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 picture source @ Vision China

picture source @ Vision China

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This few days , If you have some honey Snow Ice City takeout , You will probably notice Ta People LOGO The mascot Snow King changed “ black ” 了 , In addition to skin, the blackened Snow King , It doesn't seem much different from normal .

Netizens are puzzled and realize , It turns out that not only can the characters in TV dramas be blackened , Milk tea can also be operated in this way , Netizens have different opinions about the reasons .

Some people think that Michelle ice city wants to develop its business in the United States , Therefore, the Snow King was dyed black in advance “ Integrate into the group ”, Some people think that the Snow King opens “ Night mode ” So it turns black , And the slightly more plausible explanation is “ Henan has been very hot in recent days , Suntanned ”( I believe ).

More interesting , It is not the national unification , The meituan platform is still partially normal “ Head portrait ” store , When asking customer service why , The other party explained the operation of the mystery “ Used sunscreen 、 The black ones are slow ”(what).

Although all kinds of operations are roast by netizens, they can't stand scrutiny , Finally, we learned through internal information , The reason for the blackening is that the new mulberry series will be launched recently , These include “ Mulberry berry ” and “ Cheese mulberry ” Two paragraphs .

actually , Michelle ice city is not the first store to make fruit tea with mulberry , Hitcha worked with Japanese fashion designer Hiroshi Fujiwara some time ago  (Hiroshi Fujiwara) A joint , take “ Tea loving villain ” become “ Super Saiya people are also popular on Weibo , Arousing hot discussion among netizens .

For brands or advertisers , Tall and tall 、 Although high appearance value can catch the attention of consumers , But now Since the black 、 On the contrary, the contrast marketing strategy can better capture the hearts of consumers , I think it is worthy of many brands to follow .

01 What is contrast Marketing

Contrast marketing is also called “ Reverse marketing ”(Reverse marketing strategy),Ta There are two completely different meanings :

On the one hand, it is used in the market chain , namely Reverse the demand for supplier change with sales drive ; On the other hand, it means The brand uses unconventional strategies to carry out activities , Finally, the pipa can be rebounded .

For the former , The business strategy includes Anti market segmentation 、 Counter channel 、 Reverse pricing 、 Out of season 、 Anti luxury 、 And anti technology And so on , At present, it has gradually become the mainstream of the new consumer brand market .

We know that market segmentation is necessary , But it is not the finer the better , Scientific segmentation can tap more market opportunities , however Many markets are over segmented, resulting in increasing product prices , Affect production and sales volume and profit , So you need to “ Anti market segmentation ”.

Usually on the basis of meeting the common needs of most consumers , Opening up too narrow a market , So that we can take advantage of scale marketing , To meet the consumption demand of the larger market at a lower price .

Like , In the past, the Internet in China 3G period , Due to the low efficiency of reception and transmission , There are obvious differences among the young people in the first, second and third tier cities in terms of clothing supplies , Now information is highly developed , The demand gap between some rural and urban youth is becoming smaller and smaller .

In this case , For some enterprises in the field of clothing , The implementation of anti market segmentation will often achieve better results ; Generally, there are two ways to implement the anti market segmentation strategy :1) Reduce product lines and segments ,2) Integrate smaller segments , Form a large subdivision

The counter channel is easy to understand , The company's goods do not pass the first grade 、 Second level agent to market , Avoid wholesalers directly before the goods go on the market , Carry out marketing with consumers as the center .

In this way, the company properly invests a small amount of marketing expenses , Store goods directly at retail outlets , The cost of marketing can be directly reflected in the corresponding “ Ex factory and wholesale prices ” To be digested from the profits .

Anti pricing is based on “ Customer pricing ” The way , By the customer according to the product 、 The quality of the service determines the price by itself , Out of season is to get rid of selling at high prices in the peak season , Deal with goods at a substantial price cut , Even the idea of selling by pasting books , Make the off-season not light .

