The monthly live broadcast sold 14million goods, and the stewardess showed their "cash ability" on the ground

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 picture source @ Vision China

picture source @ Vision China

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I've seen Alaska cod jump out of the water , I have seen seagulls in the South Pacific stir their wings to skim the coast , I have also seen the colorful night sky around the earth .

I have seen thousands of worlds , I thought my steps would never stop for anyone , But I didn't expect to stumble in the stewardess' Live Room , Stop here .

Think back to the years before the outbreak , Once the stewardess on the plane , Send me a beautiful smile like a mountain stream , Accompany me across the country .

Now, after the outbreak of the disease, there are cramped rental houses , I swallowed the rest of the cold night before , They still smile at me , Just hope I buy more in front of the screen 2 bottle SK-II.

Some feelings seem to have changed , But it doesn't seem to have changed .

Parachute in the stewardess' live room , I can still feel “ Before heaven ” A sense of ritual .

“ The ladies , Gentlemen. , Good evening .

Welcome to the flight to the live broadcasting room .

Our plane is about to take off , Please make sure that your mobile phone is firmly held ,wifi In a clear state .”

No matter whether there is consumption or not , At that moment, even if I didn't have my feet off the ground , I have also enjoyed the dignity of being served by the stewardess .

01  All airlines landed in Tiktok , How good is the whole life

Not afraid to laugh , The epidemic has wasted my few years of youth , Confine me here 9 In a square meter room .

So I began to pray to God , Expect to give me unlimited time and space , Let's go to heaven and see the beautiful faces and “ Wish me a pleasant journey ” Smile .

But God does not exist , Maybe it's a nag for a long time , The universe instead received my signal .

“ A glimpse of the stewardess' face ” My wish has been realized , Just my Tiktok voice APP The memory occupied is becoming larger and larger .

As early as the early stage of the epidemic , Major airlines began to settle in Tiktok , The stewardesses are sitting in Tiktok .

For example, click on the Tiktok of HNA , You will find that the stewardess blogger has taken a series of short videos to show their sea sky auspicious cloud uniforms .

So the label keeps strengthening , So that I have no impression of the introduction of HNA and the popular science content of my little sister , But I firmly remember what the uniform of Haitian Xiangyun looks like .

Elegant and beautiful uniform with unique temperament , It has become a major feature of HNA .

From casual clothes in private to uniforms at work , Then to the daily stewardess dancing entertainment , Let HNA's Tiktok fans grow rapidly .

Hainan Airlines today , Fans have 127 ten thousand , It even drives the sales of the live broadcast in the future .

Most airlines' Tiktok has formed a team composed of flight attendants , Wearing uniforms when shooting short videos , Highlight the identity tag .

China Southern Airlines is no exception , Even create a star stewardess IP The host — Nannanzi .

The Tiktok content of China Southern Airlines contains multiple directions , Compared with other airlines' Tiktok , It is a multi-dimensional content strategy .

from “ The fleece collection ” To “ Aviation knowledge ” The popular science video content of , Then to the star stewardess IP The host “ Nannanzi online ” series , Although the content is not as eye-catching as Hainan Airlines , But very grounded .

So far ,“ China Southern Airlines ” The official account of Tiktok has been harvested 198.8 Thousands of fans .

Compared with the first two Tiktok accounts , China Eastern Airlines is not so fancy , On the contrary, it is more regular .

From the daily interview with the flight attendant captain to the interview with the passengers on the plane , China Eastern Airlines is so calm .

So far , China Eastern Airlines has the largest number of fans ,277 ten thousand .

Other airlines are also trying to create their own characteristics , It also accumulates a fan base for its subsequent live broadcast .

02  The live broadcasting rooms of airlines get together , The live broadcast brings the goods to a new height

Some places , You know the danger , And if you are not careful, you will be hollowed out , But many people are still flocking to it , For example, the live broadcast rooms of Tiktok and Taobao .

The temptation in the live studio , There will always be more roadblocks than motorcycle exams .

Various operations have evolved over the years , Now a hundred flowers have already blossomed .

The standard broadcasting cavity lingers in my ears , This is not on a plane , But appeared in the live broadcast room of Tiktok .

Bypassing the call of wild Altman , Turn around and plunge into the rice brought by New Oriental dongyuhui , Finally, order cosmetics in the stewardess' live room , Trying to find the beautiful self-confidence .

Airlines are involved in live broadcasting , It's not a whim .

Many airlines have turned their attention to “ Above ground business ”, Fly into Tiktok for live broadcast and delivery , In the beauty and food industries , Make brilliant business achievements .

Hainan Airlines, as the first to set foot in the live broadcasting field , After the outbreak , Just catch the trend of live broadcast explosion , React quickly , We moved quickly .

2020 year 7 Month is in Ctrip 、 Where to wait? OTA The platform started the live broadcast of its maiden show , Sales of airline tickets and hotel packages .

At the beginning of the live broadcast, we brought the goods , What HNA cooperates with is Ctrip 、 and other platforms , The main product is air tickets 、 Hotel, etc .

