Anxious young people began to flee the Hawking studio

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 picture source @ Vision China

picture source @ Vision China

writing | Zinc scale , author |  Li Wenjie , edit  |  Li Jin Lin

“ Let's watch it in the New Oriental live studio , I may be rich in soul , My wallet is poor . I can't tell for a moment whether I made money , I still lost it .”

This summer , Some live broadcasting rooms with goods that have attracted a large number of fans are no longer “ On the air ”, Some inter-bank water testing live broadcasting rooms let everyone... Overnight “ Originally, I just wanted to buy corn , But I cried ”. Dongfang selects the live studio “ Mr. Dong ”, It has become a live studio “ Qingliu ”—— Do not peddle , Don't rush , No noise .

in fact , Before Mr. Dong appeared , Many young people have begun to escape from the noisy Hawking type live broadcasting room , There is a wave of layoffs every day 、 Inner volume and KPI They are under pressure , Once it was hard to control the influx into the live broadcasting room “ One purchase solves a thousand worries ” Desire , It is also difficult to stop the urging and marketing of the anchors .

But now , They prefer not to be forced 、 Not impatient “ A sense of atmosphere ” Check , There are also some people who want to escape from impetuous consumerism , No longer walk into “ studio ”.

01 “ Tired of yelling , Just want to buy goods quietly ”

From half a year ago ,28 Millie, a - year-old programmer, no longer watches the live studios that she has been paying attention to for a long time , The reason is simple ,“ It's too noisy .”

Millie works for an Internet company in Chengdu , The time of each day is divided into various work groups 、 Daily meeting 、 Performance talk and so on , Leave her free time , Usually after working overtime till nine o'clock and going home . Millie often at this time , Open several focused live broadcasting rooms with goods in a fixed order , Sometimes it's live , Sometimes it's playback , Listen to the anchor shouting “ Treasure children ”, I saw another anchor hurried “ Order quickly ”…… Millie used to enjoy the process , They often place orders in the live broadcasting room ,“ Consumption makes you happy , Especially when you watch them introduce so hard , Urge you to place an order , You will feel valued .”

But soon , Millie is tired of this live broadcast .“ one day , I lay on the sofa as usual , Listen to them shouting ‘ Order now ’ And counting down , Suddenly tired . Why is it that I am driven to work by performance appraisal , After work, I have to be urged by the countdown of the anchor to buy something ?” Millie began to think the studio was too noisy , I even felt that it was coming from the live studio “ Cry out ”, It's like a big loudspeaker playing promotional information outside the supermarket downstairs ,“ Like noise , Into my ears . But I am usually very tired , I can't digest it .”

in fact , There are more young people like Millie . Search on social platforms such as Weibo and xiaohongshu “ live broadcast ”, You can see a lot of right “ The live room is too noisy ” The ridicule ,“ Some live broadcasting rooms are really too noisy , Let me crash out ”、“ Only I think the current live broadcasting room is very noisy , Most of the broadcast rooms will be fried for a while , I'll be shouting again later , I really just want to hear someone explain it quietly .”

  Young people fled from the noisy studio to the quiet studio

And a quieter live studio , Then more young people began to pour in . From actor chaibiyun to Qiwei's live studio , To the recently popular Oriental selection , Quietness and decency have become rare advantages ,“ Stay in some live studios , It's really comfortable , There was no noise 、 No screaming, no acting , It's very quiet when I link , When the countdown is over, we go straight to , No ink and no noise .”、“ Accidentally played chaibiyun live , At first, I simply liked her live style , It's quiet , It's just talking to everyone .”……

As for Oriental selection , Not to mention , When selling globes , The anchor talks about the eagle flying in the blue sky , fish , Go back to the ancient times , To the stars ; When selling peaches , speak of “ Behind a peach , It's the spring and the moon , The wind through the canyon , A midsummer night's dream ”; When selling rice , The romance and fun of three meals and four seasons ,“ No matter how much wealth , You end up with three meals , No matter how long it takes, there are four seasons ”……

therefore , Dongfang selects fans from the live studio 100 Wan to 1000 ten thousand , It only took 7 God . Flying melon data display ,6 month 10 Japan -6 month 16 Japan , The sales volume of Oriental selection reached 2.3 One hundred million yuan . only 6 month 16 On the day , Oriental selection studio GMV Just to 1.2 Billion .

