"Exorcism" kills depressed teenagers. This disease should not be misinterpreted

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Exorcism 、 Fortune-telling 、 Eliminate disaster …… Some people treat depression with superstition , Cause a family tragedy . In recent days, , stay Hunan xiangtan , Together “ Jianghu warlock ” The exorcism death case has aroused social concern .

Case review

Han in Xiangtan City, Hunan Province , Because of its 14 My son, Xiao Han, is suffering from depression ,“ Abnormal behavior ”, Through friends contacted “ Jianghu warlock ” Chen came home for treatment .

2020 year 10 month 24 Friday night

Chen came to Han's home , Call Xiao Han possessed by ghosts and gods , What needs to be done is to respect the gods and exorcise ghosts and evil spirits , And ask han to prepare the props for Dharma .

2020 year 10 month 25 Japan

Chen used props to do things at Han's house , adopt Draw a spell 、 Please the gods 、 Forced feeding of Fushui and other feudal superstitious means , Expel evil spirits and cure diseases for Xiao Han . After finishing the Dharma , Chen told Han and his wife , Xiao Han can't go out for three days 、 No strangers .

2020 year 10 month 27 Japan 20 Time

Han saw that Xiao Han's physical condition deteriorated 、 Let out a foul breath 、 Speechless, etc , Then I called Chen and came to help me have a look . After Chen saw it , It's normal to tell Han and others , The ghosts and gods on Xiao Han have been convinced , Evil spirits drive almost . Then he drew a bowl of Rune water , Ask Xiao Han's mother to feed Xiao Han . But soon after feeding runshui , Xiao Han died .

identified , Xiaohan The liquid blocked the respiratory tract, resulting in mechanical asphyxia and death .

The court ruled

The court of first instance held that , Chen's behavior constitutes the crime of causing death by using superstition , To sentence Three years in prison , And a fine of 5000 yuan . Xiangtan intermediate people's court in the second instance , Reject Chen's appeal , Maintain the original judgment . According to Article 300 of the criminal law , The suspect took advantage of feudal superstition to cause serious consequences , Can judge 7 More than years or even life imprisonment , Chen was only sentenced 3 year , It is already “ Light sentence ”.

In this case , Please come in person “ Jianghu warlock ” My father Han , There is an unshirkable responsibility for Xiao Han's death . This is an avoidable tragedy , What's more sad , It is by the child's guardian in “ Love ” In the name of Participate in the implementation of .

Depression is not “ Evil and evil ”!

According to the victim's mother , Xiao Han was bullied by his classmates during his study , Always in a bad mood , Later, he was diagnosed with depression by the hospital 、 Anxiety . Han as a parent , Should have contacted the school in time 、 Communicate with the hospital , Use scientific treatment to help children get out of the psychological haze ; Instead of blindly listening “ Possessed by ghosts and gods ” On , Lead to painful consequences . This parent's superstition , It reflects that many people still lack basic understanding of depression .

modern society , Depression is already a common disease , More people have symptoms of depression , People even tease me about depression —— The advantage of this kind of ridicule is , It unconsciously put “ mental disease ” Disenchanted . Whether it's depression or other mental illness , It's just a kind of disease , Illness requires scientific treatment and corresponding treatment .

It is a pity that , Not everyone can treat patients with depression equally . The needs of many people with depression are ignored :“ Your life is so good , Why are you depressed ?”“ Depression is a great day , Just bear more hardships ”......

Besides , Depression as a mental illness , There is also demonization .“ mental disease ” In the traditional context , Have a certain degree of insult —— This is a moral charge , It's also a debasement of personality , It will increase the psychological burden of patients , It is also the origin of many tragedies .

Must admit , In the vast countryside and even the county and other grass-roots areas , Mental illness, including depression , More likely to be seen as “ Is not normal ”, This is also given to “ Jianghu warlock ” The living space .

In the long run , Grass roots medical departments can carry out more public health knowledge popularization , Let more people realize that depression is not terrible , Early detection and early treatment , In order to avoid similar tragedies in the news on a larger scale .

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edit : Wang Yi
editor : The cold winter
source : CCTV network comprehensive surging news 、 Extreme news 、 China youth daily


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