2021 year 7 month , The number of spectators reached nearly 50 ten thousand people , The sales volume of a single product of free flight alone exceeded 2000 ten thousand .

Continuously test the water through live broadcast , What's more, Hainan Airlines has found its own way to bring goods to Tiktok live broadcast .

Even set up a stewardess anchor database , Continue to tap and cultivate anchor talents , Constantly transfer personnel from the company , Form a live broadcast operation team to constantly explore , Specially set up a professional live broadcasting room in Haikou base “Hai Studio”.

After a few live broadcasts , Through data analysis , HNA found that fans have great interest in and demand for beauty and personal care products .

Promote air ticket discount coupons at the beginning of the experience 、 After the attempt of surrounding cultural and creative objects , So they quickly opened a special beauty show , Send the goods to daily necessities 、 Beauty, personal care and other categories are close .

Because of the epidemic , Duty free shopping has become hot ,SK2、 On the basis of the popularity of the sea blue mystery and other brands , So HNA made a lot of money .

Hainan Airlines is not the only airline involved in live broadcasting , China Southern Airlines also made a circle on the live broadcast stage .

China Southern Airlines was not the first to do live broadcast with goods , But it is the most powerful one at present .

Open three Tiktok accounts in a row , Each account number carries goods , In the boom of live broadcasting , China Southern Airlines made no secret of its strong ambition .

In its Tiktok studio , The flight attendants also hissed and worked hard to bring goods .

In the past two years, new attempts have been made in the live studio of China Southern Airlines , Full of energy .

It turns out that their sentence “Fasten your seat belt”( Fasten your seat belt ) Has another meaning . It's like saying to the users in front of the live studio , It's like saying to themselves .

Three accounts , The direction is not the same .

Except for the official large size “ Southern airlines ”,“ China Southern Airlines global purchases commodities ” Most accounts are cosmetics , The brand involves SK-II、 Estee Lauder 、 The mystery of sea blue, etc .

“ Cross border e-commerce of China Southern Airlines ” More focus on sun protection 、 Skin care 、 Beauty and skin care products such as washing and care .

The two accounts allow China Southern Airlines to communicate with each other , Do many things at once .

Although other airlines are also building Tiktok accounts and live broadcasting of goods , But compared with China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines , The response was flat .

Like Shandong Airlines 、 Sichuan Airlines has also entered Tiktok , According to the characteristics of the city , Introduce local delicacies one after another , To attract fans' attention .

The performance brought by live broadcasting cannot be compared with traditional business , But the considerable profits seem to make many airlines find the sideline development direction in the special period , Try to bring goods to increase revenue .

03  Live delivery ,“ cheap ” Is king

from “ China Southern Airlines global purchase ” You can see from the Tiktok account , Its account number is on the shelves in the window 128 Commodity , Nearly a month (5.17-6.21 period ) The number of live broadcasts has reached 29 site .

Products range from daily wet paper towels 、 Anti mosquito paste to all kinds of cosmetics and skin care products , The price ranges from several yuan to hundreds of yuan .

Word of mouth with goods continues to rise , beat 94% My colleagues . near 30 Days. , Sold 4.8 10000 items .

Public data also shows , The HNA live broadcasting room is in 30 The sales volume within one day reached 1422.9 Ten thousand yuan , The average revenue per live broadcast is 102 Ten thousand yuan , sit on “ The first place in the air broadcast ”.

Live broadcast with goods has achieved such good business results , On the surface, the professional veil of stewardess was lifted to satisfy everyone's curiosity .

Its core is “ cheap ”, It's cheaper than buying it in duty-free shops and other broadcast rooms .

The goods sold live by the airlines , The price is mostly lower than the counter price .

The net content is 15m Estee Lauder Eye Cream ,2 The price of the bottle is only 369 element , Direct descent approach 700 element .

For users , To seize is to earn , Especially big brand skin care products , It is to hold fast to many female sex consumers .

With the popularity of live broadcast rising , A lot of negative news also came out one after another .

Ultra-low price , Let consumers doubt “ Whether the goods are true or false ”.

So , Major airlines have also clarified , And vowed to guarantee the quality of the goods sold .

China Southern Airlines has also explained the real reason for its favorable price , It has cooperation with bonded warehouse , Only the goods that have been exempted from tax will have this preferential strength .

Hainan Airlines also made a solemn statement in Tiktok , There has been no cooperation with stores selling fake and shoddy products .

however , The buyer is interested in the items sold in the stewardess' live studio , Concerns about its quality have not been dispelled .

04  At the end

Affected by the black swan outbreak , Airlines have suffered heavy losses in recent years , And the live broadcasting room is very popular , It provides a way for them to develop sidelines .

Hundreds of airlines are in full swing , In the studio “ killing ”, Harvest a record of ten million sales in a single month live broadcast .

Although the way of carrying cargo seems to be an airline “ Great blood tonic ” The new path , But the industry competition is becoming more and more fierce ,“ Qian Dao ” Still full of variables .

Especially after the user trust crisis , Airlines should also be more cautious .

Need to know , Live broadcast with goods makes money quickly , Once the trust of consumers is lost , No matter how hard it is to establish .

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