How will third-party platforms sell drugs online in the future?

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 The picture comes from visual China

The picture comes from visual China

6 month 22 Japan , The internet medical sector of Hong Kong stocks suffered a heavy fall , Closing down 11.70%, among Jingdong health (06618.HK) Plunge 14.83%、 Ali health (00241.HK) Fall 13.85%, Safe and good doctor (01833.HK) fall 5.95%.

On the news , recently , Issued by the State Drug Administration 《 Regulations for the implementation of the drug administration law of the people's Republic of China ( Draft for comments )》( abbreviation “ Solicitation draft ”) It took one month to solicit public opinions , It is now officially closed , The newly added Article 83 clearly stipulates that : Third party platform providers shall not directly participate in drug online sales activities .

This policy change is transmitted to the secondary market , Related pharmaceutical e-commerce stocks fell sharply , Attract attention in the mass market ,“ The state plans to prohibit third-party platforms from directly participating in online drug sales ” Topic on the microblog hot search list , Reading volume exceeds 100 million . Netizens have expressed concern about online drug shopping in the future , It should be noted that , This exposure draft does not cover “ halt ” Drugs sold online , It has no impact on consumers' online drug purchase , The point is “ Who can be online 、 How to participate in selling drugs ?”

With the normalization of online drug sales , The scale of the drug retail market on the third-party platform has expanded , Some pharmaceutical e-commerce platforms have self operated businesses , There are also pharmaceutical e-commerce businesses settled on the platform , from 《 Solicitation draft 》 Look at , The State Food and Drug Administration will further define the boundaries between these two businesses .

Although it may involve the e-commerce platform proprietary business, where to go , But with Jingdong health Ali health For example , Its self-supporting business is supported by offline physical pharmacies , At present, it meets the specified requirements . Ping an good doctor responded to titanium media App call , The company has carried out learning research and strict self-examination , In the future, we will continue to improve and strengthen the level of medical services in accordance with the policy requirements .

6 month 23 Japan , Jingdong health Ali health Opening to go , A good doctor of peace opens high and walks low .

Causing industry shock 《 Solicitation draft 》 What is it ?

5 month 9 Since then , The State Food and Drug Administration focuses on 《 Solicitation draft 》 Held a series of symposiums and revised Department symposiums .5 month 20 Japan 、5 month 23 Japan 、5 month 25 Japan , Drug development and registration management meetings were held respectively 、 Pharmaceutical Industry Association 、 Drug production management 、 Symposium on the management of drug distribution and use ,60 More than drug production and marketing enterprises 、20 More than medical industry associations and associations 、10 Representatives from more than medical institutions attended the symposium .6 month 17 Japan , The revision Department symposium was held , The State Food and Drug Administration listened to the opinions and suggestions of all departments face to face and communicated with each other .

Up to now , The public consultation process that lasted more than one month has ended . this 《 Solicitation draft 》 A new regulation item for the third-party platform of drug online trading has been added , It involves how the third-party platform participates in the online drug sales business , Article 83 “ Third party platform management obligations ” Specifically mention three points :

1. The third-party platform provider of drug online trading shall report to the province where it is located 、 Autonomous region 、 The drug regulatory department of the people's Government of the municipality directly under the central government shall put it on record , It is not allowed to provide drug network sales related services without filing .

2. The third-party platform provider shall establish a drug network sales quality management system , set up a special organization , Pharmaceutical technicians and other relevant professionals shall be allocated , Establish and implement drug quality management 、 Distribution management and other systems . Third party platform providers shall not directly participate in drug online sales activities .

3. The third-party platform provider shall provide information to the resident drug marketing license holder 、 To examine the qualifications of pharmaceutical trading enterprises , Check the published drug information , Manage trading behavior , And keep the drug display and transaction management information . Finding problems in drug trading , We should take the initiative to stop , Involving major problems of drug quality and safety , It shall timely report to the drug regulatory department .

overall , With the gradual improvement of the online closed loop of medical services , The important component of pharmaceutical e-commerce has also grown up , Pharmaceutical e-commerce has reached a wide range of users 、 The scale effect is obvious 、 Strong bargaining power and other multiple advantages .2020 Published in 《 Measures for supervision and administration of drug network sales ( Solicitation draft )》, Promoted the lifting of the ban on online prescription drugs , The policy is vigorously supporting the development of pharmaceutical e-commerce .

Under the dual influence of favorable policies and epidemic catalysis ,2020 year Chinese Medicine The trading scale of e-commerce market has greatly increased , The next year, the breakthrough 2000 The billion mark has reached 2230 One hundred million yuan , Medical e-commerce also surpasses primary health care , Become the fourth largest retail terminal . however , The hospital 、 Physical pharmacies still rank among the top two of the four retail terminals .

Facing a larger market , The regulator is also seeking the rationality of setting the market threshold . released 《 Solicitation draft 》 in , It emphasizes the filing of third-party platform providers for drug online trading and the establishment of drug sales quality management system , Review of the drugs settled by platform Rui 、 Transaction management 、 Put forward requirements for handling safety problems , In addition to these normalization and strict supervision , It is also clear that “ Third party platform providers shall not directly participate in drug online sales activities ”, This has aroused widespread concern .

