What are the reasons for making whole grains synonymous with health?

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Too much white rice and noodles , Bad skin and easy to gain weight , More and more people begin to think of the grains that have been abandoned by us for many years , Hope to improve health with whole grains .

I wonder if you have ever thought about , What benefits can whole grains bring to our health ? Let's talk about this topic today .

A whole grain consists mainly of endosperm 、 Germ and bran , Germ and bran contain a lot of vitamins 、 minerals 、 Dietary fiber and plant compounds with health benefits , Endosperm is mainly starch .

White rice and white flour are deeply processed , Germ 、 The bran has been ground away , Only the white endosperm is left ;

Whole grains generally retain germ and bran , Make vitamins B1、 The content of zinc and other micronutrients is several times that of white rice noodles , Can help us achieve more balanced nutrition .

Cereals are the most important B vitamins , Especially vitamins B1 An important source of . vitamin B1 It is a very important catalyst in human energy metabolism .

If the energy stored in the human body is compared to a pile of dry firewood , vitamin B1 It's like the fire that lights the firewood . When vitamin B1 When lacking , The energy metabolism of the human body is impaired , We will have no spirit .

So whole grain brings us B Vitamins can not only make people tremble , For thinking “ burning ” Friends with excess energy in the body are also essential elements .

Besides , Many kinds of cereals are in minerals 、 Dietary fiber and health ingredients have their own characteristics , It is also an important nutrition that white rice and flour envy .

“ blood sugar ” I'm sure you won't be unfamiliar with this word , But what you may not know is , Blood sugar is not just related to diabetes , It also causes obesity 、 An important factor in skin problems .

Compared with white rice noodles , Whole grain cereals contain dietary fiber 、 Plant compounds 、 Special ingredients such as resistant starch . With their help , Whole grain foods have become a way to increase satiety 、 Reduce fat accumulation “ special ” grain .

Everyone is eating and a period of time after eating , The blood sugar content in the blood will change obviously . If we record the changes in blood sugar after eating different foods , You can get several items in the following diagram “ Blood glucose curve ”, According to these curves, we can see the great health benefits of whole grain cereals .

Blood glucose can be divided into three ranges —— Low blood sugar 、 Hyperglycemia and normoglycemia .

● When blood sugar is in the low blood sugar range , People will feel hungry , So we will look for food and start eating .

● As food intake increases , Blood sugar gradually rises to the normal range , Then enter the hyperglycemia range , And stimulate the body to synthesize relevant hormones , Gradually feel full .

● When blood sugar is in the hyperglycemic range , There will also be an interesting change in our bodies —— Excess blood sugar is stored by accelerated fat synthesis , So if you keep your blood sugar high for a long time , People are likely to gain weight .

Blood glucose reaches its peak about half an hour after eating , Then it began to decline gradually , Finally, it returns to the lower blood sugar range again , We began to eat the next meal .

As can be seen from the picture above , The blood glucose curve of whole grain cereals is the most gentle , In the part of high blood sugar, it is obviously less than the curve of white rice surface , It shows that eating miscellaneous grains will not make the body synthesize a lot of fat ; At the same time, after eating , The blood glucose curve of whole grain cereals can be stable in the normal range for a long time , Not easy to feel hungry .

If we eat white rice, white flour or white sugar , The fluctuation range of blood glucose is much larger than that of whole grain cereals . Being in the hyperglycemic range for a long time , Not only will it damage islet cells , Increase the risk of diabetes , More will synthesize a lot of fat , Directly lead to obesity . Besides , White rice noodles 、 The two sugar curves will fall to the range of hypoglycemia in a short time , It's easy to feel hungry .

therefore , Grains are rich in nutrients , Another great advantage is that it can stabilize blood sugar , Increase satiety , Let's stay away from obesity and diabetes .

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