The latest discovery: when you fall asleep, you wake up with cancer

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO) call , Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers , Every year around the world 230 Million people suffer from this disease . If doctors detect breast cancer early , Patients usually respond well to treatment . However , If the cancer has metastasized —— When circulating cancer cells leave the original tumor , Passing through the body through blood vessels and forming new tumors in other organs , Things will get worse .

so far , Cancer research has not paid much attention to the question of when tumors shed metastatic cells . The researchers had previously assumed that the tumor would continue to release such cells . However , Federal Institute of technology, Zurich, Switzerland 、 A new study by researchers at the University Hospital of Basel and the University of Basel , Came to a surprising conclusion : Later, metastatic circulating cancer cells formed , It mainly occurs in the sleep stage of the affected individuals . The results of this study have just been published in 《 natural 》 The journal .

Professor of molecular oncology, Federal Institute of technology, Zurich 、 Nicholas, the research leader · Esther concludes ,“ When the affected person falls asleep , The tumor will wake up ”. In their research , Include 30 Female cancer patients and mouse models , The researchers found that , When an organism is asleep , Tumors produce more circulating cells . Compared with circulating cells that leave the tumor during the day , Cells that leave the tumor at night divide faster , Therefore, the possibility of transfer is higher .

Lead author of the study 、 Zoe, a postdoctoral researcher at the Federal Institute of technology in Zurich · Demantop said :“ The escape of circulating cancer cells from primitive tumors is controlled by melatonin, etc , Melatonin determines our circadian rhythm .”

The study also shows that , Time to collect tumor or blood samples for diagnosis , May affect the findings of oncologists . The researchers were surprised to find that , The levels of circulating cancer cells in samples collected at different times of the day are very different . Compared with human beings , The number of cancer cells found per unit of blood in mice is astonishing . The reason is that as a nocturnal animal , Mice sleep during the day , And that's when scientists collect most of the samples .

next step , Researchers will figure out how to incorporate these findings into and optimize existing cancer therapies , And investigate whether different types of cancer are similar to breast cancer , And if the patient is treated at different times , Will existing therapies be more successful .

source : Science and technology journal

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