Of course, in the era of commodity surplus , We see that many commodities place too much emphasis on packaging and neglect the quality of commodities , So that consumers have a kind of “ Beyond gold and jade , Apple of sodom ” The feeling of , At this time, some enterprises will adopt the anti luxury packaging strategy , Push through the old to bring forth the new. The idea of minimalism .

Compare the above , For example, creating excellence is a classic case , rely on ” High quality 、 originality 、 At a low price 、 High cost performance “ Idea , Attract a large number of young people to patronize frequently , Realize the incredible counter trend growth of physical stores .

It is worth mentioning that “ Anti technology ”, Technology addiction is a new word in recent years , Although it is not like an addiction to alcohol 、 Smoking addiction 、 Drug addiction attracts people's attention , But many people are really inseparable from technological products .

Especially with the development of new media technology, technology addiction is becoming more and more serious , Like a mobile phone , It is no longer a simple mobile phone , It's about communication 、 Finance 、 traffic 、 Photography 、 Reading and many other functions in one device , Many people can't live without .

without doubt , It not only provides great convenience to people's life, but also creates trouble , There are many similar problems .

Based on this phenomenon , Some companies are developing new business concepts ,Ta We began to focus on products for a specific module , No longer pay attention to big and complete , At the same time, some brands put forward “ Put down mobile phone ” Caring for the people around you .

In addition , There is still “ Anti profit 、 Negative image ” And so on .

For the latter ,“ Reverse marketing focuses more on marketing ”, Mainly with the help of the huge psychological gap 、 Gender crossing brings a certain sense of disobedience or unexpected surprise to the public .

In our normal thinking , Suppose skin care products are more likely to be promoted by ladies with higher facial values ; Even advertising words around Whitening 、 Water replenishment and other selling points are launched , Although this model is feasible, it is difficult to attract the attention of consumers .

After all, consumers are not surprised by this kind of marketing , Even a little tired of vision , Therefore, changing the routine may make a difference in the market “ A thousand waves ”.

Burger King once made a “ Moldy burgers ” Visual pictures , It seems that Burger King is destroying its image , But in fact, it is a reverse performance of the health of its own products , Call on people to pay more attention to food safety and health .

English tree (INGLEMIREPHARS) Good night facial mask was named in early years 《 Poking fun at the conference 》, In zhangshaogang 、 Li Dan 、 There are three big men in the pool “ Debris flow ” Under the general deduction , Instead, the audience was caught off guard .

It is worth noting that “ Reverse and differentiated marketing ” It's not the same thing , The latter is relatively comprehensive ,Ta Including product concept 、 Image value 、 Promotion means 、 Promotion methods, etc ; And on the basis of innovation, realize the target focus of the brand in the market segment , Achieve strategic leadership .

On the whole , The reverse emphasis on the market chain belongs to the management , Looking for available resources , Incorporate what might happen into your business strategy , So as to guide things to a good direction ; The reverse of marketing , Pay more attention to insight into the user bit by bit .

Besides , Reverse marketing can also find new opportunities , The role of finding the source of innovation ; As an ordinary consumer , Why do we prefer the expectation brought about by this reverse ?

02 How did human expectation come into being

The so-called expectation ,Ta Influenced by subjective consciousness and external objective factors , Can be interpreted as “ things Expectations before the event ”, In psychology, it refers to the threshold of individual psychology , And an action strategy for reaching this threshold .

How to exert influence in marketing to make consumer expectations consistent with business growth goals , It is the subject that we have been studying ; That is to say “ We need to study how “ management ” expect ”.

The complete expectation cycle consists of three parts , Namely “ present situation 、 forecast “ and “ Social behavior ”; Expectation management is to guide one or more links of the three parts .

People's brain will follow the inherent cognition and thinking to deal with the later things , That's right “ present situation ” A popular interpretation .

for instance :

Beggar A Ask the beggar B, Suppose what you would do if you had money ? Beggar B I want to answer “ I want to buy a golden bowl for begging ”, And you? ? The other side said proudly “ You're not as smart as me , I'll hire someone to help me beg ”.

