Take out Jianghu will change, and meituan "big brother" is hard to be

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 picture source @ Vision China

picture source @ Vision China

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Take away Market “ Double oligarchs ” pattern , Finally, it's coming loose ?

In the near future , According to several media reports , JD will pilot the catering takeout business , Jingdong retail CEO Xin Lijun also disclosed in the media interview , Dada express, a subsidiary of JD logistics, may undertake delivery services for takeout .

Compared with jd.com, jd.com takes the initiative to make takeout , Tiktok unexpectedly received a large number of catering businesses to make takeout in the live broadcasting room due to the epidemic , There are even businesses 、 The anchor hopes that Tiktok will open the voice of takeout as soon as possible .

From the perspective of performance capacity , JD is stronger , It has established a logistics distribution system for many years ; In terms of traffic , Tiktok has the strength to attract merchants , This is also an important reason why restaurants choose to make takeout through Tiktok during the epidemic .

The present , In addition to facing new opponents, meituan , Are your old rivals hungry? You can rely on them in the near future “ Free of charge 1 minute ” Activities , A price war has been waged in disguise .

The new opponent is eager to try , Old rivals are eyeing , Can the meituan still be a victorious general ?

Figure official Weibo of meituan takeout

Actually , Prior to this, Tiktok expanded its local living business , Meituan has long seen it , Also made defensive actions . For example, self built live broadcasting system , Interconnection with Kwai , However, these actions seem to have failed to stop Tiktok from expanding its local living business .

Now , Whether it's intentional or unintentional , Jingdong and Tiktok are both involved in the core catering takeout business of meituan , The pressure of meituan can be imagined .

But the takeout business , It's not easy to do . Even if meituan is the leader of the industry , Today, it is still difficult to get out of the loss dilemma , The profit margin of its catering take out business has also been maintained in single digits all the year round , And meituan continues to subsidize riders , Keep the take away business running .

In the takeout business , Meituan has indeed laid a solid moat , This is not a situation that new players can break with money in a short time , It is safe for the time being . But the takeaway Jianghu needs “ The weather ”, The US regiment also had to take more defensive actions to protect itself .

01 Meituan has more opponents

“ In fact, all things have no simple boundary , So I don't think we should set limits on ourselves . As long as the core is clear —— Who do we serve ? What services are provided to them ? We will continue to try various businesses .”

2017 year , When Wangxing, founder of meituan, was interviewed by financial magazine , Ambition is the challenge of borderless expansion , And meituan has now become the company challenged by the border .

The present , Meituan's core business segment —— Food and beverage takeout , We have two strong rivals .

In the near future , According to the delay LatePost reports , After this year 3 After March into local life , JD will pilot the catering takeout business in the near future .

And then , Jingdong retail CEO Xin Lijun also responded to the relevant issues of entering the takeout business . According to Phoenix Technology , Xin Lijun said in an interview , JD is studying the possibility of entering the takeout field . At the same time, he said The company has “ Consideration and research ” Launched on-demand takeout service .“ As for when to start doing this , It will depend on our ability , And when we can build a talent team .”

Although Xin Lijun did not specify the delivery business plan . But he mentioned , Dada express, a logistics subsidiary of jd.com, has “ Powerful power ”. This reveals that the distribution problem of JD take out business will be solved by dada express .

attachment Insight Check the official website of dada express to see , Dada is the main player 3 Within km 1 Hourly delivery service . At present, dada Express has instant delivery 、 Full speed 、 Three standardized distribution services are provided throughout the city , And wholeheartedly reach customized distribution solutions . By 2021 End of the first quarter of , Dada express service covers the whole country 2700 Multiple counties, districts and cities , Hundreds of thousands of active riders on the platform .

Dada Express Service , Figure source dada express official website

Although the number of riders on the dada platform is far from the number of millions of riders in the meituan , But it also has the ability of distribution .

According to the delay LatePost reports , The specific exploration of Jingdong catering takeout is promoted by the catering business department of Jingdong in the same city . Earlier this month , JD officially established a new local catering business department , The person in charge is luyinhong , Report to hehuijian .

Hehuijian currently leads JD's local business department , Integrated JD home 、 The original JD retail Omni channel home business department, etc , The task is to expand a variety of business scenarios of home and store .

You can see from the JD intra city shopping page , There are already catering delicacies 、 Dessert drinks 、 Leisure and entertainment , It's also based on LBS Targeted hourly purchase service .

But for now , In addition to the hourly shopping section , Other sectors provide on-site service , This requires consumers to choose stores and stores first , After the payment is successful, go to the store for verification through the consumption code .

The hourly shopping section provides home service besides catering and takeout , There are supermarkets involved in categories 、 Milk products 、 Grain and oil 、 fresh 、 Drinks, etc , The delivery service is provided by dada express .

Compared with JD's initiative , Tiktok is due to the epidemic , The accident attracted many catering businesses to rush into the live broadcasting room to save themselves .

Affected by the epidemic , The Beijing area is in 5 In June, offline food was suspended . For catering businesses , Going out of business means losing money , In order to reduce the loss , They broadcast live in the same city of Tiktok , adopt “ live broadcast + Take-out food ” In the form of , Started the catering and takeout service .

