What will the 15 minute walk "sampling circle" bring to you and me?

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Website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC Central Committee Guan Xiaopu Han Yadong reports  5 month 9 Japan , The teleconference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council stressed , Big cities are built on foot 15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ”. at present , Hangzhou 、 Shenzhen and other cities are actively carrying out this work , Some results have been achieved .

Why build walking in big cities 15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ”? The normalization of nucleic acid detection involves tens of millions of people , How to set the point 、 How long will you wait in line ? How to continue the normal operation management ? Compared with the cost of human and material resources invested , What are the potential benefits of this move ? The reporter interviewed members of the national novel coronavirus pneumonia expert group of the National Health Commission 、 Liu Min, Professor, School of public health, Peking University , And Hangzhou 、 Responsible persons of Wuxi and other local health committees .

“ convenience ” and “ accessibility ”, It will help to build a strong epidemic prevention and control network

“ Omicron spread too fast , The intergenerational gap is only 2.83 God , Handle it a little slower , It will spread for generations .” In Liu Min's opinion , Establish walking 15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ”, The main intention is “ Improve the sensitivity of monitoring and early warning ”:“ Identify potential sources of infection as soon as possible , Quickly expand flow control , For its travel trajectory 、 The risk personnel that may be involved shall be controlled accordingly , To prevent the infected person from becoming a new source of infection , So that society can return to normal as soon as possible .

“ convenience ” and “ accessibility ”, yes 15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ” The advantage of .“ Understand... In the field of public health services ‘ accessibility ’ There are two meanings , One is to reach , Second, it can afford .” Liu Min explained :“ Now large-scale nucleic acid screening is the financial burden of the government ,‘ Could afford ’ Not a problem , It is mainly to make it easy for people to find sampling points , You can do whatever you want .15 Minutes away , Just raise your feet , It can improve the detection efficiency , Improve the of epidemic prevention and control ‘ Technical defense ’ level .”

“ adopt 15 Minute accessible nucleic acid detection layout planning and institutional arrangement , A rigorous screening network will be organized for epidemic prevention and control 、 Discovery net .” Liu Min said .

In the deployment 15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ” when , We should also strengthen supervision and inspection , Strengthen mining 、 send 、 check 、 The connection of the newspaper . The Beijing Municipal Health Commission recently reported that , During the supervision and inspection, it was found that some nucleic acid testing institutions were not sent for inspection in time 、 The report is inaccurate 、 Problems such as lax laboratory management . Regarding this , Beijing promptly checked, corrected and rectified 、 Seriously investigate and deal with , Carry out supervision and inspection of nucleic acid testing institutions in the city , Form a joint force of safety and quality supervision , Establish a reward and punishment mechanism for quality evaluation .


2022 year 4 month 23 Japan , Citizens are increasingly in the community of Xiangcheng high tech Zone in Suzhou “ Nucleic acid sampling cabin ” Perform nucleic acid detection .( picture source : People's vision )

Promote the laying of sampling points more , For the people “ All should be taken ”“ Willing to take all ” Convenient

at present , Many cities in China have proposed to build 15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ” The goal is , Advance the laying of sampling points as fast as possible , For the people “ All should be taken ”“ Willing to take all ” Convenient .

Optimize the layout of sampling points in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province , Identify the population 3000 Community with more than people 、500 In principle, units with more than people shall set sampling points ; School 、 Sampling points are set in the kindergarten , Students are tested on campus ; Level II and above medical institutions 、 Street Health Service Center ( Township hospitals ) set sth. up ; Add mobile sampling vehicle 、 Independent sampling kiosks and other forms of mobile sampling points ; Encourage pharmacies 、 Dental clinics and other non-governmental forces participated in the sampling . The sampling points open every day in the city are kept at 1 More than ten thousand .

15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ” The test is not only the point setting , It also includes construction standards 、 Staffing, etc .

Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province 2600 Multiple sampling cabins , And introduced 《 Management specification for nucleic acid sampling cabin of novel coronavirus 》, Site selection of sampling house 、 Infrastructure 、 Staffing 、 Personal protection 、 Specimen collection and transportation 、 Formulate standards for medical waste disposal and abnormal situation disposal , Let the sampling cabin have evidence for operation and management 、 There is a system to follow .《 Management specification 》 Put forward , Adopt unified identification , Each sampling cabin is equipped with two windows , Can accommodate 2 A paramedic ; The external sampling area is equipped with a sampling table , Information entry can be completed in turn 、 Nucleic acid collection and sampling ; Configure positive pressure fresh air system and aerosol adsorption device , During nucleic acid sampling by citizens, the whole process can be realized “ Zero contact ”; wait .

