Wooden fish shop: is it worth joining in as a small program agent in the mall?

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3 month , Tencent announced 2019 Annual financial report . The data about applet business in the financial report shows : In the past year, the total transaction volume of wechat apps exceeded 8000 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 160%, The average number of daily transactions increased by more than 100%. meanwhile , In the new year, wechat applet will continue to explore the construction of commercial ecology , And will help businesses build a business closed loop as the primary goal . Applet mall , It has become the most popular e-commerce platform for businesses under the mobile Internet , The scene of online sales through wechat applet can be seen everywhere .

At that time , The mall applet based on service merchants has become an entrepreneurial project standing on the air outlet . Actually , from 2017 In, the applet went online , Mall applet has appeared in front of everyone , With the rapid development of the past two years and the strong support of wechat , People gradually have a certain understanding of the small program mall and begin to accept this way of transaction .

To 2020 year , With the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia “ The black swan ” appear , Accelerated the further development of applet Mall . Especially in 2 month , Wechat applet starts live public beta , Help businesses realize the closed loop of user interaction and commodity sales .

 Wooden fish shop : Is it worth doing to join the mall applet agent ?

that , At this time, is it worth joining the mall applet agent ?

With the rapid development of Internet , Information is also becoming more and more transparent . therefore , Wechat applet has been developing for two or three years , There are many relevant entrepreneurs to seize this market . For applets , It seems to be the Red Sea market , There are still hundreds of millions of experts to predict the market . Not to mention how many enterprises there are now , If you list the number of self-employed households in China, you can know that the market prospect is still very broad . According to the results of the fourth national economic census , The number of self-employed households in China exceeds 1.4 Billion , From the perspective of wechat's goal of helping businesses build a closed-loop business through small programs , Realize the transformation of these small, medium and micro businesses from offline to online , There's still a lot of room .

Every industry is crowded with groups of Entrepreneurs , In contrast, the competitive pressure in the applet industry is much less . But with more and more entrants , This industry is bound to become saturated over time . therefore , Onlookers want to try small program entrepreneurship projects , Take advantage of the present !

2020 Beginning of the year , The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia , Make many traditional entity businesses unable to operate normally . With the strong support of the state and wechat , Businesses are actively transforming to online , This has also accelerated the development of wechat applet mall platform .

Under the epidemic , It gave birth “ House economy ”, People stay at home , What you need to buy, open the online mall directly , Place an order and wait for the merchant to deliver it to your home . This is more in line with the platform attribute of wechat applet Mall , Regional businesses use lightweight application platforms such as applets , Through such a puzzle 、 seckill 、 Coupons and other marketing tools , Cultivate local customers into loyal fans , Form private traffic , Build the business's own business closed loop .

Wechat is currently the largest social platform , If there is a mobile phone, there is wechat , The wechat applet relies on wechat , Instant access , Light order . In the visible future , Wechat applet is bound to become a platform that businesses and consumers can't ignore .

Muyu shop focuses on the customized development of small programs in the new retail mall , Now we sincerely invite national partners to join us , Looking forward to working together with franchisees , Conspiring for development ! Franchise application channel :https://www.muyu007.cn/home/agency/index.html
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