Remote video conference system -- creating a new office model

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With the continuous development of information technology , The application of video conference system is becoming more and more popular . Video conference system is also called Video conference system , In addition to hearing the voice of the caller , You can also see their expressions and actions , It's like communicating in the same conference room . Through video conference, communication efficiency can be greatly improved , Reduce communication costs , Upgrade the internal management level of the enterprise . Because of that , Video conference is widely used in all kinds of administrative meetings , Distance training , Distance learning and business negotiation .

as everyone knows , The traditional conference system consists of terminal equipment 、 Multichannel transmission and control unit (MUC) form . The video is transmitted through a series of input and output devices 、 Audio 、 data 、 Signaling and other digital signals are processed separately , Form a digital code stream and then convert it into a data format consistent with network transmission , Transmit in a dedicated network , Multipoint control unit , Process video and audio signals according to certain criteria , Complete the connection and switching of each terminal signal .

This kind of conference system can only be limited to a specific scenario 、 place . Generally, remote video conference , All personnel must be concentrated in the meeting room , Remote video communication with each other in the conference room . The obvious drawback is , Inefficient meeting organization , The scene is limited and cannot be diversified , Data interaction Poor interactivity , Slow decision making .

 Remote video conference system —— Create a new office model

For cross-border enterprises and multinational corporations , The most difficult problem facing foreign business is not the difficulties made by customers , It's not a distance in space , It's a language barrier . During remote video conference communication , We should not only ensure the smooth picture quality of the meeting , And make sure communication is unimpeded . The emergence of cloud video conference system , It solves the difficulties and pain points of traditional video conference system , Help enterprises easily realize the freedom of meeting .

Cloud video conference is a cloud computing center built by service providers , Realize simple remote conference through terminal equipment and rental services , Save the cost of multipoint control unit and renting private network . Cloud video service is a part of cloud service SAAS layer , Also known as software application as a service 、 Application SVC Coding algorithm , Realize flat design through virtualization deployment , stay SAAS Operate on the first-class platform .

Gathering intelligent international video conference system , Create a new model of smart office

Cloud intelligent video conferencing breaks the limitation of a single conference scene , Communicate effectively , Work together , Support 16 Video interactive terminal , There is no limit to the number of people , No scenes 、 No place . Mobile terminal 、 Computer terminal 、 Multiple ports such as the flat end can be connected in real time . No matter how far away , Meetings can be held anytime, anywhere , It not only improves the efficiency of the meeting , It also makes meetings easier 、 Simple . Professionally solve the problems of remote cross-border communication , Let users feel the ultimate video conference experience .

 Remote video conference system —— Create a new office model

Remote cross-border meetings , No fear of language barriers . The cloud intelligent video conference system supports Ultra long distance remote transmission , At home, only 300ms, The international 600ms; Satisfy 200+ Country / Regional low latency video interaction ;NLP Neural network translation , Make cross-border meetings easier .AI Algorithm optimization , Accurate pickup , The sound is clear .

Support real-time translation and exchange of multiple languages , Rich languages , Subtitle language can be switched at will , Real time response to conference subtitles . Accurate translation , Comparable to professional translators . It can give government agencies 、 enterprises and institutions 、 Personal communication at home and abroad , Provide high-quality video call service . Whether it is external academic communication 、 Trade or cultural exchanges , Can easily achieve cross-border exchanges , Relaxed and natural , Let's have a meeting “ when ” Half the effort .

Various emergency plans , The meeting is carefree . In the middle of a video conference , If the terminal equipment encounters failure , It will seriously affect the process of the meeting and the exchange of participants . The cloud video conference system provides a variety of emergency solutions , Ensure that the business meeting is carefree . At this time, just turn on the computer , Log in to an account with a software client, or use a computer 、 mobile phone , Log in to the cloud video platform , Call in the conference number again and you can attend the conference again , It's easy and simple . Real time record of meeting minutes , If you drop the line and re-enter the meeting, you won't miss any meeting content .

Security and uniqueness . Online office 、 Remote meeting , The most important thing is the meeting information 、 Privacy security . If it causes information leakage, it is bound to cause business losses . The cloud intelligent video conference system supports integration OA Office system and third-party paperless conference management system , Implementation includes meeting approval and circulation 、 Push of meeting minutes and transfer of meeting resolutions to supervision tasks, etc , Greatly enhance the user's sense of experience . In terms of security , The system integrates advanced communication technology 、 Encryption and decryption technology 、 Data management technology , For data transmission 、 Information synchronization 、 System operation escort , Ensure that meeting documents 、 Data distribution security 、 No leaks .

 Remote video conference system —— Create a new office model

With the rapid development of Internet , Cloud video conferencing is used in many scenarios , More cloud services + Hardware + Solution mode services . The continuous development of information technology and the wide application of video conference system , It has brought convenience to people's life , At the same time, the work efficiency is greatly improved . Cloud intelligence is committed to building a global transnational conference , Software and hardware ecological construction , Achieve industry accurate translation in various fields . According to the business needs of different enterprises , Custom service , It is more convenient to realize business scenarios , Make cross-border remote meetings easier .