Blogger “ Kangdi will” Analyze the reasons for the popularity of such live broadcasts on Weibo ,“ It turns out that when people sell goods live , You can use a second language , The language that normal people speak well , A place in this context , A language whose pronunciation, intonation and tone are all new . Someone didn't shout at the screen ‘ Treasure children ’、‘ Link up ’、“ Shoot me ”, Be a normal person with stable emotions , Can pull back the shares of New Oriental . I was thinking , The previous kind of oppressive , Urging 、 nervous 、 The scrambled live studio is no longer suitable for today's social context .”

“ Young people tend to spend more than just buying the goods themselves , But the atmosphere of consumption . Today's young people no longer need others to create an atmosphere of anxiety , The quieter the more healing , So a large number of people are actually paying for the quiet marketing atmosphere .” An observer of live e-commerce pointed out .

This is also “ Millie ” Feelings .“ It's rare , There is a feeling that both the anchor and the audience are regarded as normal people . Now everyone is worried , In fact, this kind of slow down , The quiet live broadcast atmosphere is easier to connect with people .” Millie said ,“ There are even many friends around me who will play the quiet live room with goods as the background sound , This is probably why the recently popular live broadcasting rooms are not so noisy .”

02 “ Stay away from the studio , It will make you poor ”

If we say that most of the young people go out of the live broadcasting room of the peddling type , Because of boredom , There are also some young people shouting “ refund ! refund ! refund !” Because they began to try to fight against consumerism .

On the watercress there is a name “ Don't buy | Anti consumerism ” Group , Can be regarded as a microcosm . Zinc scale note , The purpose of this group is “ Bring goods from live broadcast in the market , Share with netizens , People are growing grass everywhere , Stimulate consumption …… Let's do it : Don't follow the trend blindly , Not coerced by consumerism , Be the reverse of the consumerism market !”

from 2020 year 10 Month creation to 2022 year 6 Mid month , The membership of this group has exceeded 33 ten thousand people .“00 after ” Liu Yinyin is one of the team members , The reason why she first applied to join the group was very simple ,“ To save money ”.

Liu Yinyin just graduated from university this year , Although I found a job smoothly , But the wages are not high , It's not stable enough . She saw suggestions from bloggers on the Internet ,“ In recent years , Save as much money as you can .” So he followed in “ Don't buy ” team , Decide to save if you can .

This is just like “ Chinese Youth Research ” An analysis of the motives of the anti - consumerist : In the context of social acceleration , The uncertainty and contradiction faced by young people in life have increased dramatically , meanwhile , Because in the state of flowing Modernity , Young people are particularly sensitive to this characteristic in life . Youth in time 、 Space 、 Speed 、 Digital existence and contradictory emotions show different degrees of negative mentality of modernity experience .

But as “ Cyber natives ” Liu Yinyin , I've been used to living in a live studio since college .“ Whenever you want to buy something , First, I will go to other platforms to squat. Will there be a live studio meeting in the near future , If you have nothing to do, you will also pay attention to the announcements of major live broadcasting rooms .” Of her spending ,7 Cheng came from the live broadcasting room . therefore , To save money , First you have to quit “ studio ”.

According to the suggestions of the group , Uninstalled some software , Some live broadcasting rooms and live information sorting bloggers have also been closed ,“ Anyone who wants to go to the live studio , I will open a panel discussion area to share my experience , Try to distract .” Liuyinyin told zinc scale ,“ In fact, after I get my salary every month , I will be happy , But soon it will be very anxious , Worry about all kinds of expenses , I am also worried about whether I can receive my salary next month . So I refused to live broadcast , Trying to save money is for me , Like a sense of security .”