What is the “ Third-party platform ”?

《 Measures for supervision and administration of drug network sales ( Solicitation draft )》 Regulations , Third party platform provider for drug online trading ( Hereinafter referred to as the third-party platform ), It refers to the provision of online business premises in drug online transactions 、 Deal matching 、 Information release and other services , Legal person organization or non legal person organization for both or more parties to the transaction to carry out trading activities . in addition , Engaged in drug network sales 、 Provide third-party platform services for drug online transactions , It shall have corresponding qualifications or conditions , Comply with drug laws and regulations 、 Rules and regulations , Operate in good faith according to law , Ensure the quality and safety of drugs .

At present , The main participants of pharmaceutical e-commerce include pharmaceuticals B2C And medicine O2O Two types of , The main representative of the former is Jingdong health Ali health 、 Safe and healthy 、1 Pharmaceutical network and other enterprises , The latter is hungry 、 Meituan 、 Dingdang health 、 Quick prescription drug delivery platform . These platforms are all third-party platforms .

in addition , How to understand “ Directly participate in ”?

At present, there are two business models for pharmaceutical e-commerce players: self operated and non self operated , such as Ali health Tmall Medical Center under tmall 、 Jingdong health Its Jingdong Pharmacy 、1 It belongs to Yaowang 111 Medical Museum , And the self operated pharmacy of Ping An health are self operated businesses , And the US regiment 、 If you are hungry, you can only provide drugstore settlement platform business , It has not carried out relevant business . Some industry figures pointed out that , Directly participate in or directly point to the proprietary business of the pharmaceutical e-commerce platform .

The policy boots have not yet landed , There is no need for the market to rush down

about Ali health Jingdong health For the two pharmaceutical e-commerce giants , Its proprietary business is growing rapidly , And lift as light as a feather .

With Jingdong health For example , Its self operated retail pharmacy relies on JD logistics platform , Obvious advantages , According to the 2021 Annual report , Jingdong health Jingdong Logistics has been used nationwide 19 Drug warehouses and more than 400 A non drug warehouse ,80% Orders for self operated drugs reached the next day . At present, it is still starting on the new special drug line , It has also opened off-line self operated in more regions DTP Pharmacy .

By 2022 year 3 month 31 Japanese 2022 The fiscal year , Ali health The income from pharmaceutical proprietary business increased year on year 35.5% to 179.11 One hundred million yuan , The proportion of total income is 87%. and Jingdong health 2021 Annual financial report , The operating income of its self operated retail pharmacy business increased year-on-year 56.1% to 262 One hundred million yuan , The proportion of total income is 85%.

And that's why , The two pharmaceutical e-commerce enterprises have announced relevant policies , First down for the King . however , From this 《 Solicitation draft 》 In terms of expression , There is also a certain degree of understanding deviation .

Insiders pointed out that ,《 Solicitation draft 》 This has led to a misunderstanding in the market that the third-party platform for drug online trading cannot concurrently operate the third-party business and proprietary business , But in fact, the third-party business and proprietary business of most platforms are managed by different companies , If the new regulations are implemented , It has little impact on enterprises and industries .

Regarding this , Northeast medicine says , If this regulation is strictly implemented , Self operation of pharmaceutical e-commerce may have an impact , But the overall impact is limited . At present, e-commerce self-operation relies on the qualification of offline chain pharmacies , Ali health The offline main body is “ Guangzhou five thousand years medicine ”, Jingdong health by “ Qingdao anjitang pharmacy ”. If the policy is strictly implemented , It does not rule out that self operated e-commerce companies spin off independent companies , The possibility of independent operation of proprietary business .

In terms of possibility , Although it is an “ way out ”, However, the operating cost of self operated business is high , Involving warehousing 、 logistics 、 Customer service and related personnel costs . If the platform is solely self-supporting , It will only make the e-commerce platform with meager gross profit margin worse .

It should be noted that , After the development of the pharmaceutical e-commerce industry , Offline pharmacies are impacted , But in terms of future development trend , Consumers are attracted to online retail pharmacies , More and more offline pharmacies are seeking cooperation with online channels . This leads to the emergence of e-commerce platforms “ As a referee , Be a contestant again ” Market concerns , In particular, the third-party platforms on the head are all industry traffic heads .

So as the good news , medicine O2O Platform and offline chain drugstores soared .

6 month 22 Closed yesterday , Medicine easy to buy (300937.SZ)“20cm” harden , Shuyu civilians (301017.SZ) rose 10.63%, First medicine (600833.SH) harden , Big and Lin (603233.SH)、 Ordinary people (603883.SH) Ascending contract 8%, Baiyang medicine (301015.SZ)、 Jianzhijia (605266.SH)、 Yifeng pharmacy (603939.SH)、 Chinese Medicine (600056.SH) And so on 5%.

however , It is still too early to make a final decision , The implementation regulations do not clearly convey the need for third-party self operated pharmacies with independent operating entities and other pharmacies to settle in the platform “ A choice ”. Northeast medicine also said , At the same time, considering that the implementation regulations are the draft for comments , Follow up policy ( Peer review , Official draft ) Attitude is more critical .

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