From the perspective of commodity marketing , The brand user portrait is the epitome of the current situation , Behavioral data analysis is an effective way for us to deepen our understanding of users , that “ Newly activated user 、 High value users 、 Lost users ” It is the product manager's abstract description of the current situation of platform users .

let me put it another way , Purpose of operation , That is to meet differentiated expectations .

The prediction in psychology is right “ The possibility that a person's specific behavior will occur ” and “ A specific relationship ” The future will be described by the probability of occurrence ; Like , The way children are taught now , future Ta What kind of person you might become .

I put “ forecast ” It is simply understood as , be based on Current information to make trend deduction ,Ta Be subjective , The breadth and authenticity of the information mastered directly affect the final conclusion ; People are most familiar with the stock market , The future will rise , Otherwise, sell .

so to speak , The most important influence condition is “ Information ”, Control information can influence predictions , Thus affecting expectations .

The reason is that the information has “ a move ” and “ After processing ” Two kinds of , Most people can't tell , Even if it can, it will be because “ present situation ” Differences produce unequal interpretations .

Like every year 618、 double 11 In the early stage, the major e-commerce platforms were covered with advertisements , Are conveying a message to users , namely “ Our platform offers the most favorable products ”, Thus affecting consumers to form a forecast “ Where to shop more cheaply ”.

“ Official website authoritative release 、 Friend recommendation ” Such words will affect the prediction , Obviously, choosing a reasonable channel and information form becomes “ Manage the tools that are expected to work .

According to social behavior , But the cage commander People's decision-making is divided into ” rational “ and ” irrational ” There are two ways to express ;《 Think fast and slow 》 By Danielle · Kahneman (Daniel Kahneman) It is also summarized as two systems of the brain “ rational ” and “ perceptual ”.

The former all operate to deal with complex problems , Need to focus , Once the attention is distracted, the operation is interrupted , It's like learning to ride a bike 、 Focus on doing PPT etc. .

The latter is the method of countless subconscious reactions based on life experience , Will simplify the decision , Turn a lot of things into one click automatic programs ; In some cases :1) Subjective prediction affects action ,2) Group influence changes individual decision-making .

Just to give you an example :

You publish commodity pricing on a second-hand platform 100 element , But found that similar goods are sold 80 element ; I will feel that the price is too high to sell , Then it will be modified “ A lower ” Price , When the satisfaction meets the public and personal expectations, it may lead to higher transaction efficiency .

so to speak , In brand marketing “ Affect user behavior ” and “ Leverage existing action strategies ”, This is the best way to manage expectations in this link , image 98% Of people choose to upgrade this version 、 In social marketing, issuing time limited coupons is a means .

I divide expectations into three categories :1) Expecting ,2) Exceed expectations ,3) Against expectations

The quality of the goods should be 100 Score and provide a service experience consistent with the description , It belongs to completely positive expectation ; When the user is satisfied, they will think it should be 、 It's part of it 、 Nothing to say , So the general marketing can be basically done .

And exceeding expectations is to overdo things based on basic satisfaction , In this way, users will be impressed ; There will be momentum for word-of-mouth transformation , From satisfaction to active recommendation ; however , The business is constantly changing. Every brand wants to make users satisfied and get continuous attention , That will continue to create pleasure and surprise for users .

To some extent , Users' expectations are getting higher and higher because of constant interaction “ Be promoted ”, And ascension means being constantly satisfied ; When we can't sustain this satisfaction , Users' attention will be reduced .

What should many brands do in order to capture users ?

Reverse expectation becomes one of the best choices , When some brands hold high the concept of luxury , Some small congregations choose not to follow 、 To attract the public ; I like this contrast , On the one hand, it can create a wide gap to avoid direct competition in the market , On the other hand, it can release users' pleasure for improving stereotype .

