How to make encyclopedia character entries for yourself, and how to make encyclopedia characters

Shang Taotao2022-05-14 15:53:30

Creating character entries in Encyclopedia is what many netizens want to do , Because encyclopedia is one of the best ways to introduce people at present , But the difficulty factor is very large , It can't be created by ordinary people , It was very easy to do encyclopedia several years ago , But not much now , It can be said that every year is more and more strict , But no matter how strict , Someone still wants to do .

Because people have come to realize the benefits of the Internet , No matter how famous you are in reality , But I want others to know you better , We must do a good job in the layout of the Internet , Only by doing these things well , To get to know you better with more people who don't know you .

Because the creation of encyclopedia is more and more difficult year by year , Many people fail to create , At this time, many people will think of a problem is , If you find someone else to do , I don't know how much it costs , In fact, the price is uncertain , Just see what kind of people you meet , How to make encyclopedia character entries for yourself ? Let's follow Jin suitui to reveal !

First , You also need to prepare something before creating a character encyclopedia , For example, baidu account , Because the creation of encyclopedia requires an account , Cannot create without account , And account registration is not much to say , Just follow the prompts by yourself , Say something else , If you have Baidu know or post bar account, it's ok , Because baidu account is universal , So you can use it directly .

After you have an account, you need to prepare a copy , There are also certain requirements for copywriting , Need normal reporting , There can't be any soft text advertising content , Writing needs to be realistic , Don't brag , You can't add that , Generally speaking, the creation of people encyclopedia includes : Personal profile , Personal experience , Personal honor, etc , At present, he is not a well-known figure, but he can't do anything to go in , Probably these three plates , Of course, the information of the plate can be changed according to the actual situation , Not every character is like this .

Of course, after referring to other people's Encyclopedia and writing it yourself , The next step is to prepare news supporting materials , About this , It can only be said that it depends on the situation , Maybe you need to send news to do , It may not be necessary , Because some characters also have supporting materials , This also depends on the actual situation .

But if you want more content , Be comprehensive , It must be better to have news , Of course, here's a little , If there's no news to release , It's best to send a big news website , Don't post that kind of local news station , It doesn't matter much .

With these things, you can start creating entries in the Encyclopedia of characters by yourself , But if the middle will certainly go through many modifications , It is suggested to do less in the early stage , Don't get too much , Later, add it slowly .

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