Giants end up "setting up stalls" and big stalls fall into "bitter battle"

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 picture source @ Vision China

picture source @ Vision China

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As the city's past fireworks and gas land have been restored one after another , Especially when the night market opens again , Young people who are Suffocated at home , The noise surged into the long-awaited excitement , Ignited the night economy .

According to AI media consulting data ,2020 The size of the economic market has reached 18.7 Trillion yuan , Of the total consumption of the current year 48.61%,16-20 The compound annual growth rate in is 11.4%. Driven by relevant policies ,21-25 The overall market size will exceed 15% The annual growth rate continues to grow .

Under the dismal situation of the catering industry , The economy is particularly active at night , Restaurant 、 It is precisely this that the super giants of business have taken a fancy to , One after another aimed at midnight .6 month 1 Japan ,“ Box horse night shop ” Full launch , Every night 17 Point to 22 spot , Box horse night shop is near the line 100 Grow food ; McDonald's launched a new platform “ Mai Mai night market ”, KFC has expanded its snack menu , The two fast-food giants have taken a step towards China's night economy .

The protagonist of the night economy , It has always been a big stall and a roadside stall , But giants will not give up such a big piece of cake .

01 Only the midnight snack can save the giant

Box horse crayfish 、 The beer and barbecue stand moved to the store , McDonald's and Kentucky Fried chicken have launched new late night snack products , Even bottom fishing 、 Sipu, Sipu and other hotpot giants , I have long wanted to penetrate into the night economy . It's like fishing at the bottom of the sea , Sold beer and crayfish , It also launched its own brand of fine brewed beer .

In the night economy , In fact, food and beverage giants or supermarkets have rarely participated in . According to the data of AI media , The proportion of nighttime consumption is in the top , Restaurant 、 Bars and cultural activities occupy the top three , The proportions are as high as 22.4%、19.3% and 14.8%, However, shopping that is strongly related to supermarkets only accounts for 12.9%. In this proportion ,24 Convenience stores open every hour are the main scene of night consumption , Not large supermarkets .

The same is true of Western fast food , McDonald's 、 KFC is 24 Hours open , But the first choice for Chinese people to spend at night will not be fast food . But why do these giants collectively arrange supper this year ?

Take undersea fishing as an example ,2021 year , The overall average turnover rate of bottom fishing is 3.0 Time / God , And the worst cases 2020 It's down from 0.5 Time / God , And before the epidemic 2019 Annual peak 4.8 Time / Compared with the sky , Even worse . Other hotpot brands are also having a hard time , The turnover rate of the whole hot pot industry has almost become a trend , In addition, the total number of hall food customers served by stores in the first tier and new first tier cities has declined year by year .

McDonald's 、 KFC also revealed its sluggish growth . according to 2022 The results of the first quarter of , During the reporting period , KFC's revenue is 26.7 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 4%, The adjusted net profit is 1.02 Billion dollars , Year-on-year decline in 56%; McDonald's revenue is 56.66 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 11%, Net income of 11.04 Billion dollars , Year-on-year decline in 28%.

Catering giants or supermarkets , It was originally based on daytime consumption , These figures clearly reflect the downturn in daytime consumption , let me put it another way , The epidemic has stopped consumer behavior , The money in the pocket suppresses the consumption desire of consumers .“ The restaurant I often go to , From Haidilao to a string of shops on the street ,” a 26 A - year-old young man joked on his microblog that he had joined “ Consumption of the drop ” The army .

by comparison , Young people are more enthusiastic about midnight snack , Price tolerance is also high , This is why box horse 、 The reason why McDonald's and other giants have to participate in the night economic battle .

Convenience bees have passed through the country 20 Cities 、1800 More than stores surveyed consumers , Survey results show that , Compared to lunch , White collar workers are more willing to pay for the night snack ,“ Work overtime ” Be them “ Forced to ” An important reason to eat supper , More than 50% of the respondents often eat late at night alone . and ,90 after 、00 Later, it became the main force of night snack consumption , The total proportion exceeds 70% , among 00 The proportion of the latter shows an upward trend .

The normal three meals are suffering from “ Consumption of the drop ”, Supper is more about rewarding yourself , Whether psychologically or physically , Young people all need supper .

02 “ Struggle ” Night dining in

Since the box horse 、 McDonald's and other giants went online “ The night market ” after , It has attracted many consumers and food bloggers to punch in , On social platforms such as xiaohongshu , It is often seen that bloggers explore stores 、 Share . It can also be seen from the official news of HEMA , Crayfish 、 Fresh beer 、 Dalian oyster 、 Super big squid 、“ Seafood coffee ” Packages and so on are selling well , Its earlier launch 28 Tianjing brewed fresh beer , Successfully won the first place in the category of HEMA Omni channel beer .

Midnight snack seems to provide new growth vitality for these chain brands , But has the night consumption affected by the epidemic really recovered ?

Crayfish used to be a night snack for young people “ Favourite ”, But this year, a large number of offline crayfish stores are hanging on the line . from 5 Month begins , We see the price of crayfish gradually falling , This should have created more profit margins for businesses in crayfish shops or stalls , But with all kinds of Sichuan restaurants 、 Hunan restaurant 、 Hotpot shops and even box horse, a super giant , They all began to sell crayfish , The whole market is in a competitive state of soliciting customers at low prices .