03 Contrast itself releases pleasure

stereotypes (stereotype) There are two types of depth , The shallow level belongs to “ Labelling ”, The deep-seated source is the influence of group cognitive image , Belong to “ prejudice ”.

In social psychology , There are abundant theories to explain our understanding of Ta The formation of people or brand image , The most classic three-step walk is :“ first impression 、 Overall impression 、 Feedback adjustment ”.

Need to know , The initial impression of a brand is “ Vision 、 voice 、 Gustatory sense 、 Experience ” Four aspects are summarized as one of the label impact , Most of the time the brain receives information for the first time , What is our overall impression of it for a long time after the direct decision .

In the process “ evaluation ” Is the foundation of the first image .

The packaging aesthetics promoted by the brand on social media 、 spread TVC Empathy directly determines the desire to place an order for the first time , The pleasure released by the taste buds after the user's first experience determines the overall .

It's like socializing , When you meet a friend for the first time, you are often judged by the people around you 、 Even if they don't, they will be affected by the external dress 、 Looks influence .

It is worth noting that , What a person shows is perceived by different people , There may be different opinions ; If there is such a friend who looks beautiful 、 Humor and wit humor , But some have broken their promises , And have no idea .

When the label is cured , You will be automatically brought into the relevant scene , If the label is suddenly broken, there will be a contrast effect ; such as , There was a hot topic on Weibo called “ Adding a word can ruin a play ”

image 《 The little time 》 It's a movie we know well , But if it turns into 《 Hourly purchasing agency 》 It will have a dramatic effect ,《 Love deep rain 》 , Add a word to become 《 Love is deep , It was raining 》, Can it also surprise people .

Why is that ?

The important reason is that the revised name breaks us “ Inherent cognition ”, In order to save time and energy, consumers often put personal 、 Objects are decomposed into features or symbols to be recognized , About people or things that are familiar with everyday , We already have a fixed label .

Straight white , The brain is full of labels , People classify by labels .

This is not necessarily bad , As far as the brand is concerned, as long as it can break the label in the other party's mind , It may bring the first shock to the other party ; Think about watching classic movies 《 Léon 》, Among them, the killer's consistent cold image is deeply remembered by people .

What's more special is , Once prejudice is broken, people go to the other end like a pendulum , This creates a new kind of self drive , Try to build new cognition in feedback adjustment , To reduce psychological discomfort .

for instance :

A family I have been to MCN company , On the wall, there are many net red photos of the company , What impressed me most was a “ grandpa ”;Ta The image presented is like 90 Young people are fresh and refined .

There is a huge contrast with the traditional image of grandpa in my mind , Thus my inherent cognition is broken , Yes Ta A new understanding has been established ; Even if I went to the company once , When I mentioned it again, I would still think of that photo .

On the other hand, contrast itself is a kind of “ Emotional pleasure ”, The reason why people 「 contrast 」 and 「 reverse 」 Feel the charm in , Because the brain reacts strongly to changes , This reaction is called “ Emotional increase and decrease effect ”.

such as :

A person who never praises you seldom praises you , You'll be happy ; Those who always praise you praise you as usual today , You may not be as happy as the former ; obviously , The former contrast brings people more intense emotions , So it's easier to have pleasure .

American social psychologist Aronson (Elliot Aronson) I have done a research on the impression of men and women , The conclusion points out that Boys who keep smiling for a long time do not have a sense of mystery than those who keep smiling occasionally ; At the same time, if the stereotyped person is active in an instant , More attractive .

A bad young man who seems to be mixed up in society , Give up your seat for the elderly on the subway , Our evaluation of him would be better .

The reason why honest people don't fall in love smoothly , One of them is the increase and decrease effect , Without change and contrast, it is difficult to make people have mood swings , It is more difficult to make people move .

In a word , Brands are like people “ tagging ”“ Tear the label ” Constantly changing self impression in the process , The occasional contrast is more than just a sense of humor , It can arouse the pleasure of emotional release .

therefore , understand 「 Emotional increase and decrease effect 」 principle , After understanding the basic labels , How to make a wow moment on the brand ?

