time only by virtue of the brand premium .

The emergence of Tesla , The unprecedented new experience provided by electric vehicles is striking the fuel vehicles in terms of dimension reduction , Breaking all the rules of the automobile industry .

The different building logic between fuel vehicles and electric vehicles , The consumer experience is totally different , The concept of luxury cars is being rewritten . Tesla restructures the industrial chain , When the latecomers join the game to subvert the old world , Audi became a follower .

Audi's rivals , Head on

Audi's competitors are not ordinary people .BBA The market values of the three auto companies add up , Less than a third of Tesla ; Domestic weixiaoli also takes the high-end market as the key direction .

Weilai, which focuses on high-end luxury , There is no shortage of luxury cars , New models ES7 Quite representative ; Xiao peng G9 Become Xiao peng car Prove your ability to be a high-end car market ;

Ideal L9,“ Enhanced version of the ideal ONE”, It's a product that's been Ideal car CEO Li Xiang endowed “500 There is no match in ten thousand ” The models .

Wei Lai started with high-end cars , Li Bin, the founder of Weilai, has said publicly for many times , Wei Lai automobile Our competitors are BBA( BMW 、 Mercedes 、 audi ).2021 year 5 month , Wei Lai automobile once revealed , The average selling price is more than 43 Ten thousand yuan , More than BMW 、 audi .

Graph : Disputes over infringement with Audi “ Wei to ES7” source : Weilai official website

There are two key figures for Audi China to compete with electric vehicles . An Shihao , Once as a FAW - General manager of Volkswagen Audi sales division , Lay the foundation for Audi's first decade of rapid development in China . Pushed by Anshi Haoli ,2007 year , Audi's sales volume in the Chinese market broke through for the first time 10 Thousands of cars , Therefore, the Chinese market has become the largest overseas market of Audi outside Germany .

When the electric age begins another new decade , As Audi enters the transition period , Anshihao takes office in China again , Carry out reform .2020 year , Anshihao, the newly appointed president of Audi China, announced that the headquarters of Audi is in snow 2 The years old SAIC Audi project officially fell to the ground , after , Launch the main force of electric transformation “ Audi FAW ”, It has set the tone for the future of Audi China .

Former Audi China President anshihao source :@ Audi China Official micro-blog

Drastic reforms 20 After a month , An Shihao announced his retirement , Wenzeyue takes over as the new president of Audi China .2022 year 1 month 1 The date of , Wenzeyue took office , He used to have... In Audi 17 Annual work experience ,2013 Year to 2019 year , Served as FAW - Volkswagen AG ( technology ) Deputy general manager and directors .

If anshihao is “ Start a business ” The first generation that laid a solid foundation , Wenzeyue is just carrying “ To keep one's business ” role , The operator in charge of anshihao's transformation strategy .

03 Audi's opportunity

To talk about the future of Audi China , The parent company, Volkswagen Group, cannot put aside . Volkswagen brand MEB The model is named ID family ,2021 year ,ID The series has eaten up a large share of Tesla in Europe .

Electrification process , Three joint ventures “ The relay ”

Audi is one of the three companies in China , Now FAW - Volkswagen Audi has MLB evo The platform and MEB Platform models , SAIC Audi has MEB Platform models . They are shared with Volkswagen brands MEB platform . And the third joint venture “ Audi FAW ” The future will be based on PPE Audi models of the platform ,PPE The platform is an electric vehicle platform created by Volkswagen Group for high-end brands .

Audi's first domestic new energy pure electric SUV“ audi Q2L e-tron” source : FAW Audi official website

2024 year , Audi FAW will start production of the first model based on PPE The electric model of the platform . Dusiman, chairman of the management board of Audi Motor Co., Ltd., said :“ Audi FAW New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. plays a core role in Audi's electrification strategy in China ”. Audi FAW PPE The platform will be a key step for Audi to accelerate electrification .

to 2022 end of the year , Audi will sell nine electric models in China . To 2025 year , Audi plans to provide Chinese customers with five domestically produced pure electric models .

In the early stage, Volkswagen Group was the backer , In the later stage, Audi FAW opened up its territory . This is the current strategic step of Audi electric vehicles .

Trapped inside and outside , There is still a long way to go

Back to the present , Compared with BMW, etc , The consumption attraction of Audi electric vehicle products in the market is limited . The external environment is not good , The transformation of Audi is blocked , Affected by approval delay , Audi FAW's cooperative production of electric vehicles in China has lagged behind the original plan . And the shortage of chips has opened up the gap with rivals ( BMW solves the chip problem faster ) Distance of , Take FAW Audi as an example , Because of the lack of core, it was only produced for one day last September .

According to Li Bin, founder of Weilai automobile , The intelligent electric vehicle qualification competition has just begun , Can start-ups get the chance to sit on the card table , The key is in the next few years . Once a giant like Volkswagen Group has passed the transition period , Still the strongest opponent .

1999 The extended version of Audi launched in A6, The lengthening strategy is based on the fact that most luxury car consumers in China sit in the back , This makes Audi have a huge group of luxury car consumers in China .

thereafter , The extended version is Benz 、 BMW, etc , Become standard for luxury cars . Now , Audi sued Wei Laicheng for a joke . The world is different , Audi's future , Anshihao's strategy may still need several hard battles to prove its correctness .

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