To build 15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ”, Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province has set up a number of convenient nucleic acid sampling huts . The picture shows the recent days , The discipline inspection and supervision cadres of the district learned about the relevant situation in front of the nucleic acid hut in the square of Ganlu community, Ehu town . Huang Jiaming taken

The sampling cabin with wide area and large quantity shall operate normally , Whether nucleic acid testing personnel can meet the needs ? Wuxi City through recruitment 70 Medical background under years old 、 Mobilize volunteers 、 Set up “ Public welfare post ”、 Cooperation with third-party companies , Enrich and perfect sampling 、 Site management 、 Sample transfer and other teams , Ensure the normal operation of the cabin . Hangzhou encourages social forces to participate in normalized nucleic acid testing , Innovation and appropriate subsidies 、 Mechanisms such as short-term recruitment of personnel with medical background , A total of sampling related staff were trained in the city 6.7 More than one .

For construction 15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ” For the city of , The one-time hardware investment is acceptable , How to continue the normal operation management ? Diao Wenkai, deputy director of Wuxi health commission, analyzed , With the continuous decline of nucleic acid testing fees , The project has entered a break even era for medical institutions . For the sampling cabin , There is a problem that the workload cannot be as saturated as that of medical institutions 、 The mobility of human resource allocation adjusted with workload is poor 、 Try to meet the needs of the masses ( That is, there are many open 、 Long opening hours ) The internal contradiction with the intensive use of human resources , In addition, it has to bear the cost of sample transfer and material distribution , This directly affects the sustainability of the healthy operation of the sampling cabin . So , Service capacity also needs to be comprehensively considered 、 Factors such as service efficiency and service demand , Open density at any time as conditions change 、 Opening frequency 、 Adjust the opening hours, etc .

The ability behind nucleic acid detection determines the city's ability to deal with and control the epidemic

5 month 10 Japan , Hefei, Anhui Province, announced : In addition to key personnel , In the future every 5 Day development 1 Subnormal free nucleic acid detection . Hefei has “ Zero clearing ”, No new outbreaks were found , Why keep doing nucleic acid ?

“ Hefei release ” Respond : Hefei is a city with a population of ten million , And it is a transportation hub , The import of the epidemic is under great pressure . Normalized nucleic acid detection is to find potential infected people 、 An important means of blocking the spread of the virus .


2022 year 4 month 9 Japan , Normal nucleic acid detection point in Jiqiao new village community, Xinghua village street, Luyang District, Hefei City, Anhui Province , People lined up for nucleic acid testing and sampling .( picture source : People's vision )

at present , Many provinces and cities across the country have announced to carry out normalized nucleic acid testing . Nucleic acid detection results and results within the limited time “ Green code ”, It has become a key pass for citizens to go out and commute . Accordingly , Nucleic acid sampling booth 、 Sampling cabin 、 Sampling mobile vehicle , It also appears more and more on the streets of cities .

“ Compared with ‘ static ’, Of course, I am willing to accept the normal life under the normal nucleic acid test .” May Day holiday , Ms. Zhao, a citizen of Hangzhou, has many arrangements , Visited the scenic spot 、 Saw the movie 、 Out of the restaurant , And went shopping .

Hangzhou, which has regained its urban fireworks , The reason why we can get rid of this wave of epidemic earlier , Normalized nucleic acid detection plays a role .

“ Nucleic acid detection capability is a major challenge to the epidemic prevention and control in mega cities .” Liang Wannian, head of the expert group of the leading group for epidemic response and disposal of the National Health Commission, previously pointed out , Megacities have a large population base 、 High density 、 The characteristics of high liquidity , To implement a certain anti epidemic measure , From municipal government to district , Then to the specific Street 、 neighborhood committee , It requires systematic and careful 、 A lot of resource allocation and mobilization and coordination can be effectively completed .

Normalized nucleic acid testing is often provided to residents free of charge in the form of services purchased by the government . Liu Min said :“ Although the human and material resources invested in this move are very large , But if you don't , Once the epidemic spreads on a larger scale , It may be remedied through global static management , At that time, the economic losses and the pressure of medical treatment will be greater .”

