Baidu Encyclopedia network marketing knowledge (1)

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Baidu Encyclopedia is an open website launched by Baidu 、 Free online encyclopedia . A beta version of it was released in 2006 year 4 month 20 Launch date , Official version in 2008 year 4 month 21 Promulgated by the . By 2020 year 10 month , Baidu Encyclopedia contains more than 2100 Ten thousand , exceed 717 Million netizens participated in item editing . It covers almost all known areas of knowledge .

“ It's a complicated world , Baidu knows you better ”, Baidu Encyclopedia aims to build a Chinese information collection platform covering all fields of knowledge . Baidu Encyclopedia emphasizes user participation and dedication , Fully mobilize the power of Internet users , Gather the wisdom of hundreds of millions of users , Active communication and sharing . meanwhile , Baidu Encyclopedia realizes the combination with Baidu search and Baidu know , Meet the information needs of users at different levels .

 Baidu Encyclopedia network marketing knowledge (1)

Basic function

Entry page

The business card entry page is mainly composed of 、 Text content and some auxiliary information ; Encyclopedia business card includes overview and basic information column , The overview is the introduction of the whole entry and the overall introduction of the full text . This table lists the key information points .

The content of the entry body is introduced into the entry according to a certain structure , The entry can set the primary directory and secondary directory , The structure used to divide entries ; In words , Except for the words , You can also add pictures and videos , Media content such as maps , In order to ensure the accuracy of the content , Ideally, every piece of content should be supported by references .

Edit page

On the edit page , You can add 、 Delete and modify content . There are various functions at the top of the editing page , Like typeface 、 Title Setting 、 Add references 、 picture 、 form 、 Maps, etc . You can add some modules , Such as code module 、 Formula, etc . modular 、 TV series and other special modules , You can also add internal links to some content , To link to the added internal link . Expand reading items .

After revising the content , You can click submit or preview in the upper right corner of the editing page ; Click preview , If the entry passes , The content page is displayed ; Click Submit , Need to fill in the reason for modification , Then click Submit again , Finally, enter the system review stage and automatically close the editing page
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