Young people who refuse to live in the studio  

There are many friends like Liu Yinyin . Zinc scale search found , There are hundreds of discussions and posts related to live broadcast , such as “ Not watching live broadcast saves a lot of money ”、“ Stay away from the studio , It will make you poor ”、“ As long as you don't watch the live broadcast , You can avoid the vast majority of meaningless consumption ”、“ The benefits of not watching the live broadcast to me who is not willing to suffer ”…… There are also many posts directly named “ Don't go to the live broadcast ”.

One of them “ Douyou ” Share the name ,“ See what everyone says every day ‘ Not buy ’( Post ), Now there is nothing that can move me to place an order , It's really easy to watch live broadcast , There is no need to read the notice clearly , Click in and you can't help placing an order , For more than a year, I directly bought the favorite powder of an anchor . Fortunately, I finally woke up recently .” Some netizens also said in the discussion area ,“ The live studio is really not for me , Don't buy Li province 100% , Don't go to see anything you haven't used up , Don't hoard .”

In Liu Yinyin's opinion ,“ If we say that people like to go to the New Oriental live studio recently , Is paying for feelings , So we are in this group , I just want to pay for the utility . If you don't have enough willpower to control yourself, just go shopping , Then don't go shopping at all .”

Such anti consumption groups are not unique in Douban , go by the name of “ Saving group ” The crazy money saving group has 58 ten thousand people ,“ Has consumption been downgraded today ” Group has 32 ten thousand people ,“ A minimalist life ” Group has 34 ten thousand people . Although the goals and specific group rules are different , But one thing for sure is , Live broadcasting room with goods , It must have been one of those groups who fled together .

03 Change in the live broadcasting room , Can you keep young people ?

Whether it's thorough “ Quit ” studio , Or pour into a quieter and more content live room , In fact, it all confirms a little —— studio , At a turning point .

just as “ Cosmetic observation ” written ,“ Oriental selection more represents a new way of live broadcasting . Such as , Once the herbal collection was broadcast live in a novel fashion , It has also built a phenomenon level live broadcasting room . But to this day , The live data of baicaoji is not as good as before . Various forms of live broadcast content are constantly fighting , The live broadcast form selected by orient may be replaced by other forms .”

in fact , Many platforms have noticed this , And “ Slow broadcast ” Cut in , On the road to change . such as , stay 5 At the beginning of ,B The station did it once “ Through the city , Accompany you to dream ” The late night accompanies the live broadcast , The brief introduction is “ Don't worry about the long night , Just listen to the music , Be a passenger , Feel the freedom of emptiness ". Live broadcasting starts in different cities , In soft music , The camera follows the vehicle driving through the city , No cumbersome introduction , There was no deliberate chat , Only the company in the barrage and the infinite night scene in front of the screen .

B Station night tour Changsha live broadcast  

And such as , During the long may day holiday , Wanda town scenic spot in Danzhai has launched “ Eight scenes of Danzhai live broadcast ”, According to the “TopKlout”, The live broadcast will be on Longquan Mountain 、 High terraces 、 Mazhai tea garden 、 Small town windmills, etc 8 A famous landmark has moved to “ Cloud ”, This scene 24 Hours of panoramic tour of Danzhai and eight scenes of slow live broadcast attracted nearly 300 Ten thousand people watched online ; And variety shows 《 Fifty kilometers to Taohuawu 2》 Before the official broadcast , Also tried once 72 Hour slow live broadcast . Listen to the sound of the sea with the audience , Watching the sunset with the sea breeze , Feel the program healing rhythm in advance , Build momentum for the launch .

This series of live broadcasting rooms , Whether it's giving high-intensity emotional value , Or to enhance the embodiment of differentiation , Are trying to overthrow young people's right to “ studio ” Stereotype of . But this is still a minority , And every new form of live broadcasting still needs to be explored , For example, the content form of slow live broadcast is restrictive , It is also difficult to transform .

therefore , At present, many live broadcasting rooms , More young people “ Just loved me briefly ”. Especially for those who try to resist consumerism “ Liu Yinyin ” for , already “ Run away ” For a long time they , Are you still willing to return to the live studio ?

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