After the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft will overtake Sony as the second largest game company

That being the case , As game companies, Microsoft and Sony will fight fiercely in terms of revenue . according to Newzoo The statistical game revenue table shows , After Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, the total revenue can reach 210 Billion dollars , Sony's revenue is 182 Billion dollars . Another data for Sony in this report is that its revenue fell year-on-year 2.3%, And Microsoft grew year-on-year 9.6%, nintendo Year-on-year growth 1.9%.

Newzoo I think the increasing number of mergers and acquisitions is partly due to the fact that the top 10 game companies get most of the revenue of the whole market , Their development is limited . You can see from the table that ,Take-Two and Zynga After the merger, it will also be among the top ten in the industry , Rank between EA and Sea Limited Between .

Niko Partners analysts Daniel Ahmad Think , After Microsoft acquired Activision , Its ranking will still lag behind Sony , and Newzoo My analysis contradicts it . however ,Daniel Ahmad Admit that you are using 2020 Annual income data .

Satya, CEO of Microsoft · Nadella in 2 In an interview with the financial times earlier this month, he also believed that , His company will still lag behind Sony in third place :“ Even after such an acquisition , Our share of the video game market will still rank third .”

at that time , NADELLA believes that the acquisition agreement will be approved by the Trade Commission , Because it won't change the company's ranking too much , But from Newzoo From this report , This does not seem to be the case .

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