Luna currency fell by more than 99% and rose by 11562%. The exchange was in a hurry to "unplug the Internet cable"

Beijing time. 14 Early morning , Facing the sharp decline of currency price ,LUNA Coin founder Do Kwon Voice on social media to say , He didn't sell anything in the crash LUNA The coin , At the same time, I apologize to the victims of this incident , The team is currently sorting out the reserves and usage , New proposals for reconstruction have been put forward in the community , To try to protect the community and developers , find LUNA The way of money reconstruction .

Buoyed by the news ,LUNA The currency then soared again , Skyrocketing 11562%. As of Beijing time 14 Japan 11 when , The price is 0.0001 dollar .

 picture source : Currency security

“ Coin Ring Maotai ” Flash collapse

Beijing time. 5 month 13 Japan ,“ On the virtual currency transaction interface , Dozens of coins are all red , Especially dazzling .” aven ( alias ) Closed the trading software ,“ One more look makes you feel hot eyes , Don't want to touch again .”

According to the CoinMarketCap data ,LUNA Coin Zeng Zai 4 month 5 Daily reach 119.5 The historical high point of the dollar , The maximum market value is 410 Billion dollars ( renminbi 2786 One hundred million yuan ). however , since 5 month 9 The date of ,LUNA Currency prices have been falling , The price of the coin is close to zero .

stay LUNA Driven by the flash of money , Including bitcoin 、 Cryptocurrencies including Ethereum also experienced a bloodbath . Bitcoin broke three times this week 30000 Dollars in round numbers , Once upon a time it fell through 27000 The dollar pass , Hit a new low this year .

5 month 12 Friday night , Hod ( alias ) I didn't fall asleep , My mind is full of money that has disappeared . before , He tried to persuade his wife to put all her savings 120 Four fifths of the $million invested in virtual currency LUNA The coin , Current losses 98%, Equivalent to RMB at the latest exchange rate 600 Ten thousand yuan .

besides , More than 100000 people have sold out . Currency boundary data display , As of Beijing time 14 Japan 11 when ,24 There were more than... In an hour 16 Ten thousand users burst their positions , Burst value 21.2 One hundred million yuan .

“ from 10 Ten thousand dollars to earn 100 Thousands of dollars , I used it for years . Light deficit 100 Thousands of dollars , I only spent 1 Hours . The coin circle has been surging these two days , I have nothing to say , Because I broke my position .” Flower dew ( alias ) yes 2017 Entered the coin circle in “ old hand ” 了 , Also experienced many big retreats , But this million level pullback , May keep him quiet for a long time .

“ Always believe in LUNA It will go back to zero , So in LUNA from 0.5 The dollar rebounded to 1.5 An empty order was added to the dollar , Plus part of the hedged LUNA, A total of positions have been opened to 40 m LUNA, Then everything bounces back to 4 When the dollar blew up . After the warehouse burst , I hurried into the gold , Go around and borrow money , Maybe I don't have a thorough understanding of the contract , It's been putting a deposit on me , It happens that almost all my money is in it . Watch the price go up , But I've always been ruthless to stop loss , My heart has been shouting ,LUNA Will return to 1 The dollar . It did go back , Just after I broke out .” Flower dew means .

since 5 month 13 The date of , Head virtual currency exchange currency security 、Upbit and Bybit And so on Terra(LUNA) Announcement of network recharge and withdrawal ,Coinbase The exchange even warned investors directly that they might lose their money .

Stable currency is unstable

LUNA Currency and UST The coin , It's a decentralized financial agreement Terra The algorithm is stable .LUNA Coins are used to stabilize the issuance of coins 、 Price stabilization mechanism and network governance . that , Why did it suddenly collapse ?

This is from “ Stable currency ” Speaking of the concept of .

The prices of most virtual currencies are volatile , Such as bitcoin . This also makes virtual currency unable to be a real “ currency ” Use , It is even more difficult to become a safe haven for investors . therefore , A virtual currency with stable price has been designed .

There are many kinds of stable currencies on the market : One is a stable currency supported by legal currency , Means in a U.S. bank account , There are dollars 1:1 Equal support , for example USDT; The other is a stable currency backed by very unstable assets , That is, the algorithm is stable , If the bottom collapses , It may cause the currency price to fall sharply , for example UST.

UST At the beginning of the issue , Just try to ensure that the currency price does not fluctuate , namely 1UST be equal to 1 dollar . And the way of guarantee , Even with UST Simultaneously issued LUNA The coin , As UST And dollars “ A middleman ”. People exchange dollars for LUNA The coin , Reuse LUNA Change money into UST.LUNA The circulation of coins , Calculated automatically by the code , according to UST The price of .LUNA Money absorbs UST The volatility of , therefore UST It can be pegged to the dollar . This absorption is achieved through arbitrage .

“ When UST The price is higher than 1 Dollar time , The user can send an equivalent message to the system 1 The dollar LUNA The coin (LUNA The coins were destroyed ), In exchange for 1 individual UST(UST Be cast ). And when UST The price fell to 1 Below the dollar , The user can send... To the system UST(UST Be destroyed ), Exchange for 1 The dollar LUNA The coin (LUNA The coins were struck ), This reduces UST Market supply , recovery UST And the US dollar 1:1 The anchoring relationship . A few days ago , Someone bought a lot of UST after , One time throw , therefore UST Prices plummeted . because UST The price has fallen too much , So according to the code , Automatically issued a huge number of LUNA The coin , Tens of millions at a time , send LUNA The price of the Chinese currency fell by surprise .” Insiders told reporters that .

The above insiders point out that , When the virtual money market encounters drastic fluctuations , This kind of stable mechanism that regulates the relationship between supply and demand spontaneously through the market will fail , Large scale liquidation events may occur , send UST Further credit collapse , And then fall into “ Death spiral ” In .

suffer LUNA The slump affected , And LUNA Pegged stable currency UST The lowest is below 0.21 dollar , In a state of serious decoupling from the dollar , With its “ Stable currency ” The properties of are very different . according to the understanding of ,UST It is the third largest stable currency in the cryptocurrency market , Previously, its price remained at 1 The dollar fluctuates around .

The wealth of the money circle boss has shrunk

Because of the collapse of the virtual money market , The wealth of the money circle boss has also shrunk .

According to Bloomberg billionaire index ,Coinbase Founder Brian Armstrong's wealth has evaporated about 83%, Down to the present 23 Billion dollars .

Zhao CHANGPENG, founder of the currency security exchange, suffered more losses .1 The Bloomberg billionaires index in January showed , Zhao CHANGPENG's personal wealth is 960 Billion dollars , By 5 month 14 Japan , This figure has been reduced to 180 Billion dollars , evaporation 780 Billion dollars ( renminbi 5300 One hundred million yuan ).

In addition to individual investors, the loss of investing in virtual currency , And the country .

2021 year 9 month , El Salvador became the first government in the world to make bitcoin legal tender . According to El Salvador President naib · Booker's statement on social media , Since last year 9 Since June became the first government in the world to make bitcoin legal tender , His government spent about 1.05 Billion dollars to buy bitcoin .

But since the first purchase , Bitcoin has fallen 45%, Make El Salvador hold 2301 The value of a bitcoin fell to about 6600 Thousands of dollars , That is, the floating loss is about 4000 Thousands of dollars .

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