The iPod era is over, but music doesn't say goodbye

 The last generation iPod touch Short sales are also about to fall |Apple
The last generation iPod touch Short sales are also about to fall |Apple

therefore , About iPod When will the era end , There are many opinions : Some people think it's 2014 year , Apple Stop production iPodclassic, Equipped with touch turntable (Clickwheel) Of “ The orthodox ”iPod No longer exists ; Some people think it is 2017 year , The last generation iPod nano and shuffle Stop production , As “ Walkman ” Of iPod Curtain call .

This time, , Apple itself , Officially iPod The era of has come to an end . In the official press release , Apple used an emotional title : Music never stops .

Legend Begins

iPod The story of , An idea that began with jobs , He wants to explore a “ New areas ”.

In the last century 90 End of the decade , Toss about 20 Years of computer , Experience peak and trough , Jobs who left apple and returned , Want to “ Get something new ”.

2001 year 10 month 23 Japan , Jobs stood on a small indoor stage , To the media 、 The audience announced , Apple will enter “ music ” field , Publish a “ Music player ”.

As for the reason , Jobs explained it very simply ,“ We love music , And music is a part of everyone's life .” After a series of explanations , He took out the one named from his pocket iPod Machine , Open the iPod Era .

 first generation iPod|Apple
first generation iPod|Apple

As a “ Walkman ”,iPod There are three “ Groundbreaking ” Functional characteristics of .

First of all ,iPod Use “ Hard disk storage ”. In the early generation iPod Equipped with a 5GB Mechanical hard disk with large capacity , You can hold 1000 song . This capacity is at 2001 year , It can be said to be exaggerated . And iPod Contemporary iBook laptop , Only equipped with 10GB It's just a hard drive .

second , Apple is iPod Designed “ Touch turntable ”(Clickwheel). When users browse iPod Hundreds of songs stored in , You don't have to press a button all the time to turn the page , Instead, just turn the turntable with your fingers , The speed of rotation determines the speed of page turning . This interaction , Originated from Apple's experience of making notebook touch pad , At the time , It solved the problem in Daqu library with great elegance “ Find a song ” The problem of .

Third ,iPod Equipped with apple FireWire High speed interface . adopt FireWire,iPod Not only can we achieve better results than at that time USB Standard fast 30 Times the transmission speed , You can also use this interface , Data transmission and charging can be realized at the same time . This was also a very avant-garde design at that time .

Everything is to achieve one thing : Put your entire music library in your pocket , Take it anywhere in the world .

In order to achieve this ,iPod And computers “ Sync ” Song management mode . Lead the song into iPod, You have to put the song into the computer first iTunes in .

This logic makes many early users in China feel iPod“ Difficult to use ”、“ trouble ”, It's not like a lot of MP3 player , Plug in the computer , Just drag the file in .

But jobs obviously has his own thinking . stay 2001 In the United States , The way most users consume music is to buy CD. adopt iTunes, Users can put CD Copy the digital music files in the computer , Conduct management . On this premise , Most users' Music Libraries 、 Including the song list , It's already in iTunes In the , Plug in iPod, One click synchronization , It's the most convenient .

and , Jobs is right “ Download pirated music from the Internet ” I hate it very much , As he said , do iPod The original intention is “ Love music ”. therefore , When he made one with “ Hard disk ” When the player is a storage medium , What he fears most , Is that users use iPod Convenience , Listen to pirated music .

So Apple also limits users , You can only sync songs from your computer into iPod, But not from iPod Copy to a computer . In the early iPod, On the package , Will significantly inform users in four languages “ Don't steal music (Don’tstealmusic.)”.

 Jobs in the early generation iPod The press conference specially emphasized , Oppose piracy |WIRED
Jobs in the early generation iPod The press conference specially emphasized , Oppose piracy |WIRED

The apple of the day , In fact, only rely on hardware to make money , User use iPod Listen to piracy , It won't cause any loss to Apple , But jobs still insisted on this choice .

After the release of ,iPod An instant hit . after , Based on the design of the early generation , Apple has launched a total of 6 generation iPod.2007 The last generation released in was named iPodclassic, Top equipped with 160G Hard disk , You can hold 40000 song , Regarded as a classic by a generation of music fans .

hold iPod Make it small

In the early generation iPod After the release of , Apple immediately began to explore a , It didn't seem strange at the time , But something very far-reaching : hold iPod Make it small .

from 2004 Year begins , Apple has released 2 generation iPod mini,7 generation iPod nano,4 generation iPod shuffle, The biggest thing they have in common is “ Small ”, It's getting smaller .

hold iPod Being small is not a difficult thing to understand : This is a “ Walkman ”, Only the lighter the smaller , It's more convenient for users to carry . and , It was during that time , Chip technology is developing rapidly ,iPod The performance of is getting stronger and stronger , More and more functions .

Starting from function , Apple comes up with a new design almost every year , For example, it is equipped with a rectangular screen , It's convenient for users to watch videos 5 generation nano; And to the extreme , There's no button on your body , Users need to operate by wire through headphones 3 generation shuffle.

 The third generation iPodshuffle|Apple
The third generation iPod shuffle|Apple

There have also been some , Interesting highlights .2005 year , Jobs released the first generation iPod nano when , To show how small it is , Put it in the... Above the jeans pocket “ Small pockets ” in .

Early years , This small pocket was originally used to hold pocket watches . Then the pocket watch went out of date , This pocket remains as a classic design , Most people don't know what it does . therefore , When jobs was at the press conference , Take it out of this small pocket iPod nano when , It caused laughter and applause from the audience .

