Do you know the six things that a man's little tadpole is most afraid of?

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What a man's tadpole fears most 6 thing , You know what? ?

Eugenics , For men , It refers to the mass of the tadpole , It may be affected by various factors at any time , Here is 6 thing , It is what it fears most , Need your attention .


One 、 Afraid of fatigue

frequent X life , Small tadpoles may decrease .


The development of small tadpoles needs a lower temperature environment , If you work at high temperature 、 Long, sedentary 、 Take a hot bath 、 Wearing tight pants and other behaviors occur frequently , May affect Y The function of the capsule to regulate temperature , Lower the mass of the tadpole .

3、 ... and 、 Afraid of electronic products

The effect of radiation from electronic products on men is that it may reduce men X function , Reduce the mass of tadpoles , Mobile phones commonly used in daily life 、 The computer 、 Electric blanket 、 The television is even working X Light and radiation contain radiation , It is recommended not to put your mobile phone in your pocket , Minimize exposure to electronic products .

Four 、 Afraid of smoke 、 Alcohol

Most people know , Smoking and drinking do some harm to the body , It is also the enemy of tadpoles . Nicotine in cigarettes can kill tadpoles directly , Heavy drinking may reduce the vitality of tadpoles , And by J Ability .

5、 ... and 、 Fear of hunger

Healthy tadpoles need a variety of nutrients , Need a certain amount of Cholesterol , Promote the maturation of small tadpoles , You can eat some animal viscera . calcium , Improve the quality of tadpoles , Eat more egg yolks 、 kelp 、 Shrimp skin and other food . besides , zinc 、 protein 、 A variety of vitamins also need to be supplemented properly .

6、 ... and 、 Afraid to think too much

Long term work 、 The pressure of life , Lead to bad emotions , May affect men X function .


Whether it's daily work or life , Still in the gestational stage , The health of tadpoles is very important , Above this 6 A bad habit should not be ignored .

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