04 Three secrets of contrast marketing

Here are three reference steps :1) Looking for consumers to be cool ,2) Change the audio-visual hammer ,3) Second creation of the stem

First of all, marketing has “ Pain points 、 Itch point 、 Great point ” Three elements , But they are often confused ; The pain point is to solve the problem of demand , If a person hasn't eaten for half a day, is he very hungry , Then the restaurant can solve the problem .

According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs) The itching point is in “ Medium and high stage ”; Is to live on the basis of satisfaction 、 Life needs desire 、 Beautiful and comfortable 、 The pursuit of safety .

Just to give you an example :

Make a phone call 、 Send a message 、 It is the basic requirement for using mobile phones , On top of this, some users will spend more money to buy high-end products , because Ta Represents fashion 、 High-tech 、 Better experience , So for those who pursue experience , Labels such as high-end appearance and performance have a good grasp of it “ Itch point ”.

Be commonly called , If you don't get it, it won't affect your life , But my heart will “ Commotion ”.

And the cool thing is “ Emotional inclination ”, Now the main force of market consumption is facing various social pressures , Chicken soup comfort has been hard to move , At this time, it is more necessary to pierce your heart and make yourself black “ Self - ” Release briefly from pressure ,“ Feeling 、 mood 、 The spirit of 、 faith ” Become an important factor .

Just to give you an example :

Luo Yonghao worked with product design tools some time ago MasterGo cooperation , Video publicity is directly used in creation 、 modify 、 The core pain point in the delivery scenario is “ Inefficient ” Cut the designer first .

Then use tools to quickly and collaboratively solve the needs , But the cool itself is “ Don't put up with the boss anymore ” The sense of procrastination in the preview of the results of random integration , Obviously, the mood of the designer is better .

therefore , For brands , Don't just stay on the output of product selling points , We should also take into account the consumers' ideas , Pain and confusion , Find common ground in spirit to build deeper connections .

Secondly, we should borrow skillfully “ Penetration of audio-visual hammer ”.

This includes what you see with your eyes 、 There is no shortage of farewell 、 color 、 Composition 、 Montage et al ;“ listen " It's what you hear with your ears , Such as music 、 Humming melody, etc ; The reason why the snow city can get out of the circle quickly is to use the snowman blackening and music transmission .

The content of a short video is not as long as that of a movie , The lens included is also very limited , This requires the use of fast-paced and ingenious audio-visual language to show you a complete plot , Introduce the audience into fixed cognition and break it , Implement inversion .

therefore “ The plot is reversed ” It belongs to the turning point .

The reversal itself lies in “ matting ”, The core role is “ Induce the audience ” Go on what they think is the right way , And then use conflict to make the plot reach a climax ; So-called “ The right way of thinking ” The inherent impression , Like a hot circle of friends “ KFC fried chicken day on Thursday ” This is the strategy .

To stem “ Second creation ” You may need to , The brand spends a little on social media promotion , Quote key opinion leaders appropriately (Key Opinion Leader) To extend based on the stem , It is easier to ignite consumers .

But be careful , The content of reverse marketing should not be grasped too much in terms of product values , It will cause the feeling that the key points are left behind ; Also can not be too pierced , May cause psychological discomfort to consumers .

in addition , Reverse is more a means , If there is no good product to rely on , Just rely on marketing to package , After curiosity, it is the brand's own reputation that is harmed .

To sum up :

Reverse is expected limit management 、 It's also “ dislocation CP Combine ”.

It's hard to stand up to the rules , Durex's passages mainly tease the heavy taste , But it seems that people understand and don't understand ; Chinese divine comedy 《 The Hottest Ethnic Trend 》 and 《 Uneasy 》 There are also many imitators .

How to make the effect , Here are three proverbs “ Avoid the solid and attack the weak, and give tit for tat 、 Negative energy anti chicken soup 、 Ridicule and self incrimination ”.( This article first titanium Media APP)