Meta universe version of Avengers online? Meta teamed up with Huawei and Microsoft, apple and Google suspected to be "villains"

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There hasn't been much news lately Metaverse The whole work started again .

According to foreign scientific and technological media TechCrunch The latest news , Include Meta、 Many technology companies including Microsoft and NVIDIA , At local time 6 month 21 Japan , They jointly announced the establishment of a joint venture called “Metaverse Standards Forum( Metauniverse Standards Forum )” The first meta universe international standards Union .

The alliance has a wide range of members , It includes many of the largest technology companies, from chip manufacturers to game companies , There are many similar W3C Standard setting organization .

chart | Metaverse Standards Forum Website screenshot

Looking back over the past few decades , Rarely in the world have so many technology giants gathered together “ Save the game ” The case of , I can't help but think about it .

So who are the leaders in this alliance , What on earth does it do ?

1、 In order to solve “ Lack of interoperability ”, Yuancosmos enterprise started “ The curtain ”

It is reported that , As “ The first meta universe international standards Union ”, The total number of founding members of the alliance is 36 Enterprises and technology standard setting organizations . These include :

0xSenses、Academy Software Foundation、Adobe、 Alibaba 、Autodesk、Avataar、、CalConnect、Cesium、Daly Realism、Disguise、Enosema Foundation、Epic Games、Express Language Foundation、 Huawei 、 ikea 、Jon Peddie Research , Khronos, Lamina1, Maxon, Meta, Microsoft, NVIDIA, OpenAR Cloud, the Open Geospatial Consortium, Otoy, Perey Research and Consulting, Qualcomm Technologies, Ribose, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Spatial Web Foundation, Unity, VerseMaker, Wayfair, the Web3D Consortium 、 The World Wide Web Consortium and XR association (XRA).( The list is sorted alphabetically )

chart | Some of the founders listed on the official website Logo

according to Metaverse Standards Forum Official website display , The establishment of the Forum , Aimed at : The interoperability standards needed to build an open meta universe , Carry out industry wide cooperation : It will explore the reasons why lack of interoperability hinders the deployment of the meta universe , And how to coordinate and accelerate the standard development organization (SDO) The work of defining and evolving the required standards .

also , The forum is free to any organization , Will focus on practical 、 Action based projects , For example, implement prototype design 、 Hackathon 、plugfest And open source tools , To accelerate the testing and adoption of the metauniverse standard , At the same time, develop common terms , And guidelines for deployment .

chart | Metaverse Standards Forum Official website , Magnesium guest website translation

In an interview with the media , The leading organization of this forum “Khronos” President Neil Trevett Also said , lack “ Interoperability ”, Is a key problem hindering the development of metauniverse industry ,Metaverse Standards Forum Was founded to try to find out the answer to this question .

Neil Trevett Called the meta universe “ Will be a hybrid of network connections , Some evolution of the network , And spatial computing ( This means ‘ In the real world 3D modeling , Especially through the interaction between augmented reality and virtual reality ’) Mix it up .”

“ No one really knows how all this will fit together ,”Neil Trevett Express ,“ But never mind. . As far as the forum is concerned , We really don't need to know . What we care about is , There are clear short-term interoperability issues that need to be addressed .”

2、 Chinese technology giants entered the list with a low profile , But this time I didn't bring apple and Google

Magnesium passenger network Notice that , In this alliance , Huawei 、 Alibaba, the two Chinese enterprises, appeared in a low-key way .

According to the Metaverse Standards Forum Official website display , Xiao ran, vice president of Huawei enterprise strategy and industrial development, said :“ Huawei is pleased to join the meta universe Standards Forum , We believe that the metauniverse industry and ecosystem will benefit from collaborative actions and open standards .” “ We look forward to working with leading SDO Working with industry partners , Accelerate the open interoperability standards of the metauniverse , And contribute our experience .”

Alibaba, another technology giant , Seems to be under the banner “ Alibaba Hands on the court ” Join the alliance as an independent department . According to the Metaverse Standards Forum Official website display , Alibaba Damo hospital XR Dr. Tanping, the head of the laboratory, said :“ Alibaba is pleased to join the meta universe Standards Forum , The forum encourages cooperation on interoperability standards for the open meta universe , We look forward to sharing our know-how , And accelerate constructive dialogue with global industry leaders , To promote new initiatives in the field of meta universe .”

chart | Metaverse Standards Forum Official website , Magnesium guest website translation

But MGK. Com also noticed , Tencent, which has a more radical layout in the meta universe, did not enter the organization as an initial member —— Although its investment is Epic On the list .

Compared with the low-key entry of two Chinese technology giants , Google and apple, two international technology giants believed to be actively exploring business in the direction of metauniverse, failed to become founding enterprises , It is even more intriguing .

at present , Google is AR equipment 、 Immersive maps and AI Actively layout ; Apple this year WWDC Before the conference, it was also said that it would be launched soon AR Head gear , But the two giants are absent from the first meta universe international standard alliance , People have to wonder whether the existing alliance members are a “ little ” Declare .

chart | Metaverse Standards Forum( Left ) and META( Right ) Of Logo Isn't the designer the same person ?

3、 Meta universe Edition “ The avengers ”, It is to hold together for warmth , Or vertical and horizontal ?

If last year could be called a meta universe “ First year ”, At least in the first half of this year , The primordial universe did encounter “ The year of water inversion ”.

From the perspective of enterprises ,Meta、Roblox and Unity These listed companies, which can be regarded as the leaders in each subdivision direction of the yuan universe, without exception, encountered a decline in their share prices in the first half of the year 、 The dilemma of a sharp decline in market value ; The currency 、luna The disastrous defeat of digital currency in the first half of this year has also cast a shadow on the prospects of the decentralized world of meta universe .

As the most important hardware entry device in the metauniverse ,VR Business also suffered setbacks : According to guomingfu, an analyst at Tianfeng international securities 6 month 22 Japanese sources said , A leader Meta In metauniverse hardware and head display business, it will begin to slow down ,Meta take 2022 The forecast of the shipment volume of Yuanyu hardware was cut 40%, from 1000 ten thousand ~1100 Thousands fell to 700 ten thousand ~800 ten thousand . Besides ,Meta It was postponed 2024 All the new head shows after years /AR/MR Hardware projects . As soon as the news comes out , Direct drive VR Equipment manufacturer Goethe AG The share price dropped sharply for two consecutive days , It can be seen that the market's confidence in the meta universe is not stable .

Magnesium customer network noticed , The giants who currently join the Alliance , No matter who takes the lead Meta、 Research and development of chips and investment 1 Qualcomm, a $billion fund , Or actively build “ Industrial meta universe ” Microsoft and to Epic Games Invested 20 A billion dollar Sony , Without exception, they have invested a huge amount of money in the business of yuancosmos .

The premise of investment is the pursuit of return . The yuan universe industry is still in “ chaos ” Today of , Just solve “ Interoperability ” It is the inevitable way to open up between platforms , but Meta、 This alliance between Microsoft and Sony and other giants , More likely, in order to fundamentally affect the hardware 、 Software standards , Never built for the infrastructure of the metauniverse “ The walls ”.

It is reported that ,Metaverse Standards Forum The first meeting of is expected to be held in 2022 year 7 Month begins , It may involve different technical fields , Such as 3D Assets and rendering 、 Human machine interface and interaction paradigm ( Such as AR and VR)、 User created content 、 Head portrait 、 Identity management 、 privacy , And financial transactions . This is on the other side of apple and Google “ The avengers ”, What rules will be made , Will you shake hands with the other two giants , We will continue to focus on .

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