What are the principles and techniques of short video creation? Yu video college teaches you to master the traffic password

Yang Hengchang 2022-01-15 00:00:43
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There is almost no threshold for short video creation , Theoretically , Anyone with a cell phone can become “ online celebrity ”. In the current short video traffic pool , It looks like a casual pat 、 Almost zero cost short video , Get millions of likes , But carefully choreographed 、 There are only a few hundred praises for works with excellent picture quality , therefore , Many people think that short video is a kind of metaphysics .

 What are the principles and skills of short video creation ? Yu video college teaches you to master the traffic password

It's not ,12 month 2 Japan , In the first training camp of Henan video Institute 《 Short video creation principles and skills 》 In class , Second, the person in charge of the education and Training Center 、 Chief content expert Xu Jie revealed , All flows have traces to follow .

“ In the current short video market , Content production has ‘ Four modernizations ’ Points , Refine 、 Verticalize 、 professional 、 diversified .” Xu Jie said at the sharing meeting , Let's make a short video , First of all, you should know what you are doing .

At present, short video vertical classification has been very fine , For example, funny 、 food 、 tourism 、 Pets 、 Maternal and infant 、 Finance and economics, 、 Military, etc , Big data through certain algorithms , We can find out what each of us likes . The popularity of a video , It is often inseparable from its clear positioning , Xu Jie gives an example , If you aim at a red sea , May be pushed by big data to a large number of interested users , It may also be submerged in a large number of works .

But the algorithm still has room for improvement ,“ We like to eat one more thing , Every day 、 Eat this at every meal , It must be tired of .” Xu Jie introduced , At present, major short video platforms are also optimizing algorithms , The major platforms are looking for new vertical classes ,“ If a new vertical class appears , The platform will not hesitate to flow to add fuel to the flames for the works , For example, Zhang, who is popular recently 、 Liu Yexi . Because these works are a new 、 The direction of scarcity , The platform naturally pays more attention to , After all, these works can make the flow space that has reached the ceiling more extended .”

 What are the principles and skills of short video creation ? Yu video college teaches you to master the traffic password

therefore , When making short videos , Areas we need to focus on 、 Vertical category is the first focus to think about , If you can open up a new field , Basically, I got the traffic password .

Clear direction , In terms of specific operation , Xu Jie also gave a very specific methodology , For example, the normal process and normal configuration of the creative end , And the four principles commonly used in creation ,“ Set the theme to be concise 、 Clear 、 sublimation , To determine the structure, we should choose the primary and secondary content materials , Fixing the picture is to effectively express , There are also certain rules to follow in editing .”

 What are the principles and skills of short video creation ? Yu video college teaches you to master the traffic password

Continue in this class 3 Hours of class , Xu Jie talked about a series of short videos 、 Large scale planning short video 、 Interactive short video 、 Creative features of emerging short videos , And through specific case analysis to help students master the production essentials of short video , The sharing session after each specific case is played , The students turn on “ Grab the microphone ” Pattern , Discuss how to make a short video .

stay 12 month 3 Japan 、4 On the day of the course , From Alipay 、 Experts from Sichuan Daily will also tell the students about various dry goods of short video creation . Short video “ Workers ” What we are most concerned about , For example, how to shoot short videos with high praise and high comments 、 How to make a quality short video with documentary texture 、 How to create people and content to break the circle , You can find the answer in the first training camp of Henan Video College .

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