The key point of good operation and management of sampling circle

An exclusive interview with the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission, Guangdong Province

Website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC Central Committee Han Yadong Guan Xiaopu reports   Shenzhen is the first city to explore and establish 15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ” One of the most popular cities , Some results have been achieved . The reporter 15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ” establish 、 Operation management and other issues , Interviewed the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission .

ask : Shenzhen has established 15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ” How did this move come about ?

answer : In order to give full play to nucleic acid screening “ Demining ” And sentinel monitoring and early warning , Standardize the setting of convenient nucleic acid sampling points ,2022 year 1 Issued in June 《 Guidelines for setting up convenient nucleic acid sampling points in Shenzhen 》, According to each 3 The standard of setting a convenient nucleic acid sampling point for 10000 people , Grid layout in the whole city 700 Multiple sampling points , It is convenient for citizens to carry out nucleic acid detection nearby . Each district optimizes the setting of existing convenient nucleic acid sampling points in combination with the actual situation , Unified use 10 close 1 Mixed mining detection technology , The tested personnel are included in “ Should be inspected ” Range .

To avoid sampling aggregation ,2022 year 3 Revised and issued in September 《 Guidelines for optimizing the layout of novel coronavirus nucleic acid sampling sites in Shenzhen 》, Overlay at sampling point 、 Delay service 、 As a result, the waiting time and other aspects continue to be optimized , Convenient nucleic acid sampling points are required to “ The fixed point is the main + Small mobile convenience points ” The way , according to “ Walk 15 Minute nucleic acid sampling circle ” The principle of setting , Use information-based means for operation management .

In order to facilitate citizens to obtain the location of nucleic acid sampling points in time 、 Queue and other information , Shenzhen Health Commission has developed “ Nucleic acid click a key to check ” mis , And in 1 month 29 It was launched in the whole city on the th . Citizens can easily query the information of nearby nucleic acid sampling points ( Including opening hours 、 Serving people, etc ) And queue status , At the same time, the detailed location of the sampling point can be obtained , Support “ One click navigation ”, Avoid idling mistakes , Reduce “ Platoon leader 、 Wait a long time ”, Realize peak staggering ordered nucleic acid detection .

Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission regularly analyzes and reports the operation of nucleic acid sampling points in the whole city , Scientifically and dynamically guide the rational layout of sampling points in each district , Complete nucleic acid sampling accurately and orderly 、 Testing work .

ask : Build walking 15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ”, What are the key links ?

answer : Build walking 15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ”, We need to focus on nucleic acid detection “ Mining 、 send 、 check 、 newspaper ” Continuously optimize the whole process and strengthen supervision .

Sampling , In the early stage, sampling personnel were dispatched through the personnel of district public hospitals , It can easily lead to the shortage of medical staff , Affect the normal diagnosis and treatment order of medical institutions ; In the later stage, all districts will send personnel from district public hospitals and social hospitals 、 Purchase third-party sampling services, etc , Set up a sampling team to participate in nucleic acid sampling , The sampling pressure of medical staff is well relieved .

In terms of sample submission , At present, the testing organization is responsible for , The samples are classified and managed by different colors , We are exploring the market efficient operation mode of sample submission .

Testing aspect , While ensuring the timeliness of sample testing , It is also necessary to continuously strengthen the quality improvement of laboratory internal quality control , Ensure the accuracy of nucleic acid test results .

Results reporting , All nucleic acid detection institutions provide services through real-time interface , Realize the data docking with the novel coronavirus detection information system of Guangdong Province , At present, the automatic transmission of nucleic acid detection data has been realized .

ask : at present ,15 Minutes “ Sampling circle ” How does it work ?

answer : at present , Travel throughout the city 、 Commuting, etc 72 Hour nucleic acid test record , Public demand for nucleic acid testing is still high , The average daily detection volume is 800-1000 Thousands of people . The types of places where convenient nucleic acid sampling points are located mainly include residential areas ( community 、 Village in the city )、 Transport Depot ( Subway entrance 、 bus station 、 The airport 、 High speed rail station 、 Bus station, etc )、 Office area (CBD、 The park etc. ) etc. 7 Categories: , Each district is positioned according to its own function 、 Population distribution and other factors ,“ One district, one policy ”, The layout scheme of convenient nucleic acid sampling points suitable for this area has been formulated .5 Since the month , The daily average of the whole city is 3500 A sampling point .

From the city “ entrance ” To “ At home ”, It is necessary to maintain the sensitivity and efficiency of nucleic acid sentinel monitoring . Port 、“ One for two stations ”、 Highway nucleic acid detection as a city “ entrance ” The sentinel of , Nucleic acid detection of key places and key populations as a city “ function ” The sentinel of , Convenient nucleic acid sampling points as cities “ At home ” The sentinel of , Jointly weave a dense sentinel network , The combination fist is a strong attack , To give full play to nucleic acid screening “ Demining ” effect .

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