When the foam burst, it must not be what you imagined

For the foam , Many investors who think they know how to speculate , Often have their own interpretation . There are generally three interpretations : The price of so and so has gone up so much , Even if it has no value , It's also worth investing ; The price of so and so's subject has fallen so much , Then it's worth reading the bottom , As for whether there is value or not, it doesn't matter ; So and so's target has also fallen a lot in history , Then it rose again , So now it has fallen so much , It's worth reading the bottom .

below ,LUNA The story of coin will tell us , The above three interpretations of speculation , Totally unreliable .

Highlight time

In the virtual currency circle ,LUNA Coin used to be the fifth largest virtual currency in circulation market value , Therefore, it has a good reputation in the coin circle . The data shows ,LUNA The coin was first issued in 2020 year 5 month , The initial transaction price is slightly higher than 2 dollar . After listing ,LUNA Currency was once popular in the doldrums . here we are 2020 year 12 month , One LUNA Money is nothing more than 0.5 It's just US dollars .

however , Anyone familiar with the financial foam knows , From the bulbs of tulips , Rubber stocks in the late Qing Dynasty , To 1980 Real estate in Japan in the s 、 Orchids in Yunnan , Until then 2000 American technology stocks , The financial foam may appear anywhere . about LUNA For money , The previous downturn did not hinder its future path of immortality : The depressed initial price makes LUNA The legend of coins has become more dazzling .

2021 year ,LUNA The coin began its first glory . from 2020 year 12 Of the month 0.5 The dollar starts ,LUNA In less than half a year , It rose to 2021 year 5 The highest month is about 21 dollar , It brings... To the investors involved 40 Multiple returns .

LUNA Coin in 2021 year 5 The glory of the month didn't last long . To 2021 year 6 month ,LUNA The price of the currency fell to about 5 dollar , The investors who let vertex buy lost 3/4. For many people , Such a huge decline is enough to make them feel distressed . however , be left over 1/4 The money , And many people can't give up .

History tells us , Before the foam finally collapses , Often repeated many times . And people who were discouraged by the first decline , Will still be right LUNA I have a glimmer of hope . Need to know , A really brutal foam , It won't just take you 3/4 The money . Now? ,LUNA The rest of the coin 1/4 The money of , Like bait floating in the water , Seduce the fat fish who come and go .

from 2021 year 6 Month to 2022 year 4 month ,LUNA The big market of RMB starts again . from 2021 year 6 About the month 5 dollar ,LUNA The currency once rose to 2022 year 4 month 5 The date of the day 119 dollar . For investors who participate in the whole process , This huge market enables them to earn about 23 Times the return . Even though LUNA The currency fell during the period 50%, But this decline , Compared with this period of time 23 Times the rate of return , What's the point ?

Such a huge market , Get involved LUNA Investors in the yuan are full of confidence ,LUNA The coin is also there 2022 It once became the fifth largest virtual currency in market value . meanwhile , It also won “ Maotai in coin ” The reputation of the .

however , For virtual currency, this has no use value ( It's not as usable as a car or a house )、 No asset endorsement ( It doesn't correspond to physical assets like stocks )、 Without government and legal protection ( It is not protected by law in China , Nor is it legal tender ) For the three non investment objects , Its value , And where ?

The road to collapse

2022 year 4 month ,LUNA Coin ushered in its own highlight moment .4 month 5 Japan ,LUNA Currency price ( Closing price ) Up to about 119 dollar . however , Such a beautiful dream will soon be awakened . And the speed and amplitude of this awakening , It's hard for anyone to imagine .

from 4 month 5 The day is coming 4 month 17 Japan ,LUNA The price of RMB starts from 119 The dollar has fallen to 81 dollar , drop 32%. This fall , yes LUNA The last warning before the currency crash . however , For those who indulge in it , All I remember is before “10 Months 23 times ” An amazing miracle . Need to know , Such an amazing miracle , But it's falling 3/4 After that . Now? 32% A small decline in , In contrast, what is it ? The last chance to escape before the crash , Not much attention has been paid to .

here we are 4 month 26 Japan ,LUNA The price of yuan rose again and returned to 96 dollar . The years seem to be quiet again , investment LUNA The coin , It seems to be the right decision . here we are 5 month 5 Japan ,LUNA The price of the yuan fell slightly to 85 dollar . Compared with the previous decline , What is this small adjustment ?

Now? , Death's big mouth has opened , But few people see what's inside . After all , This is one that has been from 2020 Year of 0.5 The dollar rose to 2022 year 100 About US dollars “ Maotai in coin ”. Many people think , Even if it starts to fall , So what ? Am I smart and quick witted , Haven't you had a chance to escape yet ?

5 month 6 Japan ( Beijing time. , The same below ),LUNA The price of the coin has changed from the previous 85 The dollar fell to 80 dollar , It still seems irrelevant .5 month 7 Japan , depreciate to 73 dollar .5 month 8 Japan , depreciate to 65 dollar .5 month 9 Japan , depreciate to 60 dollar .5 month 10 Japan , Plummet to 30 dollar .5 month 11 Japan , Once upon a time 1 dollar .

Just a few trading days , The former 100 Multi dollar “ Maotai in coin ”, All I have left is 1 The price in US dollars . however , Speculation is as old as mountains . Now? , Some investors began to say ,“ Have fallen so much , fell 99%, Where else will it fall ?” wait a moment , For a worthless investment , Any more than 0 The number of , There may be risks . fell 1 individual 99% in the future , It's still possible to fall a few more 99%.

5 month 11 Day from 9 Point to 23 spot ,LUNA Money from 1 The dollar bounced back 6 dollar , It seems to bring a glimmer of dawn to people . however , The dawn seen when the blade licks blood , It is often the cold light on the blade . here we are 5 month 12 Japan 22 spot ,LUNA There are only 0.01 dollar , Than before 1 The dollar fell again 99%.

fell 2 individual 99%, Can you still fall ? The answer is yes .5 month 13 Japan 8 spot 25 branch ,LUNA The price of the currency fell to 0.00012 dollar , And fell 99%.

fell 3 individual 99%, Can you still fall ? The answer can still be . By 5 month 13 Japan 12 spot 52 branch ,LUNA The quotation is 0.00005 dollar , Than 0.00012 The dollar fell again 60%. and , This quotation is no longer updated , Maybe the real transaction price is lower than this price : If there are still active transactions .

Now? ,LUNA The story of coin is over , Let's go back and see what we mentioned before , There are three speculative reasons that many speculators like to use , See if they're reliable ?

First of all , Price increases have value .LUNA The price of coins has gone up so much , Is it valuable ? second , If you fall too much, you can copy the bottom .LUNA The currency fell several times 99%,99% Did you fall much ? Can I copy the bottom ? Third , It rebounded back then, and now it will rebound .LUNA The currency rebounded that year , Is it rebounding now ? from 0.00005 Even if the dollar rebounds a little , From 100 For the loss of the falling dollar , Does it make sense ?

“ Qin people have no time to mourn for themselves , And later generations mourn it . Later generations mourn it without learning from it , It also makes later generations feel sorry for them .”( Speak Du Mu's 《 A Fang Gong Fu 》.)LUNA The terrible story of the collapse of money , It is not the first time in the capital market , It will not be the last time in the capital market . It means the most to us , Is to make us realize , Never get involved in those worthless foam speculations . Because when every foam collapses , It must not be what we imagined .

The author of this article : Chen Jiahe , The author is the chief investment officer of Jiuyuan Qingquan technology , source : The securities times , Original title :《 When the foam burst , It must not be what you think 》

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