The low price did not return to the increased passenger flow . A reporter visited several lobster shops in Guangzhou and found , At eight or nine o'clock in the evening , Although the occupancy rate of some stores is still about 70% , But after 9:30 , Most of the diners dispersed ,22 After that , The occupancy rate of the store is generally less than 50% .

From closure to resumption of work , The attendance rate is difficult to return to the pre epidemic level , It is also a big stall for almost all night consumption 、 Common problems of roadside stalls and catering stores .

A Shandong restaurant located in Ma'anshan food street, Jinan City , Every summer , Will be associated with the barbecue business . from 5 month 10 After the No , The landlady said , This year's passenger flow is obviously not as good as before ,“( Sealing control ) The passenger flow before closing the store is 60% of the usual , After opening, it recovered almost 40% ”.

She also said ,“ Summer is usually the busiest time , There are fewer guests now , You don't even need to hire waiters , They all come by themselves ”.

Reduced passenger flow , Directly increase the cost pressure of off-line restaurants . A businessman who used to make night snack food , This year, I closed the stores along the street , Turn to night snack takeout , He told us ,“ The rent of the hall restaurant is one month 2 ten thousand , The cook and four waiters are paid a month 2 ten thousand , In a good time, the store can only do 2 Thousands more , Not to mention the bad time ”. After switching to night snack takeout , Although the flow is not particularly high , But at least the cost can be controlled as much as possible .

by comparison , Because of the arrival of summer , The business of the big stalls has obviously improved , Many of them focus on marine customs 、 Exotic seafood stalls have become the first choice for consumers at night , This also makes many catering brands take the initiative to grab the business of big food stalls . Like Xuji seafood , To increase revenue , In the stores in Changsha, we have opened night snack stalls .

However, although the business of big stalls is good , But after the recent Tangshan incident , Public sentiment is indignant. , As a result, consumers are more worried about the safety of large stalls , Invisibly affecting night consumption .

03 Young consumers “ Not enough use ” 了

Although more and more catering giants or brands are snapping up the snack market , But midnight snack is still a big food stall and roadside stall “ All over the world ”. The root cause is the taste 、 Varieties and other aspects may be controlled strictly through the supply chain , Gain product advantages , But they lack a key element , Atmosphere .

“ Whether you go to HEMA or McDonald's for supper , It's all a little ‘ Not true ’ The feeling of , I feel like I'm still eating fast food at McDonald's 、 Order cooked food in the box , And roadside stalls 、 Compared with large gears , I always feel that I lack the temperament of nightlife ”, One consumer said . This is the common feeling of most night snack lovers , Midnight snack is not an activity to fill your stomach , Its social attributes are becoming more and more obvious , Eat barbecue at the food stall 、 Eat crayfish or spaghetti , More social and entertainment atmosphere .

But the big stalls' merchants are not at ease . From the crayfish “ Fall out of favor ” Look at , A new crisis has emerged : When large and small catering enterprises or brands are involved in night snack business , Market saturation , Intensified competition , In order to attract and stabilize the passenger flow , The profit margin of the big stalls will be compressed .

Take barbecue for example . China is a big barbecue country , Sky eye data display , There are more than 61.3 The name or business scope of ten thousand enterprises includes “ Barbecue 、 barbecue 、 skewer ”,2022 Since then , Added 6,000 More than barbecue related enterprises . among , Shandong has the most barbecue related enterprises , The number is close to 4.6 Thousands of families , And here 4 More than 10000 barbecue shops , The competition is more and more fierce .

In a barbecue shop in Dangjia street, Jinan , The boss works 10 many years , Although the passenger flow continues , But he obviously felt that it was becoming more and more difficult to compete for the passenger flow in Jinan barbecue market . There are more and more barbecue shops in the market , There are not only Jinan local , There are also many foreign brands , These foreign brand barbecue shops , Many people went to eat , Diverting some customers .

In order to compete for customers , Many barbecue shop owners are interested in the promotion of Tiktok , Have launched low-cost group purchase packages . One side , Online promotion increases the operating cost of the barbecue shop , On the other hand , Although the set meals offered by the barbecue shop are very attractive , It's likely to catch fire , Once the group buying activity stops , The passenger flow dropped sharply immediately , For many barbecue shops , Or the gains outweigh the losses , Or the profits are meager .

In fact, it is not just catering , Night time consumption is certainly active , Business is getting harder , This has something to do with the increasing number of cross-border participants . Like a bar , The closure and control of the epidemic let Shanghai 、 Bars in Beijing and other places are temporarily closed , They not only face huge losses , It is hard to be optimistic after returning to work .

Since last year ,“ Day coffee and night wine ” Business model , Let many cafes turn into taverns at night , This model is becoming popular in the new generation of consumer circles , At the same time, it is also favored by capital .2 month , Chain restaurant and bar brand COMMUNE Announced the completion of hundreds of millions of yuan A+ Round of funding , The financing is led and invested by the capital at the beginning of the day , Hillhouse investment 、 Tomato capital follow-up investment .

Day coffee and night wine , Changed the revenue structure of the cafe , It can also help dilute the expensive rental costs , And it has attracted consumers of low alcohol wines , This is a kind of impact on traditional bars .

In an environment of declining consumption capacity , Young people's plates are so big , Everyone wants to step in , But not all of them can get a piece of the cake .

This principle may also apply to all industries , When young people look more and more closely at the wallet in their pockets , Whether big or small , It takes more thought , To impress them .

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