What are the psychological factors that affect male X function?

Popular science in China2022-06-23 19:23:30

Men and women are X Life needs constant running in , Reach a balance 、 Harmonious , In the process , Men may be more prone to anxiety 、 uneasy 、 Nervous mood , This psychological disorder is called “ Operational anxiety ”①, There are mainly the following 5 Kind of performance .

1. Worry about the emergence of Z discharge

X It happens in life Z discharge , May cause some psychological stress , And this kind of psychological pressure will turn into Z The reason for the persistence of leakage .

2. Fear of happening Y Flaccid

This happens with fear Z The discharge is similar , Unpleasant things in life may lead to fear 、 nervous 、 sad 、 Fatigue, etc , Will have a temporary impact Y Stem bleb Q, I thought I had something wrong , Cause heavy psychological burden , Form a vicious circle , Will become psychological X Dysfunction .

3. Worried that the woman is not satisfied

X Whether the demands of life will be rejected by the woman , This will affect X Normal function .

4. Worry about your own X Ability is inferior to others

X The privacy of life , Only men and women know , It's hard to learn about other people's things , This sense of mystery may indicate whether you are missing , Worry about your own X Life is not normal , Such mentality , Sometimes right X Function has a certain impact .

5. Worry about old age X Functional decline

Older people have less energy , You will worry about yourself X Functions may also be slowly declining , This kind of psychology is a long-term 、 Persistent existence , Yes X Life has a certain impact .

Above this 5 This kind of unhealthy psychology may affect men X function , But in the long run , We should start from our own situation , You can't just pursue perfection , Get rid of these bad psychology as soon as possible ,X Ability to play better .

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