Shandong hengbiao Intellectual Property Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise application agency

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Shandong hengbiao Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd. is a patent agency established by the State Intellectual Property Office , The company was founded in 2014 year , It has an independent patent office , An accounting firm , Law firm , The headquarters of the company is now located in Lixia, Jinan, Quancheng CBD Central office area , The service scope covers Shandong and surrounding provinces and regions , The team now has professional intellectual property consultants , Patent agent , Lawyers, certified public accountants, etc 50 More than one , Adhering to sincerity , standard , focus , Practice the service concept , The company strictly controls the quality , Pay attention to professional details , Check customer focus , We are committed to enabling intellectual property rights to the innovation and development of enterprises .

 High tech enterprise declaration agency ------ Shandong hengbiao intellectual property

One . High tech enterprises apply for , One to one service , The application committee will form a professional high-level enterprise application team . All recognized high-tech enterprises , The current income tax is from the original 25% Reduced to 15%、 It is equivalent to reducing... On the basis of principle 40%, Three years in a row , Apply for reexamination after the expiration of three years , After the review, they will continue to enjoy tax preference for three years : It is easier to obtain national eye funding support and financial allocation , It is a national certification hard signboard and so on

Two . In addition, the company's business scope includes

1. Trademark registration

2. Patent application , Copyright Agency

3. Double soft authentication

4.iso Qualification system

5. Integration of the two

6. Specialization and innovation

And a series of businesses

 High tech enterprise declaration agency ------ Shandong hengbiao intellectual property