 Jobs took the first generation out of his jeans pocket iPodnano|Apple
Jobs took the first generation out of his jeans pocket iPod nano|Apple

Look back on this history today , You'll find that , Even apple , The design has been criticized for many years “ immutable and frozen ” Apple of , Also constantly exploring new designs , New technology . technology 、 product 、 Design , Are developing rapidly in frequent iterations .iPod mini、nano and shuffle, It has become a playground for Apple's development team to practice .

And this history , Product development after Apple , Has had a profound impact .

so to speak , It's because Apple made iPod, Accumulated in the development process to make a small motherboard 、 Mobile application 、 Power Supply 、 Storage management , This series of mobile development experience , It was developed later iPhone Laid the foundation .

Including design and process , It's also because Apple is iPod nano、shuffle An integrated all aluminum shell is made on the 、 Metal middle frame , accumulated CNC Experience in cutting process 、 With industry precipitation , Then there was the aluminum integrated fuselage Mac、iPhone.

Even Apple Watch, The earliest prototype , Is based on iPod nano6 It's done . In those days iPod nano6, It is equipped with a small square touch screen , Apple also launched a matching watch strap , So that users can wear it on their hands .

 The sixth generation iPod nano yes AppleWatch Design prototype |Apple
The sixth generation iPod nano yes Apple Watch Design prototype |Apple

2007 year , In the war that changed history iPhone conference , Jobs on the stage , say :“ today , We're going to launch three new products , One iPod、 One mobile phone 、 An Internet communication device ”. These three definitions come together , Namely iPhone.

iPod and iPhone, Both are “ Mobile devices ”, There is an incomparably close connection , Finally, it created today's apple . That year iPhone After the release of , Considering its relatively high price , Apple quickly launched a , Let the user “ Experience... At a lower cost iPhone” Products :iPod touch.

The function ,iPod touch It's almost a phone that can't call iPhone. Because the hardware is highly similar , In those years, there was even baseband communication through plug-in + Crack system , Let's realize iPod touch Transformation iPhone Of “ apple skin ”.

It is in iPod touch On , Many people feel it for the first time “ multi-touch ” and iOS The charm of , It has also become a lot of people “ Apple in the pit ” The first stop of .

iPod Follow iPhone So much alike. , So Apple put two headphones on the poster , Emphasize that this is a iPod|Apple
iPod Follow iPhone So much alike. , So Apple put two headphones on the poster , Emphasize that this is a iPod|Apple

Release 15 After year ,iPod touch Indeed, he has fulfilled his historical mission . today , If you want to experience at a lower cost iPhone, It includes iPhoneSE Many options including .

therefore , Apple is finally iPod touch, Also for the iPod, A full stop was drawn .

Music never stops

iPod The end of the era , Many old users express their nostalgia on social media 、 regret . But anyway , As the title of the apple press release said : Music never stops .

2015 In the summer , Apple launched Apple Music Streaming services .Apple Music There is a very important “iCloud Music library ” function , by iPod The user provided a section , The train to the Internet age .

AppleMusic Yes. iPod Torch in hand |Apple
Apple Music Yes. iPod Torch in hand |Apple

Remember iPod Must follow iTunes Of “ Music library ” Sync to import songs ?Apple Music Of “iCloud Music library ” function , You can put your iTunes Music library , Including all the song lists 、 Listen to the record 、 Scoring , Upload the whole to iCloud On .

After uploading , All your Apple Devices , Are equivalent to a built-in iPod.

You can use it. iPhone、Apple Watch, Even on AirPods listen ; Use... At work Mac、iPad、PC listen ; It can be connected to CarPlay Or car Bluetooth listening ; At home, you can AppleTV、HomePod Listen ……

Since the release ,Apple Music New features are also being introduced . Many feature updates , In fact, it is similar to the early years iPod Usage of , The same is true .

For example, many people will miss their school days , use iPod, One earphone per person with a friend , Share the experience of music . And in the iOS14 On , You can use one iPhone, Connect two AirPods, Achieve a very similar experience ;iOS15 Also joined the SharePlay, You don't need to be in the same place , You can also listen to the same song .

And others will miss it iPodclassic Analog audio output port of , Connect a headphone amplifier , listen Hi-Fi、 Nondestructive , And now ,Apple Music Is already offering the highest 192KHz Lossless music .

Of course ,iPod It symbolizes an era , A specific memory , It has an indispensable position in our hearts , It's not easy to be Apple Music replace . But anyway , If the music is still there , Also willing to listen to music carefully , They're all there .

and , Music has never been limited to Apple's devices 、 service . In recent years , Apple is also putting more system level features , Open to other companies . For example, you can already use Siri Control playback Spotify 了 , stay HomePod You can also listen to QQ Music and Netease cloud .

Like jobs 2001 Year said ,“ Music is a part of everyone's life ”.

 Jobs showed the world the first generation iPod|Apple
Jobs showed the world the first generation iPod|Apple

Review the birth of pop music 、 History of development , It's not hard to find out , This is an art form deeply bound with technology . Before the birth of pop music , Classical music can only be performed live , It is a scarce product belonging only to the aristocracy at the top of the society .

Last century 40 years , Because of the rise of vinyl records , Music began to be copied on a large scale 、 spread , Pop music was born . After pop music , Related technologies have entered a period of great development .

The reason why jobs wanted to do iPod, One of the key reasons , Because he likes Sony's Walkman; And invention Walkman The legendary Engineer shenjingda , In order to listen to his favorite opera records anytime and anywhere , Just want to make a portable tape Walkman .

From gramophone to Walkman, From tape to CD, Again from iPod To Internet services , Generations of people who love music , It's like “ Fire thief ” Prometheus , With a torch called technology , Music transmission .

From this point of view ,iPod The end of is not “ die ”, It has completed the task of transmitting fire . When it was born 21 Today, years later , Music is more ubiquitous than ever , Circle of life .

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