Catering businesses make takeout in the live broadcasting room , Picture source: live broadcast of Tiktok in the same city

According to Yibang power , Not long ago, Tiktok officially opened an interface for local life service providers , Let them customize and develop small programs for takeout for businesses , It's like adding a similar item in the live broadcasting room with goods “ Meituan takeout ” The function of , For example, the back kitchen automatically issues orders 、 Third party riders automatically take orders, etc .

Tiktok life service data shows ,2022 year 4 After the ban on church food in Beijing in June , The online growth of small and medium-sized businesses has reached a climax , At present, Beijing area , The number of catering merchants broadcasting in Tiktok is relatively large 4 At the end of the month 20%.

“ live broadcast + Take-out food ” Instant delivery mode , It also improves the order write off rate . According to the all-weather technology report , Previously, the user was killed in the live broadcast room in the same city of Tiktok “ Want to buy ” Impulsive order , Then the chargeback rate is also very high , In fact, the monthly order cancellation rate of the catering industry can only reach 40%. but “ live broadcast + Take-out food ” After the model is launched , The write off rate in a day can reach 60%. This has also directly prompted many businesses 、 The anchor hopes that Tiktok will open the takeout platform as soon as possible .

Whether it is Jingdong's intention , Or the unexpected harvest of Tiktok . One obvious signal is , In the takeaway world , Now meituan is facing more competitors .

02 How to defend meituan ?

In the face of the expansion of Tiktok's local living business , Meituan is also defending in various ways , among , Self built live broadcasting system is one of the defense means .

2020 When the epidemic first occurred in , Meituan has held “ The one thousand one night ” Live broadcast of travel , And cooperated with wechat in the same year , We have jointly launched a medical beauty service “ Meituan Mlive live broadcast ” Applet .

But unfortunately , The live broadcast of the special tour is like a flash in the pan , There is no regular live broadcast . Meituan Mlive Few people know about the live broadcast , Although it is still in operation , But the popularity is poor .

attachment Insight Open up meituan Mlive Live applet discovery , There are only... On the platform 19 Businesses are broadcasting live , And the number of live viewers is pitifully small , The highest number of live rooms is less than 200 People watch , There are only dozens of viewers in other live broadcasting rooms , Even a few .

On the one hand, the small number of live viewers may be that not many users know the platform , On the other hand, it is also related to businesses . attachment Insight Click to open the live broadcasting room and find , Some businesses play video , Some businesses are circulating advertisements , There are also some businesses that have anchors online , But I don't speak at all, just playing with my mobile phone .

obviously , Meituan has not invested too much money and energy into this live broadcast platform , At present, the platform is in a semi abandoned state .

even so , Meituan has not given up its intention to build its own live broadcasting system . According to Tianyan , Meituan applied “ live broadcast ” Related trademarks , also “ Meituan live assistant ”iOS Version and Android The copyright of the software version has been registered and approved , At present, the software mall has been launched .

It is reported that , This product is a free broadcasting tool provided by meituan official for merchants and talents , Merchants who have settled in meituan can go through this APP One click to start live broadcast , When users order takeout or purchase package in meituan , You can click to watch the live broadcast of the business .

however , Meituan live assistant is still in the testing stage , It has not been fully opened for entry . attachment Insight Discover by applying for anchor permission , Meituan live broadcast assistant covers takeout 、 Wine Brigade 、 New education and training 、 Group goods 、 New flash purchase 、 Tickets, etc , These categories are also the core business of meituan .

Meituan live broadcast assistant covers business , Figure source meituan live broadcast assistant App

Meituan makes a live broadcast , On the one hand, it is to resist the attack of Tiktok on the local life business , On the other hand, it also wants to provide live broadcast tools for businesses in need . But for now , The defense action taken by the US regiment has not been effective .

Maybe it's also a recognition that you don't have the ability to broadcast live , Meituan also chooses to cooperate with external partners , Together to resist Tiktok .

2021 end of the year , Meituan and Kwai announced that they have reached strategic cooperation on connectivity . Meituan will be in Kwai App Online meituan applet , Users can go directly to meituan merchants through meituan applet , Purchase package 、 vouchers , And make reservations 、 Online transactions, etc .

The built-in meituan applet of Kwai can be regarded as a catering version of meituan App, The main categories are hot pot 、 Barbecue barbecue 、 Snack, fast food and other catering businesses , A ticket purchase service is attached .

Kwai built-in meituan applet page

so , Meituan just uses Kwai as a diversion tool , I haven't thought about how much revenue Kwai can bring to me . The idea of Kwai may be similar to that of meituan , At present, the scope of cooperation between the two sides is still limited to the meituan small program on Kwai , No further in-depth cooperation .

From the perspective of self built live broadcasting system , Or cooperate with external partners such as Kwai , At present, the meituan seems to have no effective defense , Instead, Tiktok's ambition for local life is expanding .

According to the photon Planet Report ,2021 Beginning of the year , The annual goal of Tiktok local life business is GMV 200 One hundred million yuan , But last year, only about half of them were completed , And this year , Tiktok will bring local life GMV Target from “ Protect 300 Yi Zheng 400 Billion ” Promoted to “500 One hundred million yuan ”.

Now , Meituan should not only spare energy and continue to find ways to resist Tiktok , Next, we have to deal with JD's actions on takeout .

From JD's existing resources , It has been determined that the delivery service can be realized through dada , However, the number of catering businesses accumulated by the platform is far from enough . So , In the next step, jd.com may attract catering businesses to settle in jd.com through various preferential ways , Even on the client side, it may have a price war with meituan .

For meituan , I have lived through the thousand regiments War till now , We are not afraid of all kinds of price wars , But we can't ignore Jingdong, a huge rival , Next, it is necessary to see and defy moves .

at present , Meituan is also grabbing the cake in the consumer electronics market , This is the core market of JD .2021 year , Meituan has cooperated with consumer electronics brands Apple、 Huawei 、 millet 、vivo And other major domestic mobile phone manufacturers , There are nearly 10000 cooperative brand stores , Covering the whole country 300 Cities .

What can't be ignored , China's Internet has developed so far , There is no boundary between the giants , The complicated business lines form a situation of mutual containment , New changes have taken place in the market , All sides need new offensive and defensive .

Today's meituan , Became the defensive man . For now , The defense against Tiktok has not been effective , Whether it can effectively defend JD in the future , It has yet to be verified .

03 It's hard work to make takeout

Takeout is a good business with high re purchase , But it's not a profitable business .

According to meituan 2022 The first quarter's financial report shows , Meituan's revenue in this quarter 462.7 RMB 100 million , Year-on-year growth 25%; Adjusted loss 35.9 One hundred million yuan , Last year's adjusted loss 38.9 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year decline in 7.8%.

Even meituan, the big brother in the takeout industry , Today, it still maintains the normal state of loss , And the cost of catering takeout business is too high , The profit margin is too low .

2022 First quarter , Meituan's catering take out revenue 241.6 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 17.4%, fell 7.3%; Profit from operation ( Net profit )15.8 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year increase 41.3%, fell 9.9%; The operating profit margin rose to 6.5%, fell 0.1%.

Originally, the operating profit margin of meituan catering takeout has been kept in single digits all the year round , Now under the influence of the epidemic , Not only did the revenue of catering takeout show a month on month decline , Operating profit margin also fell month on month 0.1%, This is not good news for meituan .

meanwhile , Meituan has been engaged in takeout business for many years , Also have to bear the high cost , For example, in the catering delivery service, it is still unable to make ends meet . stay In the latest quarterly financial report , The income related to delivery of meituan catering is 135 One hundred million yuan , But the corresponding distribution cost is 172 One hundred million yuan , In other words, meituan subsidizes itself in terms of distribution 37 One hundred million yuan .

Meituan 2022 year Q1 Financial situation , Tuyuan meituan financial report

More to the point , At present, there is no final conclusion on the issue of rider social security , If meituan still needs to bear this part of the cost , Then the profit margin of the catering take out business is bound to be lower .

Such a high cost may also be one of the key reasons why Tiktok has not made up her mind to promote the takeout business .

Since last year , A number of media have reported that Tiktok will carry out takeout distribution business “ Take out ”, And Tiktok App It has been launched for a short time “ Take out ” Small program . But now in Tiktok App The search inside the store shows that “ At present, Tiktok has no business plan related to takeout ,‘ Take out ’ Relevant investment promotion 、 The agent information is not true ”.

At present , Despite the fact that the epidemic situation has prompted catering businesses to rush into the Tiktok live broadcasting room , However, Tiktok didn't follow the trend to start the takeout business , There was no other action .

Of course , This is mainly because Tiktok has no ability to fulfill the contract when making takeout , We can only rely on the third-party real-time logistics to achieve , Building a self built logistics system is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and capital intensive business , Tiktok may not have the patience to endure .

JD's takeout is a supplement to its business , Perhaps the more important reason is that I want to bring up the local living business by doing catering takeout , So as to form a defense line against the US regiment , Resist meituan's intrusion into JD's commercial supermarket business . This is similar to the logic of meituan's live broadcast to resist Tiktok .

however , JD's overall strategy this year is to reduce business losses , The takeout business itself does not make money , It will also add a lot of costs . From this point of view , JD will not invest much in its foreign sales business , The possibility of a price war is also unlikely . 

Look at it in reverse , The profit of catering takeout is low 、 The characteristics of heavy mode , Instead, it blocked many players from entering . therefore , Meituan is relatively safe for the time being .

But even so , Meituan dare not take it lightly . On the business battlefield of wave orange cloud , No one can guarantee that they are “ The gilded ”. That means , The US regiment must devote some of its energy to defense , For example, attract more riders , Stabilize the existing businesses , Give consumers more discounts .

In the future , While meituan deepens the moat , Naturally, more expenses will be added , It is difficult for this part of expenditure to take effect and recover the cost quickly , However, meituan must first ensure that its main business is stable as usual , This is what it must do now .

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